Reviews for Shattered
ivyflightislistening chapter 1 . 2/14/2012
Love The Seven Realms.

Love angsty one-shots.

Excellent short story!

You're certainly right-this category simply doesn't have enough fanfiction to get us through the wait. Granted, it's kind of nice not to be blown over every time you check the list, but still, a few more good ones like this and I wouldn't have any problems.

I really liked your writing style in this one-shot, the little thoughts/ideas/phrases in the parentheses that grabbed my attention.

I also felt you really managed to capture Han's thought's and personality well, and Han isn't exactly one to be captured.

There were a lot of parts I particularly enjoyed, but this line really caught my eye:

"Fighting was an instinct to Han, only second to talking his way out of things. He had so many masks; keeping track of them all was confusing for him. But Han managed. He always did. When you're not given a choice, you have to."

I'm not quite sure why... but again, I think because it so accurately epitomizes Han and his life. He does have a lot of masks, and even more trouble, but he always manages to deal with it simply because he wants to survive.

I also loved the parts about Mari and his family and how his life has gone up in flames, then how he hated being chained or held back by anyone, and here he was with two options he hated: "stay imprisoned from magic forever, or to fight for the very people who had chained him since birth?"

Wonderful one-shot-I really enjoyed it, particularly as I'm going through Seven Realms withdrawal. I had a few ski meets this past week in a very mountainous part of where I live and all I could think of was "THE FELLS! I'll help you, Raisa!"

Haha, anyway...

WeAreTomorrow chapter 1 . 9/2/2011
Beautifully bittersweet.

The last line really tied everything up perfectly. The running themes of fairness, freedom and the inevitability of fate wove in and out of each other easily and naturally.

Very well written. Loved it.