Reviews for The Longest Road
Alex2909 chapter 7 . 6/7
hoe more info on naruto is revealed
tamagat chapter 1 . 2/25
its beautiful mate! its effin beautiful!
Culaio chapter 7 . 2/24
Great chapter I really enjoyed reading it :). I want say that while I really like naruto in this story I must say that naruto deserve to be punched by bethany...few times, I understand he had good intentions but The road to hell is paved with good intentions, he didnt try to understand her feelins, how his actions(staying away from her) affected her, how he made her suffer.

I must say that the part with "war" was EPIC as hell XD.

Keep up the great work :D
Beserkians fury chapter 7 . 2/23
You just had... just HAD to put the Major's speech there, didn't you, you glorious bastard. Oh man, now I want a Hellsing/DA2 cross.
Guest chapter 7 . 2/23
"Oh I'm sorry was I supposed to feel that Smite ?" Hell yeah.

Shit, Beth must have her period, and if she do, she's not taking it well at all. :o
Holy shit man ! You call that a slice of life ? Beth slapping Naruto and nearly having sex with him in the middle of the town ? Shit ton of templars making their coming out ? And trying to spread the word of bullshit ? (all over his back) Not that I'm complaining of course !

Ah, Hellsing references, love it !
Oh yeah ya fun tease !
blood enraged chapter 7 . 2/23
well, here's hoping you update a bit more frequently. btw, i love all the hellsing quotes/references in all your fics, adds spice
fieryfoxpaws chapter 7 . 2/23
you freaking tease!? you really now how to rile you audience don't you especially that preview, good god!
Serithus chapter 7 . 2/23
i thought naruto was more of a multiple women guy lol. thats quite a surprise
amac1688 chapter 7 . 2/23
all i can say is

"Tonight musical accompaniment has been selected via survey, it is appropriate for ironic reasons, the best kind of reason"
envy34 chapter 7 . 2/23
lol, got a little Hellsing ultimate reference there :D
Crofty666 chapter 7 . 2/23
Ah the Major, is Herr Doktor reborn in this fic as well, possibly Schrodinger?
Tom2011 chapter 7 . 2/23
She must say YES!
Engineer4Ever chapter 7 . 2/23
...that preview, just full of feels and daww.

the fight was gory, awesome! I missed this one and I hope to see more soon. I am eager to see your inquisition stuff really. good luck!
loganhunter2 chapter 7 . 2/23
You impossible bastard, how are you so epic 10 / 10. .
Rakaan chapter 3 . 2/23
Your missing parts of your story. Sentences ending randomly, etc. Makes it annoying to read rather than enjoyable.
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