Reviews for Closing In
cztelnik chapter 16 . 11/20
Glad to see Harry and Remus are getting to talk. Harry will find out something about his father )
cztelnik chapter 15 . 11/20
Ahhh, wondered when that comment would come back to Snape. Now that he knows what to look for he'll find a lot of it but Harry's going to see any digging as a betrayal.
cztelnik chapter 13 . 11/20
Hmm, wonder it will start with a better explanation of how to clear one's mind?
cztelnik chapter 12 . 11/20
Wow, Severus didn't even call him a dunderhead!
cztelnik chapter 11 . 11/20
Oh nooes! Harry really does need a keeper...or to listen to instructions.
cztelnik chapter 10 . 11/20
Umm, the direct disregard of instructions...Severus has a point about Harry's nature. It is odd because Harry would never make that mistake at the Dursely's since he would be drastically punished for it but I suppose he thinks Snape won't find out? He also doesn't seem to have thought at all about mixing potions but perhaps only Hermione would be that intelligent at their ages or any child raised in the magical world.
cztelnik chapter 9 . 11/20
Snape was surprisingly amenable to Harry.
cztelnik chapter 8 . 11/20
Poor Harry, he is certain he is going to be beaten.
cztelnik chapter 7 . 11/20
This is a different perspective, Snape teaching Harry the Patronus incantation. I kind of like it.
snape4life26 chapter 1 . 11/3
I recently rediscovered this story and I’m So happy that I did! You write the character so well and I like that you are taking your time in building the relationship between Harry and snape and not just having everything change after 3 chapters. Looking forward to the next update!
NatalyaShae chapter 16 . 10/31
I really loved this fic. it's legit the best one I've read. you wrote Snape and Harry really really really well as well as their development.
DaughterOfBeasts chapter 16 . 10/25
Guest chapter 16 . 10/18
Anne Petersmith chapter 1 . 10/10
This story is simply amazing! Update soon
Kate Snape21 chapter 16 . 9/30
I LOVE this story! it's really good and i want to keep reading! :)
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