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PatheticallyKingly chapter 2 . 1/19/2012
Oho~! This interests me. If I can come up with a rival for you, will you accept another OC of mine? I'd feel bad if I just came up with an ass for ya!

So...what do ya say?
blackshadow94 chapter 1 . 8/19/2011
aww man all this happend in one day? i hope i can still get in

name:jorge daniel morales (black)




relationship with juliuan:he thinks he okay but thinks he needs to get more serious about battling

personality:THE BIGGEST MARY SUE EVERRRR! no im just kidding

he's dark not gothic or emo but just somewhere in between he's pretty laid back but he gets serious when i comes down to whenever he's with a bunch of people he turns into the most random funny guy ever but still likes to be by himself

background info:he hates his life in the real world because his parents never seem to approve of his love of pokemon so he runs away

appeareance:black hair that comes down to his ears,gold eyes(people freak about that),he wears a black hoodie with a black t-shirt underneath he has black jeans and black skater shoes

possition:a rival/musician/pokemaniac he has the tendency to squel out the name of every pokemon he sees some times he just stars at his pokemon and just begin to freak out because he has plays the violing he starts playing theme music for anything

goals:he doesnt have a goal he just enjoying himself later he prove that to his parents that pokemon are good


eevee(moonlight) guy


he's a prankster and loves to take his tuna sandwiches and black best freind

he evolves into a umbreon



he the more laid back of the group and just sits under a tree and relax



he the smart one and is never wrong...ever no matter how insane it is

romance:sure why not
sailor phoenix black chapter 2 . 8/19/2011
I don't know if you got my PM, so I'll tell you that I made a mistake, I'll fix it here, please replace Cyndaquil with this.

Torchic, Torchic, boy, Can be a hothead at times but is a good friend, loves battling, Not as close but still close with his trainer. Moves, Scratch and Ember, level 10

there we go, this will still be a good story please continue
hannyfish chapter 2 . 8/18/2011
F-jeez, the rival isn't mine, is it? I'd be surprised if it was. Sorry I pressed the submission button before I finished, I'm assuming you got my PM? You didn't reply!
ASDFG96 chapter 2 . 8/18/2011
Name- Abraxis Landreath, Gender- Male, Age 17, Appearence- 5'4", black hair, brown eyes, pale skin. During summer/spring, wears a white wife beater(a tank top), black shorts, and sandals. During fall, winter, wears a large orange parka, black pants, and winter boots., World- regular, Relationship with Julian- bully, Personality- Arrogant, snobbish, and stuck up. Insults others who he considers inferior. Abuses Pokemon to the point of exhaustion and on occasion, death. Has a large Napoleonic complex., Personality Flaws- his hole personality is flawed., Background- Born to an upper class WASP( White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) family. Was raised to believe that the lower classes were not worthy of him. Bullies Julian because he believes his parents self-made worth is inferior to his inherited wealth. Follows Julian for no other reason then to mock Julian's success., Position(s)- Bully, Rival, According to Julian "Town Douche-bag", Goals- To become a powerful trainer Pokemon- 1. Male Mudkip, Lv. 5, acts as douche bag-y to Julian and his traveling companions' Pokemon. Moves- Tackle, Tail Whip, Water gun. 2. Female Tallow, Lv. 3, despises Julian. Moves are Quick Attack, peck, and tackle.
The Derpy Bulbasaur chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Heard you wanted guy rivals, so here!

Name: Aaron Glider (Aero)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

World: Pokemon

Personality : He' s easily the most

laid-back one of all the characters.

He hates stress and doesn't deal

with stressful things. He' s always

calm when others are freaking out,

and that annoys the person. He's

mellow and passive. He' d rather lay

back and stare at the sky than go off

on adventures. He loves to take naps;

it' s the first thing he does after a

battle. You can mostly see him

leaning on a tree, fast asleep or

looking around and making up


Despite this, he' s a passionate

battler , and completely different

when he 's that way. Some people

wonder if that' s even him when he 's

battling . He' s actually a very smart

guy despite the average grades he

gets. He (again) doesn't bother to

work on his academics because

they' re not very high on his

extremely short list of important

things. Most of his teachers take

notice of this and try to get him to

work more, or at least try. He has

little attention span, and it never

really looks like he' s paying attention

to people. When training, he tries his

hardest to stay on task and his

Pokemon usually end up being the

ones keeping him focused.

He' s usually separated from others

and pretty quiet most of the time,

but it' s really not because he' s shy,

he 'd just rather talk to people he

likes. He'd rather be the one

listening to jokes than telling them.

Most people he 'd rather stay away

from, especially loud people. Really,

he 'd rather be away from people


It seems like he has no temper

whatsoever. He treats everyone the

same way, but that' s probably

because he doesn't care what they' re

like. Girls tend to love him, because

of how cool he acts. Of course, he

ignores most of them, because he

claims relationships are "too much

work" . If and when he does develop

a crush on a girl, he acts differently,

and ignores them in hopes that he' ll

get over it soon. He makes so many

rivals it' s crazy, but he doesn't even

notice or care about the rivalry. If he

were to get into a physical fight, he

wouldn' t lose his cool. He wouldn' t

even bother to fight back. Whoever

argues with him is in for some pain,

he doesn't even look at you if you

shout at him, he just casually

watches the clouds. .. That drives

people insane, of course. In the

event he does reply to someone

arguing it' d be something along the

lines of, "Are you done yet? I want

my quiet now."

A secret of his is that he loves to

write things, especially poems. He

has this weird thing for nature and

he respects it like it' s a person. He

writes about it, and the sky and how

it feels to fly. That is so corny and

dumb to him that he never shows off

his work, even if it is very beautiful.

To him, it' s just another thing in his

life that he doesn't put effort into,

and he denies the talent he has.

Background info: Growing up, Aron was

always calm kid. He was an only

child to his parents so it wasn't like

he had many people to play with,

and his town was mostly made up of

old people and little girls. Instead of

running around playing he spent his

time helping his mom in the flower

shop. Being around so many flowers

must have really mellowed him

down , because he never acted

excited and peppy like most kids. His

parents were always pretty normal

around him, but they were always on

edge and fighting. His dad hated the

calmness and tranquility of Floroma

Town and one day he just gave up.

When he was around the age of

eleven, his mother and father got a

divorce and he was sent to live in the

Hoenn region with his dad, much to

his dismay. It wasn' t because he

disliked his father, he really didn't. He

just wasn't used to anything outside

of Floroma. He was always either

around old people or his parents so

he never made friends or really knew

what it was like to be around boys

his age. The only friend he ever

made in Hoenn was an older man

called Deslin, who was a pilot and

inspired him to become one, too. He

would teach Aero many things about

flying Pokemon and piloting that

Aero just fell in love with it, and

strived to make his goal of becoming

a pilot and a flying type master.

(Maybe even a gym leader or an Elite

Four member.)

Appearance: He' s a very tall, skinny

boy. He' s 5' 11" and weighs around

135 pounds. He doesn't look too

skinny, just very slender and light. He

has a slightly olive skin tone that

doesn' t get sunburned and doesn't

tan easily. He has twig-arms (xD)

since he doesn't bother to work out

of build muscle. He has, in his

opinion, really ugly, bony hands and

feet. He has a "pretty ", heart-shaped

face, you could say. He has blue-ish

violet- ish eyes that always have a

dullness to them, but are pretty

anyways. He gets some freckles, but

there aren' t many and you can only

see them up close. He has chocolate-

brown hair that' s not too long,

parted through the center and is

kept straight, curving towards his

face when it reaches his jaw- line.

Clothes: He wears brown shorts and a

matching brown aviator vest and a

white T-Shirt underneath. He also

wears his aviator' s cap at all times.

During the winter it's the same, except his pants are long.

Position /occupation: Rival

Goals : Hopes to become a Flying-type master and a pilot.

Pokémon: I'll send it seperately, I'm out of room.

Romance?: Sure.
shut up guys chapter 2 . 8/18/2011
I could submit a rival, if you want...
shut up guys chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Gosh, it's so rare for me to comment these days. I'm so horrible. xD Anyways, I'm reviewing! (Yes, be proud! :P)

I read this last night, so sorry for my lateness, '

I like it so far, or at least the style of your writing. I'm a little disappointed that you chose to start with Eevee, though. They're way too overused. But other than that, I thought it was great.

Also, I'd like to submit an OC. I see that you have a lot of submitions for a travelling companion, but I'd like to take a shot and one. And if you let me, I'll submit a rival too. :D If it's okay with you, of course.

Looking forward to more!

sailor phoenix black chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
This seems interesting so I'll submit an Oc

Name: Tsuki Kotone

Gender: Girl

Age: 14

World: Pokémon world

Personality: Shy at first but once you get to know her she is a kind person who loves all Pokemon but has a fear of humans.

Background info: When she turned 3 her parents abused her non stop, when she turned 5 they just dumped her in the Petalburg forest to fend for herself. They thought that in a few hours she would be dead, but she found a herd of wild Torchic and Ralts and lived with them ever since.

Appearance:: Hair: Wavy almost curly shoulder length sky blue hair with thin pure white streaks. Eyes: Sapphire blue. Clothes: Plain white T-shirt and Jeans. Height: 4'5.

Position/occupation: Companion

Goals: Coordinator


Hope, Ralts, Girl, Very shy at first but is a good friend, hates battling. Very close with her trainer. Moves, Confusion, Teleport, and Double Team. Level 12.

Cyndaquil, Cyndaquil, boy, Can be a hothead at times but is a good friend, loves battling, Not as close but still close with his trainer. Moves, Tackle, Ember, and Quick Attack. Level 13

Romance?: No thanks

Here is My Oc, hope you like her, this is an interesting story please continue
Penny of Sinnoh chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Hi, this OC story look really unique, so I'll submit an OC.

Name: Hailey Morgan

Gender: Female

Age: 14

World: Regular

Relationship with Julian: Neighbor. She's quite taken to annoying him, due to the fact that he doesn't have a pesky and wicked younger sister. Hailey's quite happy to take that role.

Personality: Around strangers and adults, she's the perfect angel. But around people her age or her friends, she's pretty much the most annoying brat ever. Hailey enjoys being sarcastic, shooting rude remarks, and picking fights. But underneath her rowdiness, there's a heart in there; Hailey just rarely uses it. She can be kind . . .if she wanted to. She may be bold, but she is always afraid to be alone. If she is ever alone, she can't freezes in fear.

Background info: Hailey isn't an orphan, but she wishes she was. At least then, she would have known where her parents were. All she knows about them is that they didn't expect or want her. She was forced to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousin for the first twelve years of her life. Let's just say they didn't like her, either. Hailey learned to be the perfect niece, but she didn't take the advice to heart. Around adults, she would put on her sweetheart facade. But around her cousin and neighbors, she would be the worst. At age twelve, she was shipped to her grandfather's. Her attempted to be kind to her, but he couldn't change what she had become, a hardened soul. His fading health didn't improve Hailey's attitude either. She escapes the house to pester her neighbors whatever chance she gets.

Appearance: Hailey basically has the stature of a twelve year old (if anyone ever dares to ask if she's that age, she'll make sure to add them to her despise list). She has midnight blue eyes and ebony hair that (in the summer) she wears in a high ponytail with two strands of hair hanging to the tops of her shoulders. Her bangs are usually ruffled. In the winter, her ponytail is tied lower and a white and pink beanie (like Dawn's). Her summer clothing consists of a black and white striped tank top and bright pink mini skirt. She always wears dark brown combat boots with dark pink laces. Her winter clothing consists of a dark pink coat with black cuffs and black denim jeans. She also wears black and pink gloves and a black scarf.

Position/occupation: Companion

Goals: While playing through her Pokemon games, Hailey discovers coordinators. She wishes to be a coordinator, but a different kind. A coordinator with an attitude.


Pichu (Jeanie) (Female) (Around Level 8)- A stubborn, fiesty Pichu who gets along well with Hailey because of their similiar attitudes.



-Tail Whip


Romance?: I wouldn't mind if you gave her a love interest
GunnerPow7 chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Hi! I'll join!

Name: Chris Leaf

Gender: Male

Age: 15

World: Pokemon world... (I mean, who has a surname as Leaf? Meh... No offense to anyone out there... _)

Personality :Chris is somewhat the best friend you could ever have because he listens, gives advice and comforts you always. He is always dense in love but though wants to have a relationship...

Background info: Chris lived with his family in Pallet Town with Ash. By the time he was 10, they moved to Sinnoh. There, he started his journey... While there, Chris met Shay, a coordinator, when he was lost in a forest. There, they traveled together. Into their journey, they met a scientist who created a Multi Dimensional Transporter and they were teleported to the place where you'll meet em..

Appearance: (Look at my profile for the pics... Also the clothes )

Position/occupation: Companion please!

Goals: Trainer and Coordinator


Oddish/Female/Absorb, Sunny Day, Tackle, Stun Spore

Feebas/Female/Surf, Dive, Waterfall, Tackle

Growlithe/Male/Ember, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Tackle

Romance?: Shay Rivers (my OC!)


Name: Shay Rivers

Gender: Female

Age: 15

World: Pokemon world... (Chris has gotta have a friend to go with...)

Personality :Shay is a bubbly and a loving character. When you have a problem, Shay will always resolve it... Though helping others out, she longs for a relationship.

Background info: Shay lived the simple life, That all changed when her father won the lottery and became the mayor of the city. She decided to leave the luxury life and go into a journey. While in the forest, she saw Chris. There, they travelled together. Into their journey, they met a scientist who created a Multi Dimensional Transporter and they were teleported to the place where you'll meet em..

Appearance: (Look at my profile for the pics... Also the clothes )

Position/occupation: Companion please!

Goals: Coordinator


Totodile/Female/Bite, Water Gun, Surf, Whirlpool

Totodile/Male/Bite, Water Gun, Surf, Whirlpool

Clamperl/Female/Water Pulse, Water Gun, Harden, Whirlpool

Romance?: Chris Leaf (my OC!)

Thank you!
Lieutenant Pisces chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Name: Jose M. Carmacon, nickname is Joe

Gender: Male

Age: 19

World: Regular world

Relationship with Julian: The town’s self proclaimed Pokemon expert, and good friend of Julian

Personality : Well put simply, he is a complete Pokemon nerd. He constantly studies about Pokemon and knows almost every single thing about Pokemon. This comes with a price because he doesn’t really have much of a personal life. However if anyone asks him about Pokemon he will give them every single fact that he knows about them. A bit of a snob when it comes to his knowledge, but hidden deep, deep, deep, really, REALLY, deep inside he will be brave and selfless. He has a few friends and most of them are young Pokemon lovers like him. His secret guilty pleasure is bowling.

Background info: His father was a rich business tycoon that owns several businesses and his mother was a rich heiress. He had two “perfect” older brothers and Joe was considered to be the black sheep of the family. He has gone through several phases in his life and when he first played a Pokemon, he quickly became addicted. He often stayed in his room or in the basement of his parent’s house playing these games. His parents would constantly try and mold him so they can have the “perfect” family, but once he turned 17, he moved out of his parents house and with some money that he had saved up and bought a small two story house. He converted the bottom of the house into a small video game/card game shop that is slowly growing in business. He often gives advice as kind of the “Wise Nerd That Gives Advice” that you see in a few movies. Game Freak took interest in him for his immense knowledge on Pokemon and sent him a Pokemon. He keeps it roaming in his upstairs loft free and he treats it as an equal.

Appearance: Has short black hair, dark brown eyes, tan skin, 5ft 11in. His normal clothes are a black t-shirt that has a symbol of a Poke Ball on the front of it, a dark red vest that has the label of the store “Kaiju Game Shop” on the back and a small peace sign on the left side of the vest that is unbuttoned, dark blue jeans, and black New Balance shoes. He summer clothes are the same but he has tan cargo shorts that goes to his knees instead of pants. And his winter clothes include a black hoodie jacket that has the label of the store on the back, and a dark blue beanie that has the peace sign on the front of it.

Position/occupation: A traveling companion that provides helpful knowledge on Pokemon, but will mostly watch and he is a half-decent cook.

Goals: His goal is to learn everything about Pokemon so I guess a researcher

Pokémon: An Aron that he nicknamed Kaiju, male, very feisty and hyper and curious Pokemon that will get into anything he can and start ransacking things to see what is inside, he has a dark green scarf that has a peace sign around his neck, he likes Joe and sees him like an father figure but doesn’t listen to him much and is always willing to make new friends, level 8, moves-Tackle, Harden, Mud-Slap, and Stomp (inherited).

Romance?: Well if you can find someone his age then yes. Somehow I see him like the Brock of the group if he was chose, you know smart and older, but still a likeable character. The only difference is that he constantly hits on every pretty girl that he sees. But now I am just rambling. In answer to this question is yes if possible.
ASDFG96 chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Name- Adrian "Ghost" Thomas, Gender- Male, Age- 18, World- Pokemon world, Relationship with Julian- traveling companion/ friend, Personality- Serious in nature. Enjoys zombies, ice cream, teaching others, and loves traveling. Highly perceptive to the point where he can differentiate between others by their heartbeats. When he views an abusive trainer, he loses respect for them. When he loses respect for someone, they never get it back. Vegetarian, and meditates twice daily. When angered sufficiently, transformes into (Poke Form)., Personality flaw(s)- Paranoid with strangers, Background info- Father is a Pokemon breeder, mother is Giratina. Born by way of an egg. Is an only child. Grew up in Littleroot town. Has special connections with dragon and ghost types due to parentage. Appearance- (Human Form)6'2", has Red eyes, and gray hair. In summer/ spring, wears a pair of blue jeans, a gray shirt, mirrored sunglasses and black sneakers. In Fall/ Winter, wears a black and white trench coat, black jeans, black combat boots, and a red skull patterned balaclava. (Poke Form)- resembles mother in Origin Form, however, colours of spikes and wings are reversed., Goal(s)- to see and/or capture Rayquaza., Pokemon- 1. Male Gible, Lv. 15, often acts clueless. Moves are Dragon Rush, Bite, Draco Meteor via breeding, Cut. Lives to please Ghost.; 2. Female Bagon, Lv. 1, is a newborn and acts like it. Moves are Tackle, Headbutt, and Tail whip.; 3. Spiritomb, Lv. 50, acts serious. Moves are Ominous Wind, Pursuit, Lick, Hypnosis, and Dream Eater. Given to Ghost for his 15th birthday, serves as his main battler., Romance?- None for now
Flareon1579 chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Name: Mackenzie Montgomery (Nickname Kenzie)

Gender: Female

Age: 15 A companion is preferred, but whatever works for the story.

World: Regular

Relationship: Close friend

Personality: Mackenzie will usually be nice to everyone unless they give her a reason not to be. She is fiercely loyal to anyone that she sees as a friend and that she trusts. She is usually very open-minded and will hear different opinions before coming to a decision. Some have told her that she can be too trusting. She had a poor upbringing, but still has a naïve/innocent nature that will sometimes get her into trouble. A little bit of a flirt

Back Story: Mackenzie grew up in a small town where everybody knew eachother. Mackenzie’s mother died when she was just a child, so she and her father were really close. Her father didn’t have a job at the time, so they had a hard time keeping up with the rent, which eventually made them move in with Mackenzie’s aunt. She liked it so much there that she stayed even after her dad had gotten back on track. Mackenzie went to school, but got harassed because she had never been in such a big school. She eventually learned how to act to not get picked on, which made her grow up and see what the world is really like.

Appearance: Brown, shoulder length hair. Piercing gray eyes. 5’3”.

-Winter clothes: Dark skinny jeans with a black t-shirt under a white hoodie. She wears royal blue boots that come up to the middle of her shins with the same colored scarf and hat.

-Summer clothes: white knee-length shorts with a teal tank top under a black suit-like vest (im not sure how to describe it, but something along those lines) with a black bracelet on her right wrist and black tennis shoes. She will wear pokeballs on her belt.

Position/occupation: I would like to be a recurring companion, but you can use my character for whatever works.

Goals: Trainer.


Stella-Vulpix-Female-Light blue instead of red-Stella doesn’t like being in the pokeball and she doesn’t like losing. Especially to jerks and cheats.-She doesn’t listen to Mackenzie very much at first, but after Mackenzie shows how much she cares for Stella, Stella decides to bond with Mackenzie. It takes a while, but they have a very strong bond later on.-Moves: Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Confuse Ray, Safeguard. Starts at lvl 5, where all the starters lvls start.

Abby-Chikorita-Female-Normal coloring-Unlike Stella, Abby wants to be Mackenzie’s pokemon more than anything, they bond almost instantly-Moves: Razor leaf, Body Slam, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Vine Whip. Lvl 5

Mason-Umbreon-Male-Normal coloring-Mason has a dark past, which makes it hard for him to trust Mackenzie, making their bond a little rocky. It takes a while, but Mason comes out of his dark shell and sees that everyone on Mackenzie’s team is happy, and he wants to be happy too, so he cooperates.-Moves: Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Dig, Protect. Lvl 5

Romance: I would really like my character to be paired up with someone in the story. I don’t care who.
hannyfish chapter 1 . 8/18/2011
Heya! I like the sound of this, it's original, unlike most OC stories nowadays -_- So, I'd like to submit, if you don't mind! I can help beta too if you want one!

Name: Sapphire Iridescent Nova Nickname: Saph

Gender: Female

Age: 16

World: Pokemon world

Relationship with Julian (If he takes them with him from the regular world): N/A

Personality : She's rather lonely, but she pushes people away, so it's her own fault really. Think of her as a female Paul. She's not as arrogant as him and like 'I'm the best' but she trains hard and won't let anyone in the way of her goals, even if it comes to hurting them. She has a bit of a temper which is easily lost but would help anyone in need if she could. She absolutely hates idiots and arrogance and has a sweet tooth, especially for cakes. She likes Pokemon, and wants hers to be strong so they can protect themselves in case she can't. She has a weakness for drawing, and is good at it, but no one has ever seen her sketchbook.

Background info: She was adopted by-well, how would you react if I told you she has two dads? She was brought up by the both of them well, and she loves them for that. However, she was bullied at school because her 'parents' are gay and that she's adopted as well, and she became distant to them and the rest of the world because of it.


Position/occupation: Rival

Goals: She's a Trainer now, but she wants to become a Ranger.


Aquarius-Treecko-her starter Pokemon, and he wears a blue scarf around his neck. His moves are basic: Pound, Leer, Protect (taught)

Romance?: Sure, I don't mind.