Reviews for Apostle's Message Redux
Thyrann chapter 33 . 9/23
One of the best fan fics I have read. Insanely good story. Please get back to it.
Jim chapter 33 . 6/15
This has been a fantastic read. I kinda feel like I'm watching an awesome SG-1. No complaints.
DeathstrokeNorris chapter 4 . 5/7
A few things
CIC its not innovation, thay are already present in most warships.
You are still having the ME tech as smething "amazing" sure, its advanced (in a few fields) compared to what we have today but stargate tech doesn't work on nobtanium, its wirks with bullshitium and ouckasses everything ME has to offer
DeathstrokeNorris chapter 3 . 5/7
Don't make this a Mass effect wank, the tech from stargate could curmbstomp EVERYTHING(reapers included) from ME easilyDon't make this a Mass effect wank, the tech from stargate could curmbstomp EVERYTHING(reapers included) from ME easily
Illuviar chapter 33 . 4/25
Good to see another update!
unicorn682006 chapter 33 . 2/24
Lone-ranger1 only just realized that I have not written a review! Sorry! Well, what can I say, but... Amazing! I really enjoy this and you have a way with words. I can only try to be as good at writing as you are. LOVED the sparring scene with Sam & Garrus! Reminded me of the game where Garrus spoke to Sheppard about where on a Turian ship they spar before a battle...among other ways to relieve tension! ;) Also, like how you brought Jonas into the story and wonder if he is going to be joining the team. I also (being a romantic at heart) and at first thought you were, going to have Sam pair up with John but see that is not the case. Though I do like how you have John and Jack or maybe its Miranda, can not tell. Though from the first time Garrus and Sam met to the sparring... I wonder?

Anyway... great job as always and as always...Please post SOON! :)
Dur'id the Druid chapter 33 . 1/25
Insane situations make same people act insane.

Great chapter.
Maersikai chapter 8 . 1/20
dude, holy crap. can you stick with a timeline? all this jumping back and forth is a strange way to write. why?
Tairrdelbach chapter 33 . 1/18
Great update! Like the fusion of the two series. Keep it up!
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 33 . 1/17
love excellent work.
Jarrik32 chapter 33 . 1/17
He. is. ALIVE! This is a good chapter; I like the casual use of trans-humanism. Something that always bugs me about Mass Effect and science fiction in general is that authors completely ignore the progression of technology and society to keep things exactly as they are (CoughHaloCough) it's nice having a story at least try to take into account how technology will change the way combat (and society) functions.
Arekanderu chapter 33 . 1/17
Great chapter!
buonadonna chapter 33 . 1/17
It's a bad plan, but it's the best one they got.
kalani.gapido chapter 33 . 1/17
Whoa this is a pleasant surprised! I almost couldn't believe the update!
Guest chapter 4 . 10/26/2015
Is he even allowed to trade some of his tech? If the majority of the Citadel planets came along, shouldn't their copyrights have also followed?
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