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Dylan.lucky chapter 54 . 9/26
I just want to know is all this was for something worthwhile when I discovered this fanfic I thought that luck was only looking for images of anora x cousland just because I was a fan of this couple I never thought that I would find tremendous history that I fell in love from the first chapter alone I just want to know if I will never have an end if what I thought was a stroke of luck I rested being a dagger of disappointment, well, I guess I put on your fanfiction, I'm sorry to be so late to enjoy it
L0NER18 chapter 28 . 7/25
I have been reading since I discovered this Fic yesterday night. And I have to say I'm loving it. But the addition of morrigan I. The last chapters is killing it. I have not played DA but I have read plenty of fics of it. And in none of those have I liked her. She is an absolute B**** I would have no trouble ending her life. That is all.
Guest chapter 53 . 4/30
This is Mike3207- Lifelight magic to Nerissa and may she be present when the Lifelight Magic Eon starts and the Shapeshifter curse is now broken and in future all in multiverse May learn shapeshifting and the Imagination curse is truly broken for Isabeau of Greenlea and all others
William Henry chapter 54 . 2/21
I hope this will still be continued. It'll be a disappointment if it were to be left unfinished. The writing is amazing and the execution is close to perfection. Please give us an update we've been waiting for...
Laqualassiel chapter 54 . 12/19/2018
I love the in depth look at the politics involved, as well as the creative license you took with some of the ambiguities in canon. I am biting my nails to see how Alistair and Nerissa's relationship will pan out - politically there is no way it should happen, given Nerissa is a mage and an elf and Alistair is now a titled noble as well as the last Theirin. Not to mention what would happen by adding more elf-blood and mage-blood to the Theirin line, given Alistair's mother.

I was half-expecting Amaranthine to be given to the Grey Wardens, but I can see why Corin wouldn't do that, since it would mean giving Ferelden's foremost Arldom to someone not necessarily loyal to Ferelden.
Dan Jones chapter 54 . 11/23/2018
I have just read through this all the way from beginning to end - it was nearly impossible to put down so it took me just over 2 days (when not at work obviously), and even though it was years ago that I played so many of the choices resonated with my own choices when I played origins as a noble male origin!

It almost makes me want to play it again even though I'd have to pay all over again for the dlc! (And the choices wouldn't be nearly as fleshed out as you made them - thank you for filling in all the blanks for me)!

Amazing work.
Arcane Warrior 2012 chapter 1 . 10/12/2018
Wow just wow, in my second playthrough in game I made Cousland marry Anora only to discover that he would only be a Prince Consort.

If only the game had something like this story, two clever, confident, intelligent, willful, strong persons together but not in a romantic union, but in a union where both would try to outmaneuver and rule each other and just to think about the passion all these frictions would lead in to.

If this first chapter is indication of things to come, than I have found one perfect fiction where I can have my dream Dragon Age world with a King Cousland and Queen Anora.
Waka Metalbelly chapter 53 . 10/10/2018
I hope your not actually dead, but at this point, judging by the lack of activity, either you've left the site or just gone inactive. Both are sad. This is the only good Anora/Cousland on this site. I know I've looked. And If there is one like it or better, I've not found it in the last few years. I think I'll leave it here, and leave it to my imagination to think up what happens for them next.
lonewolf3317 chapter 54 . 9/7/2018
I come back to this story a few times a year. I was a little recalcitrant at first to read it because I heavily dislike Anora and I’m a heavy Morrigan x Cousland fan, among other things, but this! This is a finely written piece! One that I could see myself paying for in a book store. The way you’ve fleshed out the characters, the battles, the drama and romance is amazing. I can feel the tension in the air, the desperation and hope when the Allies are pounding against the Darkspawn line in Denerim, I feel the romance and reluctance of Anora when she realizes she loves Corin and what she will do to keep him, the sorrow of Cauthrien as she’s decided to kill her lord Loghain. I can’t accurately describe in words how I love this story so.
I eagerly await to see this story continued and finished. One day. I want to see Alastair and Nerissa get together the birth of the heir of Ferelden, the possible coming together of ALL of Ferelden’s sons and daughters, Elf and Man (and Mabari).
Thank you for this story. I wish you good health and good life
Sasukweila chapter 1 . 4/23/2018
Really inspiring and well-crafted story you've written here, hope you'll take the time to finish it
Zomvee chapter 54 . 3/13/2018
Will you be completing this story?
unlock.your.heart chapter 54 . 2/2/2018
I come back to this story at least every year (sometimes more!) and do a full reread of it because I love the characters and world you've made so very much.

I hold on to the dream that one day you'll find inspiration and come back to this fic but I just want you to know how much I've loved and enjoyed this story over the years. But more importantly I hope you're doing well and that wherever you are in your fandoms you're still writing and enjoying yourself because I think you're so incredibly talented.

Thank you for sharing even this much with us!
Sharrukin chapter 16 . 1/5/2018
This is the second time I've read this story, and I have to admit this chapter may be my favorite. The moment when Anora kisses Corin before the entire Landsmeet is priceless - I can clearly imagine the dawning realization in every noble's mind as to just what they're seeing.

Of course, the realization that Ferelden actually has a line of succession, and everyone is actually being a grown-up about it, is almost as good! Rare indeed.
Sharrukin chapter 54 . 12/11/2017
A really superb piece of work. Many thanks for the chance to read it.
Guest chapter 54 . 11/11/2017
Update soon please
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