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ErisYumi chapter 54 . 11/24
Well, one last time I have to say, even if you probably won't see any of my comments because it's been years, but I absolutely loved this fic. The realism of it was incredible, the writing was inpecable (and I had at least 53 tabs open to check for vocabulary), all the characters were lovable and well written and in-character, and I'm currently feeling that sort of void you feel after finishing a really good story.
I could totally see this fic having a sequel with Morrigan and the DLC events, or generally some other Orlesian tensions (and I can't believe you took the time to incorporate some of this so late in your story, it really added to the realism) , and I know that likely won't happen, but I think it's a testament to the richness of the world you've created in this fic.
ErisYumi chapter 53 . 11/24
That little joke Corin played was absolutely hilarious and I was definitely along. I'm so sad to see that the next chapter is also the last, I can honestly see this story going on and on and on, almost up until the events of Inquisition.
ErisYumi chapter 49 . 11/24
Ugh the revered mother is such a bitch, what a petty discriminatory ass. Just because Corin refused her she runs back to mommy Justina (whom fortunately we know, would not give two fucks about that nonsense) to cry a warped version of the event just to incriminate the guy. Honestly it's luck Justinia isn't an idiot and Leliana will enter into her service soon anyway or pushing tensions like that could totally lead to a crusade in the future and no one wants *that*
ErisYumi chapter 41 . 11/24
I guess you're not gonna go there, but I kept worrying whether Corin would go through the glass with Morrigan despite becoming king and if he would desert Anora. I guess right now it doesn't look like that at all, seeing that he put the box away.
ErisYumi chapter 39 . 11/24
I love that you mentioned how Alistair and co drained Urthemiel of his blood. The game skipped over it, but if a drop of the archdemon's blood is needed for the ritual then it goes without saying that the Warden Commander must had retrieved *some* of it at least before Awakening.
ErisYumi chapter 35 . 11/23
Hey I love how you've been setting up your Surana with Alistair, good going there. Otherwise I have to mention it again, but god your writing is absolutely amazing.
ErisYumi chapter 34 . 11/23
It was really fun to see Riordan's sacrifice from a third person perspective, since we always see it from his pov i the gameand I gotta agree, the man has got some serious guts, he helped the process of killing the archdemon along considerably.
Otherwise I really liked how you included your previous Warden, I love fanfics where there are several origins and only one of them is the warden of Ferelden, I've seen so many versions and I always love it. Your Surana is also exactly my type of character, completely above the chains the Chantry would love to place on her and as evolved as she can be for a Chantry mage. I also completely understood her being jealous of Morriganwho wouldn't be jealous of someone so free when it comes to magic.
ErisF chapter 18 . 11/22
Honestly by now my biggest fear is Corin's feelings for Morrigan. It doesn't feel so right that they should break up, especially that the ritual is coming, and also considering the events of Witch Hunt, I'm honestly wondering what Corin would choose, if it were to happen...
ErisF chapter 16 . 11/22
I was totally afraid the whole time that you were going to kill Corin in a twist (that's what I feared when Cauthrien walked in), but I'm glad to see it wasn't the case.
ErisF chapter 11 . 11/22
So this comes literally five years later, but someone on the DA subreddit recommend your fic and I thought I'd give it a try since I was always intrigued by Anora, and the game sort of writes the 'romance' between a male Cousland and her as some kind of male fantasy. It's subtle, but it's there, so I always wanted to see different interpretations, and I got it now.
I really like how you pulled facts from the game and kept Anora completely in character while still adding a lot of depth and dimension to her with all the details you've added to her background and personality. Corin is also such a nice character that's easy to empathise with, I particularly enjoy his maturity, and him and Anora seem to mesh very well, actually. I do wonder if ultimately, Morrigan will come in between them, but this is only chapter 11, so I guess I will continue reading to know more about all this...
Otherwise, the story is superbly written, honestly I'm blown away how you managed to imitate every characters' speech patterns, whether that's Anora, Zevran, Leliana or Alistair (Or Sten also), and everything is so well written (I've already said this but) and it's a breeze to read through.
damienfoxy chapter 54 . 10/19
damn... damnnnnnnnnnnn...I love this...,..I really do... shame that it's 5 years dead already... damn.
MagnusOrion chapter 54 . 9/30
Ooooh this was amazing! I love that it's a Dragon Age fic about more than the blight- too many of them end after the Archdemon is killed.

Corin is a very interesting, three dimensional character. I really liked his personality, and how he meshes with other people's personalities.

I also like what you've done with Anora. She's a more complex character than she was in the games, and than she is in most fics.

I ship Alistair and Nerissa so hard it's not even funny. I'm quite interested in where that goes- there's a lot of obstacles for that relationship. Significantly fewer obstacles if Corin reworks the Circle, and the Templars. Still the elf-blood thing, though.

Oooh, imagine the repercussions of mages being given more rights in Ferelden! A massive influx of magically inclined refugees. That's an interesting idea to explore, and I hope this fic will someday reach the point where it gets to explore it.

Or maybe the next chapter was intended to be the epilogue and it'll never be finished. We'll see, I guess. But if I see this has updated, you bet your ass I'll be reading it.
LittleGreenMen chapter 15 . 8/27
Cauthrien? Wow that was not expected.
LittleGreenMen chapter 15 . 8/27
So this is a joke and hope doesn’t offend anyone.

As a person familiar with bipolar disorder, I hope Corin does not come crashing down. Because not sleeping, deciding you should be a king, going on overdrive for so longthat does sound slightly manic.
His behavior involves extreme risk-taking, grandiose ideas, decreased need for sleep, increased goal-directed activity and it’s been lasting for more than a week. So probably more manic than hypomanic...

Anyway, this has been a fun read so far! Thank you for writing!
Guest chapter 54 . 8/19
It’s been tears but I still go back to this story from time to time. It reminds me of simpler times, just playing and reading some dragon age and not worry about life at all. Hopefully all is well with you!
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