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A Dozen Lemmings chapter 54 . 6/13
It's a lovely surprise and as a Reader of Fanfiction to a writer of Fanfiction, I will tell you, you owe us nothing. If you continue this I'll be immensely grateful though. It's a great slow Romance.
Nargil chapter 54 . 6/13
I was so happy when I daw this and it was such a happy chapter as well. I'm glad your muse has come back and I hope whatever happened to scare it off has been managed if possible. I loved DFergus reaction to corrin at the coronation the man in his brother's face indeed!

thepkrmgc chapter 54 . 6/13
though this has been one of my favorite fics for a while i can honestly say i didnt expect it to be updated again: thank you for proving me wrong
GlysMari chapter 54 . 6/12
What a wonderful chapter. Depth, dignity and decorum. Such a wealth of personality and emotion brimming from all the characters. Truly, this tale has found my 'happy place'. Thank you so much for deciding to finish it.
Guest chapter 54 . 6/12
Great chapter.
Great story.
Vandun chapter 54 . 6/12
well i gotta say when i saw the update i was supper excited for one of my top 3 fav DA and top 10 fanfics coming back to life, and reading this chapter was like drinking a tall glass of cool water in a desert. i don't know what the fandom incident is but know you have a lot of fans who love your skill as a writer and this amazing story you've written
Warden of Lore chapter 54 . 6/12
Yeeeeeesssssssss! Thank you so much for updating. ive missed this story so much.
spectre4hire chapter 54 . 6/12
Good to see you're back.

I'm sorry to hear that something in the fandom was responsible in making you hesitant to come back. Was it the new game or people who turned you away.

Anyway, your writing is top notch. As is the extra layer you put into your story such as Corin's well written oath when he became king.

Is the story finally winding down?

And again, i appreciate your thoughtfulness in returning to finish this story, despite what the fandom has done, you're willingness to finish this cannot be understated or thanked enough.

timewastin chapter 54 . 6/12
Ohmygosh you're alive! Glad you're finishing the story, thank you for your efforts and thanks for the upload!
Fallyna chapter 54 . 6/12
Another excellent chapter. I don't know what happened to damage your motivation, but I'm very grateful that you decided to come back to finish this truly epic story.
shom chapter 54 . 6/12
Thank you for updating! Live your writing! You have many fans that love and enjoy your writing! Some people are jealous and full of hate. Just "delete" them.
azulral chapter 54 . 6/12
Please tell us your issues. Talking through it might help you get some desire i'm curious as to what you had a problem with.
Mike3207 chapter 54 . 6/12
I'm just glad you're all right. That was mostly the focus of my PM, along with the suggestion you might update your profile more frequently. Sorry to hear about the fandom problems, just keep in mind there are a lot of people who really enjoy your Dragon Age writing.

Mages will have more opportunities for Ferelden in the future. Nerissa may not be able to marry Alistair at this time, but it might be possible in the future. That is, as long as Alistair is not forced into a arranged wedding. FWIW, I name all my elven female mages Nerissa now.

Very sad about Cauthrien losing the Summer Sword, but I understand why it had to be melted used it to kill Loghain, and for that reason had no choice to destroy it.

It's a good thing Elemina is now hearing the Voice. May she always be open to listening to it.
l7986 chapter 54 . 6/12
Man I am so happy to see this story updated. Just the other day I was lamenting that the couple stories that I follow no are no longer updated. I'm sorry I lost faith *whips self*

Seriously though this chapter is great and its like you never left off.

And finally before this gets into a wall of text, can I ask what made killed your desire to do Dragon Age stuff?
E153N chapter 54 . 6/12
Woot woot! Fluff and feels abound!
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