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Zikarn Krais chapter 53 . 1/29
That's not good. I hope Alistair won't have to "take one for the team".

Because you KNOW he'd be miserable with this Habren woman.
Suilven chapter 53 . 1/29
I hope you're feeling better!

The roses, oh the roses... Simply wonderful. I have such utter love for the final scene. The thought of Anora laughing - really and truly laughing - just made me so happy. :)
Guest chapter 52 . 1/26
She's been updating about every 3 months the last couple of updates. A little late on that, but not too much. More than anything I think she just got sick from the flu and has been recovering from it. I know that was true of me the last month. If we don't get a update by the end of February, then I'll worry.
Zukafew119 chapter 52 . 1/23
I do like how Agnetha is Very annoyed with Corin believing that his the person responsible for her quick elevation for a sister to a revered mother but as usual Corin is able to quickly deflate her anger by telling the truth which was that he personally did not care if she was “just” a mere sister, that it was the Grand Cleric who was the one who had saw it as a problem and promoted Agnetha to her new position. I do find it funny how Corin’s being so willing to accommodate Agnetha is making her feel stressed because it not how kings or queens usually do it. I do like how Agnetha takes Corins chat with Andraste so well for two reasons: one being if it was a dream you would almost never remember every little detail and reason two being that she knows Andraste has talked to her in the past. Great job on the blessing that Agnetha gave to Corin, it was a interesting and unique blessing. I do like how Leliana and Surana get along and how Leliana helps her to look great for the Corrin’s coronation and wedding. Nice touch of about have the chapter being Surana and Cauthrien getting to know each other better and Cauthrien telling the evens of DAO from a different point of view and insight into why Loghian acted the way he did. Surana believes she will not have anyone ask her to dance but I think at least Alistair will ask her and maybe Corin.
Poke, Poke, so Isabeau of Greenlea are you still alive or to busy to write or do you have writers block for the last about 4 months? Sure hope you’re doing well and hopefully we will hear back from you! I myself have been late to do a review of the Great chapter; I have read the chapter several times but did not the creative juices to do a proper review of a great chapter of this story to do it justice. I really hope you’re able to continue this story since it is my favorite Dragon Age: Origins fanfiction story. So like I said before hope you’re doing well; Great chapter, keep up the Great work, till next time!
LivewithHonour chapter 51 . 1/11
Are you still working on this? I get what a pain in the arse actually sitting down and typing a few thousand words can be, don't get me wrong but it'd be a shame for such a well written, entertaining story to be left half-finished.
Guest chapter 52 . 1/4
So the Rescue the Queen scenario-it's looking now like it was a combo plan by Cauthrien and Anora, maybe with some input by Loghain? It just looks like it was designed to destroy/kill Howe, with a secondary plan to neutralize Eamon by removing his leading characters.I imagine the escape from Drakon changed all plans a bit though.

I just wanted to add-you can put couples in brackets now.. Maybe Cousland/Anora and Nerissa/Alistair next time?
Lokken.8 chapter 50 . 12/26/2013
I wonder if we will get belated christmas present in form of new chapter or two. Or perhaps few to begin a new year in style...
silverharafox chapter 52 . 12/19/2013
It has been a long time since you have updated. I hope this fic has not been abandoned. It is a very good story and I would like to see it finished. Can not wait for the next up date.
DegreeBound205 chapter 26 . 12/18/2013
I just had to review this chapter and it was wonderful. You can just feel the intense chemistry between Morrigan and Corin. You also did a good job keeping Morrigan in character, I hope one day you decide to do a Morrigan and Cousland fanfiction.
karthik9 chapter 52 . 12/11/2013
It is excellent chapter.I look forward to future updates.
Guest chapter 49 . 12/5/2013
i always hated the chantry beliefs... quite frankly the whole inquisition comming is going to be nothing but bloodbaths... between bloodmages forced to demons to survive, lyrium addled and maddened templers on lyrium withdrawls, pious clergy who take teachings too harshly, inactivity of authorities in settlements, plus we got citizens who are simple, grey wardens who will probably isolate themselves, dwarves who will be profiting from the surface war, countries will be changing hands, but the inqusition could be a chance to do alot of good for many fractions.
FloridaMagpie chapter 52 . 12/2/2013
What a fantastic piece of work. Thanks so much for sharing!
dragonzoid2001 chapter 52 . 11/17/2013
This is by far one of the better Dragon Age stories I have read, you made all the characters sensible and kept to their personalities. I like how there was no bashing in this story, yet kept to the strong hero persona, please keep up the good work!
Preier chapter 52 . 11/15/2013
wonderful story, very much liked what you dit with cauthrien, for exemple.

corin may look a bit too perfect but good job showing the cracks and fault.

thank you for sharing your tales
bob rijke chapter 52 . 11/5/2013
plz tell me your going too write more of this soon?

cant wait too see where your going with it
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