Reviews for The Phoenix: Burning Day
NalissaMAPatali chapter 132 . 5/20
I love your story. It's so good. I think it really shows the real Joanna. However. I have one tiny request. Please add more between Jo and Raven
Guest chapter 132 . 5/7
Sorry, only got around to reviewing now. As always, a great chapter. I hope you're doing good!
DauntlessProdigy4Life chapter 132 . 4/21
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG eeekk! *squeals* Okay, so when I started this, I can definitely tell you I felt very intimidated by the amount of chapters there were. But this is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY AMAZING! I've read up till here, and I applaud you on your spirit to be continuing to write this story when you have so many problems in your life. Bravo on your writing too! I love this story, and I hope you update soon!
kidfromsix chapter 132 . 4/20
Outstanding Phoenix, you have really framed this very powerful and emotional scene through the eyes of others especially someone like Johanna. I re-read it again just to make sure I didn't miss anything.
Guest chapter 132 . 4/20
Oh my goodness how amazing! The emotion in this is just... There are no words to describe this story... Please,
Keep Writing!
Merkur chapter 132 . 4/18
You certainly have a way with words!
Guest chapter 131 . 4/18
Thank you so much for this update! Great as always (though it is getting hard to follow the story). Can't wait until next update!
Guest chapter 104 . 4/17
so curious about Nicholas!
Guest chapter 100 . 4/17
ah this chapter made me teary
Guest chapter 131 . 4/17
Another AMAZING chapter. Your writing is one of the best on this site. The way you captured the thought process of the characters is great. :)
Guest chapter 3 . 4/17
I love your writing! It is so beautiful, and the way that you interpreted the story clicks perfectly into place with the bits and pieces we get in the original trilogy. This is an amazing story!
DauntlessProdigy4Life chapter 107 . 4/17
Okay. At this point in the story, I just have to stop and tell you how freaking awesome your story is! It makes me wish that Johanna had interacted more with Katniss in the book... and you do a brilliant job portraying everyone else's viewpoint of the rebellion. I guess Katniss really didn't know how important she was But thanks for such a great read so far! Okay now, back to reading!
smurfette6 chapter 131 . 4/17
Another incredible chapter. I always get so excited when I see updates to this story. Your writing is some of the best I've seen on here.
rabbit161101 chapter 130 . 4/16
OMFG you're back I thought you would never come back Please don't leave us again
Tori chapter 131 . 4/16
Oh Rue and Katniss... my heart... I love how you included the people's reactions
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