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goldacharmed chapter 7 . 5/4/2013
I hope you find your inspiration and soon! I am a big fan of this story!
Tascha chapter 7 . 3/16/2013
'Perdition' by Kiritsubo
It's one of the best Ichihime fanfics I've read so far and it shook my emotions the most.
Your story is great and I love how you show Ichigo in this fic. In most fics Ichigo realises his feelings for Orihime almost immediatly and that doesn't seem realistic since he is really dense when it comes to his feelings. So goos job!
xNINJABLADE45x chapter 7 . 7/13/2012
The Bride of the Death God is a great au ichihime story
DeathBerryHime chapter 7 . 7/1/2012 should have listened to your hollow...
JammersFlood chapter 7 . 5/28/2012
I don't feel like logging in but:

-The Ties That Binds by Joy Blue

-for each man kills the thing he loves by alice hattercandy

Those are the ones that stick out the most. There are two others but I can't think of the names or the authors. If I remember I'll tell you.

Ginnya chapter 7 . 5/18/2012
For me there are only few really really good IchiHime stories. The best ones in my opinion are:

written by Rairaku hanna Tthis Could be the Day" and "Always and Forever" and most of her work actually,

Then from Enlya87 and her "klutzy princess meets dorky hero", "La belle and la bete" and also most of her other fics even if not all of them are ichihime.

Form I can heartily recommend "Long way down" and "For Always, Forever",

I also find "Beauty pageants" form Rochelleteentitan to be very well written even of there is a little bit of occ-ness in the characters, but it fits to the story line and the plot.

From fics that have been recently finished I found interesting : Misinterpreted first impressions by dessa, "Tainting the roses red" by Child of the Ashes, "Holding on" and Soul mates by XtremeGal87. Or "No more good mornings" by Cristya blade, "four years and five lifetimes" by earthbender068 from the one-shot's department.

And although the paring in this last fic I will recommend is not ichihime, I consider this fic to be brilliant and most awesome as I laughed form beginning till end. it's called "Guess who's Coming to Dinner" by vicioux (who writes brilliantly, even if her fics don't have any Ichcihime, and I recommend her work to all), and it's awsome, if you need some laughs and relaxing atmosphere.

However there are also numerous oneshots that I found to be good over the years, but there are too many and I just can't recall them all. I hope my input on fics is helpful and it will give you the so needed inspiration.

Otherwise as long as I am concerned, take all the time you need, because writing a good fic does take time and the wait is always worth it in the end. I will certainly not give up on this fic, since recently a returning of an author that I really liked, that hasn't been active for years has proven to me that if one is patient and doesn't give up, some thing will just come to their place. Thank you so much, for writing and sharing this brilliant fic with us.
nypsy chapter 7 . 5/17/2012
this was fun to read.

hmm, anything by alice hattercandy (?) that's not tragic/super angsty is awesome, same for any ichihime fics by: haldemonfan, caledon, sariniste, xtremegal87, iris0011, jylener22, child of the ashes, , kyra storms, trappedinwonderland, and more. i can't remember the name or author, but one of my fave one-shots uses the theory that ori & ichi are the reincarnations of shiba kaien & his wife miyako. incomplete faves include "the ties that binds" (the time-travel one), "getting it right", "if you find me", "immortal bites", "western princess" which was abandoned, but what was done is really good. there's just so many wonderful fics that were abandoned too-anyway, i'd say start with the stories or authors that multiple reviewers mention, as a form of triage.
anonymous chapter 7 . 5/17/2012
set fire to the rain
Lord Jaric chapter 7 . 5/17/2012
There are quite a few good ichihime stories out there. Mine sucks in comparison so I won't suggest you read mine for inspiration.

There is 1 year and 5 months by Raizen Yusuke

Grim Visitors by Morlin

Her Turn by goku's tale seems to be starting out okay

Princess of Death by JamJackEvo (this one is kind of like yours accept it is an AU instead of Ichigo going back in time, with some other differences)

Hope this helps you guys out.
Child of the Ashes chapter 7 . 5/17/2012
Great IchiHime fics? You mean aside from this one? :)

Hmmm... Well, for great characterization, I'd recommend Hell Butterfly. She's fantastically talented at humor and her characters are spot on. Not a lot of IchHime until later chapters, but still worth reading.

But for IchiHime romance/heat I'd say This Could Be the Day or anything else by Rairakku Hana.

And then my personal favorite Alice Hattercandy's Godsend or Hardboiled Strawberries, Smling Halcyon.

Really though, there are so many... Hope this is what you had in mind. Also, if you need to hash out a plot line or whatever, I'm happy to help in anyway I can. It's the least I can offer, considering how much you two have put into this :)
Lord Jaric chapter 2 . 2/4/2012
For someone to battle Orihime I would think instead of Renji she could fight kaien.

I kind of hoping that Orihime doesn't get a hollow, it would be awsome for her to win without out one. Considering you two seem to have it so that Orihime didn't get her powers cut off in the last chapter, just serously injured, that would me she will not have to go down the shaft in order to get her powers back.

Keep up the good work.
nypsy chapter 6 . 12/21/2011
was a poignant scene! both ways work.

dying for ori & ichi to confess though-want some smooches & hugs & hand-holding before all the fighting starts in earnest. if they are a couple & still living together, it pumps up tension & gives isshin & the rest ammunition for teasing.

happy holidays!
The0Blind0Writer chapter 3 . 12/14/2011
Quiz continuation

8. I believe orihime should face off against harribel or one of her frachiones; that rivalry would be intense, lol.

9. I'm blind, so i'll leave that to you.

10. Same here. though i don't want it to be a giant zanpakuto.

11. Hmm. I guess the best name i've seen for ichigo's hollow would be shirosaki (no idea where that author got it from).

13. Think about the ichigo rivalry. whether that would be during aizen or after, i don't care. Frankly, you could make a custom saga with ichigo vs ichigo. There could also be a hollow rebellion (like orihime, shinji, and the vizards) hollows all joining dead ichigo.

Awesome story, please update soon!
The0Blind0Writer chapter 2 . 12/14/2011
lol, love your works, though i'm still a little confused about the omake thing.


1. Yes, but i believe that chad's powers should, as a result, not be as strong as they are in the original series. i'd love him to have all of his powers, but it just isn't logical. I also think chizuru should have some more power (i absolutely hate the idea), only because she's molested orihime so many times.

2. Yes

3. I'm currently watching the zanpakuto rebellion right now, and i'm not quite warming up to it. It has nothing to do with the plot, it's just a shameless filler and i haven't got much out of it. perhaps you should do it just to have a sense of symmetry between this dimension and the original one.

4. I believe orihime's powers would've been similar to her other ones, but rika took that away. therefore, i think that orihime's powers should be just a combination of tsubaki and her shield. However, i think that the tsubaki part should be enhanced in that it not only cuts through everything, but that it can implant itself into an object before exploding with spiritual pressure. it's a combination of tsubaki and ichigo's powers; it flies around slicing things while exuding the massive spiritual pressure that accompanies all of ichigo's attacks. it'll be like a flying grenade! though, i don't think orihime should let go of the hilt of her zanpakuto when the blade is flying. The hilt should project the shield.

5. Honestly, i thought you would've been building up to an arch rivalry between those two. i was hoping that dead ichigo would've been angered enough that he'd hollowfy (the normal way with pluses, not the transformation), attack ichigo, be spared, and help in some way to increase aizen's power tenfold. with this new development, the two ichigoes would have to fuse into one complete entity to defeat aizen. either that or dead ichigo was an espada by now; after all, his soul was nowhere to be found when ichigo arrived through the dimensional rip.

6. hmm. I think masaki regaining her powers for the final battle of the winter war would be nice. So would the bount saga (because of uryuu's involvement). I'd also love to see an arch rivalry between orihime and harribel (or one of her frachiones). I'd also like to see kon; he may be annoying as hell, but he has his golden moments. it'd be so much more awesome if the original kon came though; it would be something familiar in this new dimension. kon could just appear in the sewers of soul society and be hunted for not existing, or he could just appear in the dangai.

7. i love the ichigo/grimmjow rivalry, i wish it could be extended in here (it sucked how kubo ended the rivalry; ichigo and grimmjow never got to finish). dordonii was also a funny opponent. Oh and ulquiorra was definitely a great battle. though, i think the one kidnapped this time around would have to be rika or tatsuki (not that tatsuki would sit back and be t
Aiasaka chapter 6 . 12/13/2011
So sweet! I loved it as much as I loved the one you published on the GiR!
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