Reviews for Who said only kids needed Teachers?
My Nerdy Vessel chapter 30 . 11/19
My Nerdy Vessel chapter 26 . 11/19
My neighbors probably think I’m crazy bc I literally just screamed.
My Nerdy Vessel chapter 10 . 10/15
Fred's fanatic chapter 47 . 10/10
These two unique lovebirds that no one ever thought
Would be a good match were right they're not a good
One but they are the most perfect match in spite of
Their differences plus fate doesn't like being predictable
So by the time they get married nine months later their
First children will be born probably twin
Fred and hermiones love is legendary passionate exciting
And based on a strong friendship making it blossom each
Year .id like to give you over sixty thousand sparkling
Rainbow stars for writing Such an incredibly delicious
Extravagant totally scrumptious fascinating love story
Which became lots of fun while keeping true to their
Snazzy quirky characters that I've loved for seventeen
Glorious years thank you very much your now number
One Elizabeth skinner from Australia.
Fred's fanatic chapter 46 . 10/10
Every one of the grown up children know their mother
Very well but after what she went through losing her
Beloved brothers I cannot blame her one iota,even I
Would've changed a lot more how she survived only
Arthur knows, but they love her so everyone's happyplus
Smiling genuinely yet nikita can handle Molly with kid
Gloves exactly how she manages Charlie with
Only thing that's making me sad is there's only one
More sizzling chapter left packed with lots of fun laughter
Hilarity friendship fluffy emotional moments two beautiful weddings but I've absolutely adored every
Wonderful exciting brilliant well written creative chapter
Which kept evolving into the greatest epic love story
Ever I'd read any more of these exceptional stories
You write so enchantingly thank Elizabeth
Fred's fanatic chapter 45 . 10/10
As far as Molly's concerned if her adorable sons are
Happy even though they held out on her that's going to
Be fine after an hour long berating showdown besides
While Charlie's lovely Fred reminds her of her fallen
Brave brother Gideon he was also a twin also hermione
Will still become a Weasley. Plus she'll love Nikita once
She gets to know her a lot better plus with two magnificent weddings to plan she's over the moon but
So will the happy couples be away from her eagle eyes
Amid lots of long hot walks maybe cooling down I the
Lake swimming with pranks thrown in and gorgeous
Unique hand designed engagement rings for their
Adored love to do your poll and vote
And I will once I can get on to it as your fast becoming
One of my favourite writers on my ultimate fan fiction
Site which thrashes the others hands down as these two
Always had more fascinating magical appeal friendship
Major attraction spunkiness etc than say James potter
And lily Evans whom got on my nerves with their
Mindless vicious name calling yet Fred's a sensitive
Charming regency gentleman in a magical realm
With hermione being his feisty lady love with a
Wicked sense of ironic humor so thank you so very
Much for writing this delightfully insane madcap
Beautiful fun filled sizzling adventurous journey that
I'd take all over again any time because it's sinfully
Outrageous yet exquisitely done by a creative genius.
Love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 44 . 10/10
For a start I don't hate either Charlie or Ron it's just
Been impossible for them to be in the same room as
Fred my favourite weasley though now that the truth
Will out a saying of their fathers it might be interesting
As Molly as two weddings to plan it's going to get even
Crazier at the burrow hectic rushed yet so much fun
Ahead and as Fred's greatest Color is blue that should
Be his suit .over one hundred thousand fascinating highly descriptive words congratulations that's tremendous. News plus if anyone can talk Ron around
It's hermione no question after all living amongst the
Wonderfully crazy weasleys seems ideal she's like a
Daughter anyhow .in no uncertain terms should you
Ever doubt the absolutely glorious power of this
Bewitching story or the charming popular people involved in such a heart warming energetic totally
Exceptional moving hot tempered beautiful storyline
Which has easily become the greatest love fest for
These wonderful charismatic young powerful exciting
Simply marvellous sensitive magical people we love
So very. Much so thank you for the most unforgettable
Exquisite moving heartfelt love story that's adventurous
And touching at Elizabeth done
A great story.
Fred's fanatic chapter 43 . 10/10
Really Ron does need to learn exactly when to keep his
Big fat mouth closed there was obviously an excellent
Reason why no one told him the local town crier which
Is why he's pissed off big deal let him stew,except
He doesn't have a volatile temper he's just a spoil I'll
Mannered brat as for Charlie I'll never feel any sympathy
For someone whom caves into emotional blackmail that
Easily he needs to grow a backbone but it won't happen
I'm hoping Nikita move so. Though she seems rather
Loyal in my opinion she deserves since
When could Ron ever be a problem for his exceptionally
Brilliant magically powerful strong charismatic intrepid
Twin brothers he's nothing but a bad joke is Ron as
Most of the weasleys are infamous pranksters yet he
Missed out he shouldn't go up against Fred he will
Always once again a totally high octane crazy
Brilliant chapter that's had me holding y breath hoping
To see the troublemakers win against their idiotic
Siblings whom couldn't have out smarted their dead
Twin uncles either plus the rest are in the know and
Loving the nights entertainment in glorious technicolor
I've enjoyed and loved every chapter in this fun loving
Beautiful quixotic love story thank Elizabeth
Fred's fanatic chapter 42 . 10/10
I absolutely love nikita she's got a tremendous a little
Rp pull the wool over both Charlie and ginny plus the
Twins have all of their siblings worked out perfectly
It's just another part of their charm which can work
The greatest magic on women of all would think that someone could recall that hermione has a
Devilish sense of humour and Justice she punched
Draco Malloy in the chops in their third year really
shouldn't be so brilliantly written yet it's
Absolutely and completely enchanted everyone who's
Been very lucky enough to not only read it but fall in
Love all over again with our favourite pair of sweethearts
Whom we loved for their delightful ingenuity and
Friendship so thank you so very much with this utterly
Brilliant tantalising delicious zany love story full of
Exceptionally quirky masterful
Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 41 . 10/9
What a thoroughly enjoyable hilarious outrageous
Prank to end all pranks not even the marauders would've
Come up with this as they're families weren't as huge
Nor did they have the magically hilarious sense of fun
That the twins overjoyed that both of them are
Terrified nikita seems to be a very furious hostile angry
Witch however before anything bad occurs Fred will have
To explain everything to her plus hermiones got a truly
Utterly wicked way about her gushing over Charlie while
Watching ginny squirm and wriggle like a worm but it's
Exciting to watch them Both acting petrified it's about
Time although maybe turning the screws a bit further
Could be therapeutic plus I adore seeing them try to
Slither out of this running out of words so I
Can describe your positively wondrous thrilling
Beguiling very unforgettable classic touching funny
Love story filled with exceptionally pure escapism
Yet keeping every reviewer o. Their toes I'm loving
Everything you've written with such love congratulations.
Love Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 40 . 10/9
And now the cauldrons bubbling loud and proudly with
A hint of Romanian spice to shake things up I'm almost
Sorry for Charlie except he deserves it being boxed into
A corner by his wickedly evil brothers I'm rollicking with
Laughter their exquisite sense of paybacks come to the
Fore its delightfully scintillating thoroughly wicked yet
It keeps the wonderful don't mess with My family if
You know what's good for you .it would be great to
Have Nikita look gorgeous yet friendly with a temper
Plus a prankish sense of humour is a must but why
Not allow her to put ginny in her place with the
Approval from her absolutely wondrous
Completely captivating sensational yet uniquely amazing
Complex love story with more fascinating layers to uncover after every brilliant funny chapter amid non
Stop laughter I've loved every chapter .love Elizabeth
Fred's fanatic chapter 39 . 10/9
Yes they definitely taught her to well however both her
And Charlie will be shell shocked by what happens next
When hermione agrees to be Charlie's girl yet later
Goes straight to Fred's arms plus Nikita should be
Turning up soon so it's time for Charlie and ginny to
Start sweating right now although Fred will play up
To her making Charlie squirm I'm loving this wonderfully
Crazy openly forthright delightful lye terai img witty cute
Delicious love story with every nuance written so
Brilliantly it's a highly enjoyable delightful sparkling
Adventurous love story you're a very talented fascinating
Writer whom will excel at whatever you choose to do
I'm so very impressed with such tremendous creative
Input you have continued to deliver sofrequently your
A genius so thank you so very much for this magical
Hilarious yet touching journey..Ove Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 38 . 10/9
Hip hip hooray the twins will save the day and their
Precious gorgeous hermione once and for all as no one
With any brains would ever choose to alienate the very
Powerful glittering brilliant Weasley twins not that their
Obnoxious brattish kid sister has brains she's gone to
Far plus Harry and Charlie love the twins and hermione
To much to stay anywhere near these two as
They're going to be on the warpath once everything becomes clear really whom wants her to die I just want
Ginny to keep her big fat overbearing nose out of her
Family's personal lives completely plus with friends
Like her you don't need enemies , but unless I'm
Mistaken its Harry's house just because he married
Her one was his fathers the other was Sirius none
We're ginnys unless she blackmailed
Twins do know some dangerous magic watch out gin you
You won't lik it unless they take pity on you but I
Doubt is truly a bewitchingly brilliant scintillating love story that is edgy wickedly honest
Yet full of great drama through out this magical
Mysterious journey complete with hilarious surprises
That delight your loyal reviewers my prediction will
Come true except it's now sixty thousand polarising
Glorious reviews maybe Elizabeth skinner.
Fred's fanatic chapter 37 . 10/9
Gin you has never been a sweet person however she's so
Much worse than bellatrix you could kill her but the other
Fantastic weasleys just have to tolerate her big fat nose
In their personal lives honestly she puts petunia Dursley
To shame however once her irate furious brothers all of
Them gang up on her she might start to back off If she
Wants to that her and Fred are going to
Live happily ever after up to a point as nothing's ever
Going to be easy with Fred hermione can cope with
Her annoying busy body friend for at least five minutes
All the kid sister had to do was ask them but no she has
To alienate your loyal reviewers unlike Fred he's adorably
Sweet with attitude plus Charlie temper is just simmering about now she should've ceased a lot
Sooner she's a goner plus tears won't work this time.
Honestly you really do go above and beyond the call
Of the writing muse intends as once more it's another
Exceptionally fascinating hilarious entertaining love
Story which is first rate truly magical yet it touches
Readers hearts and imaginations so easily however
If ginny doesn't stop could I please suggest bringing
Minerva mcgonagall in to forcefully get the point
Across to her to back off or risk .losing them for good
Something needs to be done yet I'm positive your
Utterly have every brilliant chapter under control
Courtesy of the greatest Elizabeth
Fred's fanatic chapter 36 . 10/9
Hermione would probably tell Charlie that she totally
Adores Fred which in turn he could tell her about
Nikita such a beautiful name thereby spiking gin us
Hopeless blackmail attempt though how after that
Very passionate tantalizing slow dance at the wedding
Apart from George e erroneous else must've had
Blinkers on ,the romance of the century is right in
Front for a red haired family they're rather stupid
In some as far as being a manipulator
No one can outdo Fred wonderful Weasley he's got
Enough on every member to blackmail them with
absolutely in seventh heaven since I
Began reading this thoroughly delightfully intoxicating
Outstanding beautiful love story which has twined
Itself around my potter heart so easily it's been
Exquisitely written full of hilarious scenarios only
Made more bewitching by the two characters being
Wracked by doubts yet finding love had caught them
In its enchanting spell personally your going to be
A very hard writer for any other one to get the better
Of although I can recommend the excellent fermions
Story called one week Elizabeth
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