Reviews for When We Were Children
Nate The Ape chapter 1 . 1/5/2013
Okay, I'm up for more reviewing again. First of all, whether it's in the books or fanfics, I have a fondness for Marco/Peter moments like this. How nice of him to do that for Marco, even if he doesn't/can't fully know everything about the hidden hell the poor damned kid has to go through on at least a weekly basis. I liked his gratitude, knowing that Peter cares. BTW, I'll gladly walk two miles for chocolate chip pancakes myself.
"I have no idea what kind of a life this is, Dia, I said silently. All I know is that it sucks, it's eating my soul, and I'm going to keep laughing at it anyway." And sometimes, that's all you can really do, laugh at the rest.

A fascinating discussion between Jake and Erek about the effectiveness of guerrilla tactics. I never would've thought of the Chee as being able to swim a stroke, being made of metal and plastic and all. Walk and run on the bottom like a hippo maybe, sure, but not swim. All the same, the way you had the Animorphs detect his true nature with dolphin sonar was well done. Erek is so right that even if the best happens, Jake's and humanity's existence will never be the same again. History and its lessons have taken on a grimly immediate significance for the Animorphs indeed.

You have an amazing way of capturing Rachel's personality, one that I doubt I'll ever achieve. Heh, her daemon is the same as Mrs. Coulter's. Havana Browns are some seriously gorgeous kitties! Tonkinese and Siamese too. "magpies drive away and even kill birds of prey that enter their territories." Wait, wait. I know that they'll mob hawks and other raptors, but I have a hard time believing even a flock could ever manage to kill one. And I'm pretty sure marmosets do have small claws for grabbing. Anyway, that segment was a nice metaphor for how our lives and personalities don't always turn out the way our younger selves planned as we mature.

Interesting to see Cassie "trying out" Rachel's body. Also interesting and cool that in this AU, a daemon can trigger the morphing process on its own. For some reason, Cassie's reaction to morphing Rachel and interacting with the hiker reminds me of the way some people react after shooting their first squirrel/rat/goose or whatever, namely with self-loathing, horror, and disgust about what they've done. For as long as I can remember, I've always adored hyenas. They're way cooler and more interesting than lions, and the way they were portrayed in a certain Disney movie seriously pisses me off and saddens me. Poor gentle Cassie, being forced to become something she's not, and trying to keep it at arm's length for as long as she can. :(
Deirdre chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
Hi, it's me again.

Sorry if I'm spamming you or anything, but I think I found the word for dark-happy - Nostalgia. These stories and this universe you've made is making me remember who I was when I first read the Animorphs and His Dark Materials for the first time, through the eyes of my more cynical self today. Cassie's last line here is what finally reminded me, because the closest I can come to who I was then is by pretending so hard that I can believe myself. And the bit with Rachel and her dad - my dad was around a lot more when I was younger, so this reminded me of my family then vs. now.


I am very impressed with these. You should be pround of them.
WargishBoromirFan chapter 1 . 10/10/2011
Interesting parallels between Rachel and Mrs. C with the marmoset daemon, especially with how she's gone away from the straight-up predators whereas Cassie seems to be heading towards one.

Also, on a random note, you've been recc'ed on TV Tropes. :D