Reviews for Ten Songs, Ten Drabbles
I'm Doxophobic chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
Ah. I hesitated with writing this review for a while, you know? I just wasn't so sure that whatever it is I'd be able to come up with could possibly suffice. I'm just not that confident for a first reviewer, okay? Haha, sorry in advance.


I'm positively, heavily, 101% Okita biased. So this piece delighted the more fan-girlish part of me. You actually left me hanging. With every drabble, it's like you've given me only a part of a song. The interesting part. And you just pressed the 'next' button suddenly. Ah, I know how drabbles work, I just wish they could've been longer.

I found each one endearing, but it's the 5th that managed to make me squeal (damn, couldn't hold back that one just in time). I'm a real sucker for Okita's kind of jerks, but not really jerks in general as in pain-in-the-ass jerks. I have yet to find a fic with all the 'fluff' I need to get over the depressing stuff from the game and quite possibly, the anime. I've only finished the former and the first episode of the latter, though. (Uhm, the very last bit was still kind of a spoiler for me... I know he dies but still... Haha, gah now I'm in self-denial stage.)

Would you possibly write more Okita/Chizuru fics? I'd be more than happy to drop reviews if you would. Mm, I'm hoping you will. Anyway, I liked this one, so be sure to write more, okay? :)