Reviews for Breaking Fast
anon chapter 1 . 10/15/2011
This was very, very nice to read. Your style is really poetic, yet simple and matches the tone of the series well: you don't say too much, but not too little either and I really enjoyed imagining the atmosphere of each scene. They, too, were something that - if visualised in, say, an anime show - fit like a T to a world like the one of DtB. A bit sad, a bit bleak, but also with a warmth in the interactions of the characters. (As much as they can express anyway)

The scene(s) with the Doll was my favourite. The progression from her being giddy (of *course* she's a wee bit attracted to Hei. Every female he meets seems to be)to gradually stopping to care (sitting down into the snow, then leaning down) and eventually the calm acceptance of her fate as not-human, just-a-copy was believable and well executed. There was no narm and no drama. And the way Hei is portrayed here manages to encompass all he is: A Contractor with a heart, but a human without one, too, and the lines are constantly blurring. As I said, this one-shot is very nice.

(Though maybe you should have specified where, exactly, Hei and the Doll are, since Christmas doesn't have the same significance in Japan as it does in the Western World. It isn't clear if they're somewhere more European/American or not; most things point to the latter, but then the little boy's got an obviously Japanese name, so... it's a little confusing, is all)

It really is a shame it's got so little reviews. A writer as good as you should have more feedback. Much more.

Keep going like this, it's really nice to see a quality piece of literary work in a dumpster like this :)
Dear4Life chapter 1 . 8/20/2011
Cute stories. The first one was funny. The Mao one was really cute.

Second story: Just thought I'd let you know, there is no moon in the DTB world.