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Guest chapter 48 . 21h
I realised this is the first and only time you described what the actual transformation is like. The first time we got the point of view of the Wolf, not Remus. I wonder now what its going to be like in the fifth year, when the Wolf does have both companions and the ability to move around freely.
Lavender5687 chapter 133 . 9/24
Firstly, I made an account! Now I can follow updates a lot easier, which is cool. This chapter was fantastic! As always, it's interesting to read about Remus's classes, and it's great that he's managing to keep up.

I do not like Snape at all anymore - his character development is very well written, from a reserved young boy to a bitter, hardened one. Remus handled the situation very well, which was satisfying to read - especially the part where he grabbed Snape's wand! The scene was very tense and unnerving.

I'm worried for Remus; he was bullied by the whole Slytherin class and then separately by Snape, and isn't telling his friends that he knows that Snape started it. I wonder how the Marauders will react when they find out about it, because while I accept the loophole of Sirius and Remus keeping a secret between themselves (Sirius's mum's behaviour), Remus is definitely breaking the rule 'no secrets from the marauders' (paraphrasing) by not telling them about the leeks.

James's solution to the periodical is very generous, although it probably won't make a dent in his wallet at all. It's heartwarming that James and Sirius worked so hard to fix it without hesitating. I really hope that Madam Pince realises eventually that Remus is trustworthy, as it will be very satisfying to read.

Regulus is so precious! That scene was especially well written, in my opinion. It felt so real, not one line was forced. It was interesting to hear how Narcissa and Lucius are doing, and Regulus's innocent concern was palpable. It was nice to see Remus stepping in at the end with some carefully thought-out advice. The part at the end was heartbreaking, when Regulus 'warns' Sirius and Sirius's countenance completely changes.

Slughorn really isn't a good teacher. I'm slightly worried that Judith will get picked on for being singled out and protected from the prank. The part at the end where Peter talks about hearing 'all of the gossip 'round here' was interesting, as it shows how much he hears and knows, despite not being as popular as James or Sirius. Also, the part where Sirius is clearly nonplussed at Filch being a Squib is funny, as it seems like common knowledge to the reader, but strange to Peter. It's lovely to see how much James and Sirius care for Remus.

Thank you for writing this chapter, and I'll look forward to the next one!
Elafi Milo chapter 133 . 9/24
This was a wonderful chapter. I love the interactions with Snape and Regulus, and the update on the Lucius/Narcissa drama. Thank you, Stoplight!
RealityShowJunky chapter 133 . 9/23
One of the reasons why I(and I think a lot of other people) love Remus in the original books is that even though he might look like he's meek or an easy target, he's really such a BAMF. He doesn't need to raise his voice or be cocky or get unnecessarily aggressive to defend himself and show how competent and skilled he is. And you've shown that sooo well in his dealings with Snape in this chapter and previous chapters. He's just so calm and cool with Snape and also when he was teaching the Slytherins. I mean, James Dean wishes he was as slick as Remus J. Lupin.

I just loved watching Remus stand up to Snape so reasonably and confidently(even if he didn't feel so confident). He was right, he needed to show that he is not a pushover so things don't get worse.

And I loved the prank! As usual, the Marauders were so great in taking charge of the situation, both in avenging Remus' honor and James taking it upon himself to replace the journal so Remus won't get in trouble. You really show the contrast between the Marauders' harmless pranking and the Slytherins' much crueler antics so well. Even though they probably should have just gone to a teacher, the prank James and Sirius came up with was so perfect in that they made their point and got their revenge without causing lasting or harmful damage to anyone. However, as we know by this point, they're now open to even more retribution, even if it was the Slytherins that started it. Not that either party needs an excuse to start dueling in the hallways, haha.

I guess I'll have to wait and see!
Guest chapter 18 . 9/23
Regency reference: Mrs. Dashwood! (as was with Mrs. Norris). *Gives a smile to rival Sirius's charming grins* Do I get an early update as a reward now, please, Ms. Delight?
The Phoenix Order chapter 112 . 9/23
Carving into more of the review backlog now! This was SUCH a good chapter.
At the beginning of the chapter I was briefly confused because I'm so used to Remus's symptoms of exhaustion and lack of appetite described in "Remus's eyelids felt weighted with sand, and his breakfast tasted bland and rubbery" seemed like pre-full moon! Then when I read more carefully I saw it was just from exhaustion - he is allowed to feel ill at other times too! Going into the chapter after then realizing it wasn't about to be the full moon, it made a lot more sense.
I'm so glad to hear an update from Professor Meyrigg, and that she's happy to stay at her cousin's. I wonder how if she will return to her home at some point, and how that will then affect little Quirinus's childhood.
The arrival of the first of so many Howlers. Sirius's attempt at a cavalier approach to it by brushing it off really makes sense, and I chuckled too at his joke about skiving off typically being the problem. Unfortunately it doesn't change how Charlotte and other Muggle-borns must have felt, or the embarrassment and discomfort that Regulus clearly did.
I'm so glad McGonagall is supporting him in this! She already showed her support obviously, but maintaining it in the face of Howlers containing blood slurs is important, since I wonder if other people would recognize how he can't help it either.
I absolutely love her mention of how transfiguring an object back into an animal is much harder! Remus deserves recognition and appreciation for the difficulty he imposes upon himself with that, and I wonder if any of his friends know how impressive his magic is in that.
And ooh, the Animagus reveal! Sirius's avid note-taking is hilarious, though obviously not enough to discover all the details of the "necessary preparation" to become one! The class's reaction is amazing, since I can only imagine how impressive that would be. Sirius's devotion to copying down everything despite pain in his hand is just wonderful. I wish Remus weren't still so horrified by the possibility. Obviously James will be won over later (and I can't WAIT to get into my thoughts about that chapter!) but Remus's fears are especially difficult.
Their first DADA lesson with Culpepper! James and Sirius obviously start it with sarcasm and talking-back. Like many of the class, I laughed at Sirius introducing themselves with the wrong names! Of course Culpepper was warned about them. Lucky for him with his first class ever that the boys decided on their own to cut him a little slack!
A werewolf lesson to start off the year's introduction to DADA... poor Remus! Professor Meyrigg handled the lesson so graciously and thoughtfully. I'm so happy at James's attempt to dissemble after realizing how miserable Remus must have been. I'm sure he was delighted to butt heads with Andrews over the topic!
One thing I was interested but worried to read was that there are international travel restrictions on werewolves. What are those? And how might they affect Remus in the future?
Thank goodness for the summertime breeding reluctance and forgetfulness among their classmates! I loved that James and Sirius spent the lesson tripping up the other students who might have known anything. They mentioned jinxing the Andrews twins' quills and sticking Lily's book pages together; were they also responsible for making Betta "unaccountably distracted"? I certainly wouldn't put it past them! For all of their mischief in classes, this was one of the most valuable and sweet times they ever did.
Sirius's idea of keeping Aeolus and Athena away is born! They did such a good job of delaying the class, so doing it for the purpose of allowing the topic to continue later in a better environment makes sense.
Interesting foreshadowing with Dorcas not mentioning the Howlers yet to Sirius! She's certainly noticed, and might already be planning on how to do something...
Their introduction to Professor Kettleburn is interesting! I hope we get to see more of Care of Magical Creatures classes later in the story again. It's also very sweet that the Marauders worked to squeeze onto one four-person bench together! Also, it's a definitive contrast that Kettleburn spends the beginning of his first lesson warning the students to not underestimate any creature, considering Hagrid's first lesson... Obviously Hagrid is wonderful, but with his size and safety around them he can forget much more easily than Kettleburn the amount of safety most people would need to employ. I wonder what his rule number two was?
Already from the Ancient Runes first lesson, the number of courses in the day are a little difficult for Remus! While just a twinge of jealousy of being busy when his friends were free isn't likely to make him decide to drop the class or anything, it could add up to him realizing it's too much. It's so fun seeing this class after never getting a glimpse of it in canon!
Seeing how Severus's attempt to save Lily a seat is treated by Rosier makes me so angry! It clearly upsets Lily that when she arrived, he didn't have a seat for her and he didn't explain. Obviously it makes sense why he didn't want to defy Rosier, but why he is he too afraid to sit further up in the classroom for Lily's sake? She's right that it'd be nice for her to sit by both of her friends - assuming it wouldn't be an unpleasant experience for Charlotte, that is.
I'm glad that Remus has the two of them for friends in the class, at least! I wish Remus had had time to ask Lily for help with his book, but at least I have the benefit of knowing he does in the future.
Professor Oxymore seems lovely! The subject overall is interesting to see but she seems very interesting. I wish Remus could feel safe opening his textbook without damaging it... At least the professor is so captivating when reading the runes! Carving them into tablets is such an interesting way to learn that, and I wonder if Hermione would have also done so under Professor Babbling's tutelage, or if it's just Professor Oxymore's approach to the subject. I'm glad Remus is fascinated, and I hope he really enjoys it enough to be worth all of the time and difficulty it will be!
I'll keep reviewing more of the backlog later, so hopefully I'll have another one for you before too long!
Guest chapter 13 . 9/23
Awww... Remus getting James and Sirius's present...
Guest chapter 8 . 9/23
Woohoo! Betta takes charge. I love all your OCs a lot, but Betta and Charlotte have a very special place in my heart, cuz they remind me of a couple of school friends so much.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/23
Alright, so I JUST realised you had a twitter acct n read through all your tweets. Including the one about chapter 8, 10 and 13. Well, you command and I obey!
Loved Sirius's suggestions about lessons. I can just imagine him saying exactly that in a rather impertinent tone, too. And Arachne's very shrewd response!
SilverWillowfly chapter 133 . 9/23
The new cover art is amazing. The situation with the journal seems like it's only getting worse, but at least the boys have some sort of plan now, even if I'm a little nervous about if it'll work out. I'm glad that Sirius and James pranked them back for it, especially using ink. And I'm excited for another raid of Slughorn's stores, hopefully it'll go a little more smoothly than the last one. Thanks for the quick update! I'm excited for more!
RodeoTown chapter 133 . 9/22
I love seeing Remus' self-confidence grow. I really enjoyed the confrontation with Snape and how Remus handled it, calm and ever polite but unyeilding.
I'm Hermes chapter 133 . 9/22
Great chapter! Chapters with Sirius and James' prank revenge make me want to go back and read my old Macdonald Hall books (by Gordon Korman). Bruno and Boots would be first rate Marauders! Remus is clearly a Boots, whereas James and Sirius are a couple of Brunos for sure. Which I guess makes Peter a weird cross between Sidney Rampulsky, Wilbur Hackenschleimer and Myron Blankenship...
anonymousautonomousavatar chapter 133 . 9/22
Thank you for consistently making the Death Eaters the odious bigots they are. I have more thoughts but it's late.
Guest chapter 133 . 9/21
Another brilliant chapter thank you! The scene where Sirius' face falls when Regulus tells him Narcissa has written home reminds me of the moment before he fell through the veil... his 'last laugh' before he accepts defeat from his family. Very tragic of course, but absolutely on script and so so clever!
DeadlyHuggles chapter 133 . 9/21
Stupid snape... I honestly expected better of you. Why though? I'm not quite sure. I just wished you were so changed by being a slytherin... It saddens me greatly to see the bad name of slytherin out to such uses as my best friend is a slytherin and I'm ravenclaw. I wish the slytherins got along better with the other houses.
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