Reviews for Against the Moon
geko-blackjack chapter 105 . 11/19
This story is such a classic for me, one that I revisit often and never get tired of. Thanks for all your excellent work and just to say that I sincerely hope you're happy and well.
Oceantail chapter 103 . 11/11
"id do anything ANYTHING to not go to prison"
well he never changed
RandomReader chapter 1 . 11/4

I have read the whole thing three times over and absolutely love it!
I have been checking in every few months to see whether a new chapter is up..I am slowly losing hope, and starting to accept that this amazing story will see no end:C
I sincerely hope that that's not the case and that somewhere a draft of a new chapter is in the making. Whatever has made you lose the will to write, I hope you find it again!

Kind regards,
A RandomReader
Guest chapter 105 . 10/31
Finished reading it all. Loved every minute of it!
Please do more?
jesusfreak100percent chapter 105 . 10/29
It sounds like you've had a really tough time of it, while writing this story. I hope that in the last year you have improved massively, and that at some point I will be able to read another chapter of this magnificent tale! You say you've been writing these last few by dictating it - amazing! Especially considering many authors can't write with such excellent spelling and grammar (and the correct homophones, more or less) when they have all ten of their fingers. I'm sure in just this short review, you will already be able to spot errors - and I assure you I am typing this.

But spelling and grammar don't make a story - this story is the first proper Marauders tale I've read. How you manage to think up such excellent plots is amazing! And every little detail of the characters makes great sense. There's always multiple ways to interpret characters, but I love your assessment. Remus being exceedingly shy and willing to do anything so he can keep his friends. Peter, adoring of James and easily befuddled, but still a child with opinions and the ability to comfort and advise his friends in need. Sirius, angry, rebellious, exceedingly curious and OBSESSED with Muggle motors - it all makes perfect sense to me.

I haven't lived in Scotland, and wasn't even alive at the time this story was set, but it seems to me like you use the perfect phrases. You don't say "kidding" but "ribbing" and for all I know that's entirely wrong but it does sound right.

It's such a good story I've even managed to forget the tragic ending that befalls... well, all of them, to some extent. If there is any way you could... re-invent J. K. Rowling's book so that doesn't happen that would be great. But I understand if you need to stay true to her (excellent, if occasionally miserable) canon.

All in all, I love your story and I do hope you update. I finished it in less than a week! For now, however, I will entertain myself with your other stories.
Lauren chapter 105 . 10/25
I adore this so much! It's what got me into fanfics in the first place, and it is still my number one favorite! When I first started it, I could not stop reading (even when I should have been doing other things- oops) and I still love going back and re-reading it whenever. Everything- the writing, the story, the characters, etc is just fantastic! I wish you all the best and just wanted to thank you for such a lovely fic :)
ChristineBH chapter 105 . 10/4
The only bad things about this story is that I have missed sleep and time I could use on homework (that I'm not even sorry for having to rush the last minute) and the fact that the story had to end is the worst of all.
Guest chapter 50 . 9/24
I should have reviewed before now; I'll try now to catch up.

I think you have my favourite Sirius characterisation, perfectly in character. Striking the line between thoughtlessly kind and careless. And James; empathetic, but opinionated. And chatty.


Honestly, your characterisations all around make me want to do a private victory dance. You flesh out characters J.K. only ever gives us a teasing glimpse of and do it marvellously, making them quirky, flawed, extraordinarily human beings.

Please let the current update record not indicate that this story is discontinued!
Someone chapter 105 . 9/22
I just finished what is probably the first or second best fanfiction on this side. (Can't decide between this or "empire's son") but oh my god. This is amazing, I am considering watching fullmetal alchemist, for the some purpose of reading your fanfictions on the series. Gosh this was amazing I love it so bad, just like Sirius is so amazing, and james too (mostly) and even got a bit of a soft spot for peter (probably not gonna forgive him for his later doing though) but goodness this was a good read, definitely gonna re-read it in a while. Hope you are doing good, and would definitely be happy if you continued if. (I understand if you can't though) sorry of I say though too much it's a bad habit of mine. I wish you all the best.
-probably one of your biggest fans
yeohmeishi chapter 105 . 9/17
Mother knows best! I love Remus' mother! And I love this story! Hope to hear from you soon, even though its been a while. Best wishes and inspiration to you!
Madison Futch chapter 105 . 9/13
This is an AWESOME! story and I hope you are writing more!
Hana chapter 44 . 9/12
Near fanfic is so beautiful.
Hana chapter 42 . 9/12
Tears gather at the corners of my eyes at random moments when I am reading this fic.
Hana chapter 37 . 9/12
I think all the blood simultaneously rushed to my head and drained from my has-with VERY few exceptions-a HORRIBLE family.
Hana chapter 35 . 9/12
I too find myself utterly incapable of speech
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