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Guest chapter 52 . 7/1
I feel like you're making a million references to events in the Harry Potter series. You sneaky little devil. Jshdhd
inquiry chapter 1 . 7/1
any chance we can get a pdf made of this story so far...? please!
Guardian Spirit Raina chapter 105 . 7/1
Well, I was thinking about this story today and realized with some horror that I never reviewed this chapter. This in spite of the fact that I had been waiting and waiting for this moment ever since I realized that Remus wasn't going to spill the beans to his parents any time soon. I read this chapter when it was new, so I'm not really sure how I didn't manage a review. Hopefully it's better late than never.

I imagined a lot of ways this moment could go, and this is an excellent version of events. I first imagined that the truth would come out as soon as Remus saw his parents again - but of course that isn't quite what happened. I love the conflict with Sirius and Ross - I didn't really expect Ross to react so firmly once the matter had been forced to that point, but it's also nice to see him do what he thinks he has to in order to protect his son. Of course, he's off the mark, and so it's equally nice to see him dial it back and give in when he realizes the truth of the matter.

On the subject of defied expectations, I did NOT expect Sirius to be such an indignant brat about it, either! Of course this is what we all know and love about Sirius, but my goodness, I don't think he knew what buttons he was really pressing there. It sounds like he figured out what was going on once Remus started to become so flustered about it, and he was probably rightfully a little annoyed by the whole situation, leading to that drawn out confrontation... but poor Ross, having his nerves played with like that. They're still children, and Sirius still doesn't really think of what mental stress he's causing to others, haha... To be honest, I'm not sure he ever grows out of that one...

The conflict is handled beautifully throughout, and I really liked the image of Remus' mother coming home to them all chatting as well. Her moments with Sirius are really touching and speak to his general lack of motherly affection. I'm glad his was frank the second time around - by then he's at least completely realized what a big deal the whole thing was. I'm looking forward to him getting a chance to speak to Remus about it privately later on, as I imagine he probably will. Sirius has a different view of parents than Remus does, so from his perspective he might be a little unclear on why Remus would hide something like this when he otherwise has such understanding and accepting parents. Not to mention that the trade-off for Ross would have saved him some mental anguish every time the boys visited and just in general. I'm sure that the "inevitable" loss of friendship weighed heavily on his mind, though now Ross will probably worry about keeping a growing secret hidden. Ross really can't catch a break!

On a more minor note, I always enjoy watching the boys interact, and hopefully Ross will see what good they (and especially Sirius) do for Remus before and after (and eventually, during...) his transformations. I enjoyed their stressed banter about Marauders frequently sneaking, and it makes me wonder if Ross will ever learn more about the mischief they get up to, with a name like "Marauders" and all. I'm certain Ross would absolutely die if he ever learned about the eventually Animagi thing, though that's not likely to be an issue for him since it was their most guarded secret (I mean, Remus never even mentioned it following Sirius' arrest or escape).

All in all, this was an excellent chapter and one that I had been long awaiting. I'm once again sorry for a several-months-late review, but I remain ready and willing to wait for the next, as always.

Guardian Spirit Raina
Guest chapter 51 . 6/30
Guest chapter 50 . 6/30
Wonderful darling. Wolfstar. Drama. Hurt. But buh BUUUUUUUUUMMMMN
Guest chapter 48 . 6/30
I absulutly LOVED the wolfs POV. It was so dark and terrifying and perfect *heart*
Guest chapter 45 . 6/30
Poor Remus :-'(
VoicesOffCamera chapter 105 . 6/6
Oh my goodness. I have been OBSESSED with this story for weeks! This is hands down, the most perfect Marauder era story I've ever read. Seriously, I want to print this out, bind it, and book it on my bookshelf next to my Harry Potter books. The characterization of the boys is just pure perfection. The growth and development over these one hundred and five chapters has just been amazing and captivating. You are so talented!

You've mentioned your health in a few of your notes, so I do hope you are doing well! I know this hasn't been updated in a few months... but I really, really, really, really hope that you will continue with this. I'm dying to find out more about Sirius' home life, it feels like you've just begun to scratch the surface with that.

I will patiently sit here and await your next update! :)
8-Wolke-8 chapter 105 . 6/6
Okay, so in advance I apologice for any typos I will most certainly make in this review. I plan for it be a long one and I know that at some point I'll become lazy. Also I am German and when I'm excited my English is often getting worse :D
Speaking of excited! That's precisely what I am right now! ;) I just realised that it's been over a year since I have become positively hooked on a story. I am so endlessly gradefull that you managed that again!
I love the way each and every character, no matter how minor in you story are so brilliantly flashed out. Starting, of course, with our four main characters. It's striking how you gave each and everyone of them such definite traits that work both in their favour and against them. That was espacially obvious with Sirius. The fact that he so vehemntly wants to go against everything his family stands for and genuinly rejects it, helps him to accept Remus and his furry little problem in no time, but it also causes him to act very rashly without ever takeing anyone else's feeling on the matter into account, including Remus. That made me go from "YOU GO SIRUS!" to "MERLIN SIRIUS, would you PLEASE shut up and think for a moment!" :D
After a few chapters, I also found myself increasingly protective of Remus with each passing chapter. Everytime he degrades himself in his own mind, thinking that he should just be thankfull for what he gets, because he doesn't even deserve that, I want to scream at him that just because most of wizardkind would denie him even basic human decencie, does not mean he has to worship Dumbledore, Pomfrey or the rest of the marauders for the fact that they do.
Dumbledore is also someone I can't help but mention. He's my favourite character and one thing that turns me away from any story, no matter how well written is bashing against him (or anyone for that matter, but Dumbledore espacially). I love the fact that even though we see him through the eyes of an extremely young child, who like Harry in the books looks up to him, you managed to make him human. People have the tendency to dehumanize him and that's either leads to worship or extreme bashing, neither of which I can stand. So thanks for making him an actual character instead of a plot device or a punching bag. ;D

Please, are you still working on this story? There is so much yet to happen and I couldn't stand the thought that we would never get to see the marauders becomeing Animagi, or the prank or the war and their part in it!
I will be checking my inbox for an update from you every day from now on!

Veale chapter 105 . 6/1
Oh my god. Long, well written AND marauder era! Perfect, I really hope you keep updating this!
mokubahv chapter 105 . 6/1
Haha. I just love the way you write Sirius.
Hopefully this time I won't stray away for so long. :( Sorry it seemed as though I had given up on you. I still love your story I was just very distracted for a long while.
I do hope that your health problems don't cause you too much discomfort. *positive vibes*
I'm looking forward to reading your next chapters when you have the time to write again.
mokubahv chapter 104 . 6/1
That was a great idea for practice. It's a shame Remus is so negative though.
mokubahv chapter 103 . 6/1
They should buy Sirius a Thing that Goes Ping for his birthday. He'd love it.
I love how Remus has the role of "comforter." Hah. Someone storms off and it's just expected for Remus to follow.
Oh yes, Peter. Yes you would do anything to avoid going to prison. D:
mokubahv chapter 102 . 6/1
Thinking back on chapter 100, I'm glad that Remus hasn't realized that it's technically his fault Sirius is in trouble. If he never showed the picture to Narcissa, Lucious wouldn't have seen and then let it slip to Druella. But Remus is too hard on himself to begin with.
mokubahv chapter 101 . 6/1
I hate St. Mungo's. :( But at least this experience wasn't as terrible.
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