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BigFanOfTheBook chapter 105 . 2h
Oh, GLOB, PLEASE KEEP WRITING! Don't leave me hanging now...
This book is amazing! Please please please keep on writing! You're awesome, and so is this book. Peace!
BigFanOfTheBook chapter 103 . 2h
I love how you are able to capture peter's attitude in this chapter! It's really nice. Please keep on writing! :)
BigFanOfTheBook chapter 79 . 20h
You're an awesome author. Please keep on writing great fanfictions like this one!
Guest chapter 20 . 5/3
Oh glob, I LOVE IT. Remus, and chess, and Sirius, and the painting, and James, and Peter, and the stinging hex...AWESOM! BLOODY AWESOME! :)
BigFanOfTheBook chapter 15 . 5/3
Oh, Good Glob, you're making me cry! This is's a great story...only, poor Remus!
BigFanOfTheBook chapter 12 . 5/3
i love Remus! He is so thoughtful, to make gifts like that :). Once again, this book is awesome!
BigFanOfTheBook chapter 7 . 5/3
You are awesome! This book is awesome! i love how you write about the marauders, especially the was their friendship is developing slowly. Keep on writing, you awesome person, you!
StardustOwl chapter 105 . 4/29
I don't have words to describe how wonderful this is or how obsessed with it I am. I've been reading it religiously for the past week and I've never been able to read something this long before, it just captured my imagination and is easily one of the best things I've ever read.
Will we get any hints on what happened to Sirius? I find it hard to believe he had a cold.
jul chapter 105 . 4/27
Hi !
Just wanted to say this is my favourite Harry Potter fanfiction ! Just finished it :) Keep going !
Also, have a lovely day
RoseStone27140 chapter 105 . 4/25
I love this story! I hope you keep updating.
dianaatuna chapter 1 . 4/25
This is really, really, REALLY good. I love how you paid so much attention to detail, adding in countless anecdotes and conversations between them that were so entertaining to read. I love how accurately portrayed Sirius here and I love how Madam Pomfrey is. I love it! I love everything! I love you! Please update soon, please please please please

I'm still in the twenties chapters, and I keep wanting to slow down but I just can't! This is so awesome
Streetwise chapter 105 . 4/21
Well, you managed to get me to dust off this old account just to leave a review. That's quite the accomplishment. I'm going to try to put my thoughts together as best as I can.

I came across this fic when I wanted something that actively addressed Sirius's abusive home life. People were speaking highly of this fic in general and I certainly have a lot of love for Remus so I decide to give it a try.

I am so, so glad I did. I'm in awe of your writing and dedication. Your descriptions, your characterizations, they're wonderful! You managed to rekindle that love for the Harry Potter universe that had faded over the years.

To get straight to the heart of the matter, though, I really want to thank you for the way you wrote Sirius. While my home life was nowhere near as brutal as his, I did experience emotional neglect/abuse and it's for that reason that I've always dearly loved him, even past all of his flaws. I cried for days when he died. I love this young Sirius. So energetic and so determined to be a good friend, but at the same time holding on to something ugly that colors his actions and brings him to do things I can't always approve of. I worry about him a lot. I'm morbidly curious to know what's happening in his home and the hints we've gotten have been rather terrifying. On that note, the events of chapter 100 were a grim reminder of how quick people are to dismiss the possibility of abuse despite evidence to the contrary and how clever abusers can be in covering up what they do. I do appreciate that Mrs Potter made a point to check in on Sirius a couple of times, though, and that Mrs Lupin hasn't yet let herself be convinced that nothing is wrong. It's a bit bizarre, reading his story. I know that in the end he gets out and lives with James for a while, but I also know that in the end he dies. It's rather cruel, isn't it? He deserved a chance at a happy life.

And thank you so much for Mrs Lupin. I want to believe that there are people like her out in the world: kind and charming and clever. Her handling of Mr Black was positively extraordinary. It's a shame that she couldn't handle Mrs Black the same way. I've come to think of them as having equal power, in their own ways, but at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Really though, I so deeply appreciate her kindness to Sirius. She was so patient with him when he broke that bowl last summer, and then this chapter when she touched his hair. It really breaks my heart. I know how much a bit of kindness can mean.

I also found your writing of Remus's anxiety to be quite relatable. In the early chapters, I had to stop a couple of times because I was getting a bit too into it. I have anxiety issues of my own, so I sympathized with Remus quite a bit. I'm very proud of how far he's come in just two years. And goodness have I remembered why I love Remus so much. There's such boundless love in him, despite everything. I'll have you know that I'm in firm denial that he and Tonks died in Deathly Hallows. They're living in a nice cottage with their son and they're all very happy.

As a quick note, I really adore Meyrigg, Andromeda, and Peter in this. The latter two I always wanted to know more about and Meyrigg was wonderfully characterized. I cried for her. Despite the hardship she's endured, I hope she can find a bit of happiness again. I'm glad that she was so respectful of Remus and tried to teach the subject of werewolves impartially. I can tell that she was an influence on Remus's teaching style. She'd be very proud of that, I think.

Now, I expect you can't confirm or deny this, but I have a theory about sixth year (which is so impossibly far away at this point!) and I just have to write it down. We know that 6th year is the year that Sirius betrays Remus's trust and tells Snape how to get past the Whomping Willow. At first this didn't make much sense to me. Sirius can be reckless and thoughtless, but he does try very hard to be a good friend to Remus. Then I remembered that he goes to live with James that following summer. My suspicion is that the summer following 5th year must have been especially brutal for Sirius, brutal enough that he couldn't just shrug it off when he came back to school. And then maybe Snape does something and it just sets him off and all he can see is red. We all know how reckless he can be, especially when he fixates on something (such as in the case of Speckles and in his ultimate downfall at the Department of Mysteries). I expect in the aftermath, James and the others finally learn about whatever it is that's been going on at home. It's the only way I can see that he could do that and still have his friendship with Remus survive, and it certainly makes sense that James would want to get Sirius someplace safe after that. That said, I'm sure I'll be thrilled with whatever you decide to do for all of that.

Anyway, I know your health hasn't been perfect, but I hope you're feeling better, or that you will soon. Take good care of yourself! And I'm glad to see you're writing, even if it's not the story I'm focused on right now. I've marked the story for alerts and I'm following you on Twitter now, so when you do wander back to this story I'll be ready!
Guest chapter 105 . 4/20
Please, pretty please update soon? I need something to distract me from the misery of final exams. Please!
Elin chapter 105 . 4/17
No! It's over! I wanna cry! :( This is so good... too good! What ever will I read now? I really hope (again) that you will update this! And that it's not abandoned... And again, I hope that you are feeling better!
Elin chapter 103 . 4/17
I love Pottermore.. ;P You weren't so far off on Remus background story. I also feel like you have a good understanding of how his mind works given the circumstance he lives under, how he resons and also for his personality. And I like how you're hinting at their future every now and then (like in this chapter, how Peter would do anything to stay out of prison for example), even if it's sad to think about. Yet again, I hope that you will update this story and that you will finish it! It's really a great story and really well written, which is a rare thing in fanfiction. Sorry about any grammar or spelling mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.
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