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Shannon Bananon chapter 105 . 7/20
Splendid. I love this so much. I've spent the last three days immersing myself in this story, and I do hope you return to it soon! Although I understand why you might not immediately, I hope you still keep ATM and little Remus Lupin in your thoughts! So excited to see how Ross takes the revelation in days to come, amongst other plot related things. Though to be one hundred percent honest, I'm hoping this turns AU and voldemort disappears. Remus has such a hard life ahead of him, canonically. I just want him to have friends, man.
villageaccio chapter 105 . 5/31
your writing is amazing! loved every chapter. thank you!
whitetiger91 chapter 1 . 5/25
Hey there,
This story is chilling, yet oh so good. The ending had my heart beating, hoping the boy somehow manages to get away. Actually, to be fair, every section had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen. In particular, I liked the way he wanted to rescue his bear, and how you used it to show why he was so motivated to get outside.
Diggle, a Hit Wizard? Interesting, interesting.
Please tell me that that prior commitment isn't Remus? :O
There were a few tiny bits of SpaG, mainly missing footsteps, but nothing that took away from the flow of this beautiful piece. I like, too, how you used the 'thump thump thump' as a continuous focal point.
VoicesOffCamera recommended your piece over on the Diagon Alley II forum, and I can certainly see why. It is very well written and a riveting tale, well done!
TheEighthBit chapter 105 . 5/24
I'm not sure whether I've ever written a review for this story, but if I did, it was years ago and this story deserves another one anyway. I adore this so much that it's really become my mental go to when I'm trying to judge the quality of just about anything else I'm reading.
I've only recently got back into the Harry Potter fanfics, and this was the first one I came to and the only one I really remember. Your characters are interesting and well fleshed out, and the storyline keeps my interest more than a normal book ever could.
TLDR- I love this story. So much 3
Guest chapter 58 . 5/23
I love how much of a mother hen Sirius is!
war hippy fatigues chapter 1 . 5/10
What really killed this for me was the absolutely glacial pacing.

The story concept was great. A long telling of Remus's whole story? I'm down with that. But this really took 'long' to a whole new level. The story just keeps going and going and going and not much happens and then you realize you're 660,000 words in and you haven't even reached the third year?

I get that you wanted to focus on the Marauder friendships and really flesh out the connections there. But there really is an aspect of diminishing returns there. It didn't need to be so stretched out that you constantly retread the same plot points over and over and over. Remus is worried that his friends will notice something odd. They notice something odd. That professor is hiding something. Let's have the gang try to find out what it is. Then they get scolded for it. Again. And again. And again. And again.

At some point the story just became boring to me. If the story was finished and written at the same pace that it is now then it would be something like five million words long. I could never stomach that.
SpaceNoir chapter 105 . 5/8
I won't bother to express in any way how truly amazing in every aspect this story is, as it's been said every way possible in hundreds of reviews previous to mine. However, even if you never see this I do want to take the time to sincerely thank you for creating a fanfic that honestly surpasses a lot of published fiction. Against the Moon is comforting to me in the way coming home after a long time away is, and it's helped me on more than one occasion when I'm feeling stressed or sad or anxious. These 105 chapters of excellent literature are so very much appreciated, and I wish you the best wherever you are in life. It's amazing how someone whose name I don't even know has had such a positive effect on me just by their creativity and dedication- Thank you.
Meganthompson chapter 105 . 5/8
Please please please write more! This is the first fan fiction I've ever read and I'm so upset there's no more! Your writing rivals jk's easily, it's hard to believe it's not her. I hope one day you decide to write again!
starshein chapter 14 . 4/25
The most heartbreaking chapter so far.
TheFalseReality chapter 105 . 4/24
I have found that I nearly always finish stories at night, but that's my own delema and I will surely pay for it in the morning. By you, it should be taken as a compliment, for I have decided sleep was less important.
To be honest, the second year summer and chapter titles were my favorite part, and I hope you haven't abandoned this story. Although, I do appreciate how I'd does end of you do not continue; I would like to know what happens, and am satisfied with the story as it ends as of chapter 105.
This is a rather long story and I've spent a couple of weeks reading this whenever I could.
Speaking of, I commend your view of the first two years. I feel as if the great length only adds to the story, and though it would be a daunting task to continue writing the same as you've been, I would very much like to read your view of the other years. In fact, the length only makes the fictional years feel more realistic. If I might add my input, points of view and homelives from the other Marauder's (even in correspondence) would be well received, and I'm sure you already have plans to include relationships with other students at Hogwarts seeing as you've already laid the foundation for them.
I will check, probably irregularly, to see if this story is continued or my wish granted, even though you have to obligation to fufill it.
Furthermore, I would like to thank you for writing Against the Moon, and as brilliantly as you have been.
Aurora Borealis 1234 chapter 105 . 4/19
This is the most amazing fanfic ever! Literally, I want to just print it out and put it on the bookshelf next to Harry Potter. I'm not kidding, I think I got like two hours of sleep since finding this fic, because I couldn't put it down. I'm guessing you've read this in a hundred reviews already, but I think that you wrote the personalities of each of these characters perfectly. Love it! Thank you so much for writing it! I'm dying to know what happens next.
Alchemist19 chapter 105 . 4/13
This is Beyond amazing! This is my first time writing a comment on anything on this site and I just have to try and express how this fic blew me away. As I've read it over the past (very busy) week it's all I have been thinking about and I've been reading it every spare moment I get! The characterization is absolutely amazing (also I think I am officially in love with Sirius Black- the way you portray him is absolutely perfect) and it's so well written! Much better than a lot of published work that I have read. I know you haven't updated since 2014 and I don't know how much chance there is of the continuation of this story... But pleasee, please consider it if your health and situation allows. Cheers and well done. I would hug you if I could for creating this masterpiece.
purpleradiance chapter 101 . 4/10
I love you and all your chapters I hope you never quit this story it brings me such
Straybirds chapter 105 . 4/9
I just want to let you know that people always love this work. I have been worshiping it just like Rowling's own and just thank you for this. Hope for an update though, but all the while it is perfect enough to be like this.
Guest chapter 105 . 4/3
Ive been reading this since at least 2014 and i distinctly remember reading 90 chapters in about 2 days! I love this !
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