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PhilosopherStone909 chapter 104 . 4/11
At long last, I'm reviewing this chapter! Sorry for the delay, but maybe a late and longer review is better than an immediate but short one :)

Can I find a Dorothy Lupin fanclub? Immediately, please? Most wizarding parents probably wouldn't devote so much time and energy into helping their children catch up in a class in which they struggle. Dorothy isn't even a wizarding parent, and yet shes devoted extra time and energy into finding a way that she can help Remus with Potions. She is absolutely brilliant.

A great deal of care to be taking over soup indeed, but it's absolutely brilliant. Cooking and potions have many elements in common, when you discount the magic involved in the latter of course. Considering how many of Remus's obstacles, discounting the insurmountable issue of the wolfsbane of course, seem to be practical knife skills and other things easily rectified by a cooking lesson, Dorothy's plan is absolutely perfect.

Hmm, my rhapsodizing about Dorothy is making me wonder what would happen if Sirius found out about this. (Maybe he will, if she continues these lessons in the next chapter because Sirius has come! hurrah!) She'd become even more of his hero, maybe. Now that's a dangerous thought.

And speaking of dangerous thoughts... oh Remus. His worries that these newborn skills won't do him any good back in the Potions classroom (which I'm not sure about, Remus. I think you have a fair chance of improving, dear!) are exacerbated by the impending full moon, and now there's something new and terrible. I'm actually a bit worried - after the other Marauders discovered the secret, it seemed like a lot of the drama surrounding the wolf would die down, at least until the Animagus plans picked up. What if Remus is right and somehow the wolf is emerging at times other than the full moon too? I know there's a decent chance (a very large chance, actually) that he's just paranoid, but what if he's right? What if he spends the rest of his life trying to control the wolf at every time other than the full moon? Like he said, he won't be able to even think of fighting the change at the risk of just making it worse, but how horrible would it be if he has to fight the rest of the time? I'm working myself up over a possibility that may not actually come to fruition, but I can't help it.

Let's move onto the more pleasant aspect of the chapter - Sirius's arrival! I have no idea how he did it, but I'm desperately hoping he first got appropriate permission from his parents. Who am I kidding? How could he possibly have gotten permission from his parents? Dorothy manipulated Mr. Black, antagonized Mrs. Black, and called the Ministry upon him to investigate their parenting. Nothing would cause them to allow him back, would it? Oh dear. What will happen now?

No, I won't focus on that. Definitely won't focus on that. Sirius is here. He's happy. He can spend at least a little time with Remus, and receive some much-needed love and care from Dorothy. I'll just hope they embrace the short amount of time available to them. I hope they have enormous amounts of fun together, and that maybe Sirius can even come with them to James's after all! Actually, I don't remember, has he been banned from coming then? I expect he has, but I don't think it was mentioned. Either way, I'm so eager to find out!
Guest chapter 104 . 4/10
You've mad the characters come to life in a way that no other fics have accomplished the marauders, not only is this well written its utterly enthralling and without fail I have been checking every single day without fail for an update also I just wanted to say as a writer you are truly amazing and keep it up :D
Holytaxaccountantcountsmytaxes chapter 104 . 4/8
Alas, the (temporary) end is reached!

When I first started reading this fic, I thought I'd maybe get as far as a few chapters. Maybe ten or twenty at the very most, given my notoriously short-tempered attention-span. Those 600k words seemed nearly a daunting task, especially considering that I was only one small week short of a very, very important exam. Nevertheless – that would never stop me from plunging into 'adventures' and so I started reading the first chapter. Needless to say, it didn't take me long to realize that the remainder of that small week would be spent repeatedly placating my battered and abused conscience with promises of 'this evening I'll work harder for sure', because I just couldn't. stop. reading. I just couldn't. And after that week passed another one, and now here I stand, finding myself completely enthralled.

Or, in other words:

Oh, my God, I just NEED TO KNOW how it continues! Please, please, please, with a cherry on top, I'm begging you! Please, this is just perfect! PERFECT, I tell you!

(Oh, and by the way, just to calm you: I passed the exam regardless, and with a very satisfying grade at that :) )

I already dropped you a short note many chapters back (when it still seemed as though an endless supply of chapters was available to me), and I can only repeat what I said there: this is one of the most heart-clenching stories I have ever read, because it is a perfect bittersweet blend of young naivety and way-too-adult pain. I find myself laughing, I find myself crying, and most of all I find myself sucked into this wonderful world, forgetting everything around me and leaving behind the worries of the real world.

And... the worst moment of all is when I pause for just a short second to remember what those innocent boys' futures are going to bring... I literally wept, I tell you. Wept!

Okay - I know this should also be the place and opportunity to voice some constructive criticism, but if there have been times while reading when I've not been 100% content with the way things were going, then my mind has already pushed it aside in favour of shameless fawning. Also: it's completely rubbish not to be able to copy things out of the story. I know that it's all in favour of the author and all, but I've always liked saving things from individual chapters to reflect on later (especially if there were some shaky things). Not being able to do that positively cripples my criticism-abilities. But that's besides the point as you can't do anything about it.

Well, the only thing left for me to do now is eagerly anticipating the next update and wondering if Remus' father is finally going to find out that one of his son's friends know about his 'condition'. I've sooooo been waiting for that confrontation, and I'm guessing that it'll happen quite soon!

Thanks again for this lovely story. :)
JJxWillxProtectxYou chapter 103 . 4/7
Please you can't just leave it there! I NEED to know what happens next! Does remus' dad come home and find sirius there? Does he freak out? Finally find out that remus' friends KNOW he's a werewolf?! Really kind of dying in anticipation for the next chapter :)
xxthebluejayxx chapter 104 . 4/6
Eeeeek, I didn't realize you had updated! Oh my god, Sirius.

Amazing chapter (as always!)
Guest chapter 104 . 4/5
I can't WAIT for your next chapter! I absolutely love it!
Sheela Kumar chapter 104 . 4/5
I haven't left a review yet, but I think it was due to me being too eager to read the next chapter more than anything else. I wanted to say I absolutely love your writing so far, its witty and smart and you've captured the essence of the characters wonderfully. Although I do hope you don't ship Sirius and Lupin together as I love them as best friends! I also wanted to thank you because what you have written is utterly amazing!
lovemya2000 chapter 103 . 4/2
:) Awesome Wow
Holytaxaccountantcountsmytaxes chapter 50 . 3/28
This chapter :')
Holytaxaccountantcountsmytaxes chapter 42 . 3/28
I've "only" gotten to chapter 43, but I wanted to leave a quick note to say how ridiculously amazing this story is! Oh, Remus! Oh, Sirius! It is a truly heart-clenching way you portray these characters who are so good at heart and have to deal with such dark lives. I must say that, to me, Sirius has always been such a fantastic character, and it is wonderful to see him getting into mischief, laughing with his best friends and simply being an amazing friend himself. At the same time, it is so sad to see what kind of stuff he has to put up with; and up until now, we don't even know everything. Especially that peculiar reaction to the 'dementor in the cellar' remark has me puzzled. Could it have anything to do with a boggart, or - but that's only wild speculation and I'm glad that I still have plenty chapters left to lift. And, of course... Remus. He is such a sweet boy being thrown into such a dreadful fate, and you write his perspective so perfectly! I am so looking forward to the chapter in which they truly discover his secret. Until now, I have smiled and sometines even laughed and seconds after that nearly cried and at other times I was really, really anxious, heart racing faster to catch up with my eyes that were speeding down line after line. Really - especially your description of the visit to the Blacks was so (and I don't know what else to call it) glum, it made me feel slightly claustrophobic. Thank you SO much for sharing! :)
lovemya2000 chapter 104 . 3/25
K chapter 35 . 3/23
This is the most amazing story I've ever read, this chapter was so touching and emotional it's rendered me speechless. I don't review very much, but this story deserves double the reviews it's gotten... I wish that I discovered this story before, and I'm eagerly waiting for an update, but a novel this good can't be rushed. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. Anyways, I'm going to finish and savor the rest of this story.

Thanks for such a masterpiece,
Rebeccadianasaour chapter 104 . 3/22
Please please please write more! This story is literally the best thing I've read in months. This story is just complete and utter perfection, no doubts about it!
Guest chapter 104 . 3/20
This. Story. Is. Amazing! It is Wonderful and simply absoulutly MARVELOUS! Do get better soon! Update soon please! (If it isn't too much trouble, that is)
Yo chapter 104 . 3/16
Just wanted to thank you for creating this storie. I think it's magnificently written. The characters are realistic, credible and it makes them even more endearing.
(sorry if I made some grammatical mistakes, I'm no English-speaker)
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