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Go0se chapter 105 . 5/21

I read through this whole beautiful work in about three days and cried at least five times, not half because you echo canon so well (but also so TERRIBLY in an actual-ironic way, you know? ;-;). The story is incredibly solid and the language is balanced beautifully.
I hope your health/Real Life lessens in crapitude soon, and I'll be really happy to read more of this whenever you have the motivation/time/etc to come back to it. ADDITIONAL HEART
QueenLight20007 chapter 105 . 5/20
Absolutely amazing! I'm honestly obsessed with this story. Glad that Remus' mum and dad finally found out :) please update soon x
coconut ghost chapter 105 . 5/17
This review isn't actually about this specific chapter, but in fact about the whole story. (I'm not really familiar with the review system as this is the first time that I give my opinion on somebody's work; so if there's a feature to review the whole story, I'm sorry ;))

I'm afraid this is going to be a rather long comment so a litte tl;dr: I absolutly love your story!

A little more than a week ago I stumbled across it somewhere and even though I was supposed to study for my maths finals I simply couldn't stop myself from reading! It was the first time that I got really hooked on fanfiction. I've read some prior to this, but never before did I come across a story that was so well written and which had such compelling characters.

Back when I read the Harry Potter books I couldn't believe that I could care more deeply for the Marauders, but after finishing your (to date) last chapter I'm practically obsessed with them. You did such a marvelous job bringing them to life and making them relatable. I love how fascinated Sirius is with everything muggle and how complexly you designed the dynamics in the Lupin family.
Furthermore I liked how you depict Remus's struggle with keeping his secret and his fear of humiliation and abandonment. Although his problem isn't exectly your day-to-day dilemma you managed to make his thoughts and actions relatable and I must admit that I could see myself reacting the same way if faced with a similar problem.

Another thing I love about your writing is the rather complex plot. It isn't only the main characters and noting more, there are subplot's and greatly elaborated side characters, which gives the story a professional feeling that a lot of fanficions lack. I absolutly love your take on Mrs. Lupin and reading the end of the Meyrigg storyline really brought tears to my eyes (which honestly doesn't happen often with me).

In the end I honestly don't know what I could critise about your story. You manage to give the characters deep personalities and make them relatable and realisticstay, but at the same time you stay true to the way they are described in the books. You manage to invent a plot that is inovative and at the same time competabe with the events of the canon. You manage to write tremendously emotional sceens without it ever feeling forced or cheesy.

Stoplight Delight, you are a wonderful author and I really, really, really hope that I'll get the chance to read of your brilliant work!
mokubahv chapter 84 . 5/12
Geeze, Andromeda really wants to make sure Sirius didn't do anything drastic. If I was Sirius reading that letter, I would've been rolling my eyes by the third time she said it for sure.

I know it sounds morbid, but I keep hoping you'll kill Binns in your story. And just like the rumor, it would be during his lecture and he would be none-the-wiser. Haha
mokubahv chapter 83 . 5/12
So sad. Such a waste of bacon.

Another well-written chapter. Truly fantastic.

The mystery of Meyrigg continues...
(That sounds like a detective novel. The Mystery of Meyrigg. Haha)
mokubahv chapter 82 . 5/12
Poor Peter. All he wants is some food! Is that too much to ask? Haha

"Her lips will disappear right into her face." That is bloody hilarious!

Peter listens. He's also good with doodles. He's a boy of many talents. Even arithmancy, probably...

Well at least Remus went back for Peter. Clever idea asking about exams. I probably would've just said oh well...

You know, I don't know why but I recall thinking that Professor Meyrigg was a vampire the first time reading your story. No idea why's confusing me now that I remember thinking that. :/

I also want to appologize. I have a feeling that I read more than I thought I did because some of this sounds familiar. And, if I did read more than I thought I did, then that means I turned into a meanie face and wasn't reviewing! O.O So not cool!

So, if that is the case, I'm terribly sorry. I know how amazing reviews feel and I want you to feel the wonderfulness of reviews. Therefore, from here on out, no more mean Mokey. All chapters will be reviewed! Muahahaha! :D
mokubahv chapter 81 . 5/12
Well at least Sirius now knows what Remus is craving, whether Remus will accept it or not. Another mystery solved.

Uh-oh! Is Professor Meyrigg preggers?! Lol. Or maybe an alien planted its seed in her belly and a baby alien will burst out. Who knows...could be anything really. :P
mokubahv chapter 80 . 5/12
Ah, that was a good prank. A nice blend of mean and funny.

Poor Remus is way too hard on himself. :( It makes me so sad when I see him beat himself up.
mokubahv chapter 79 . 5/12
Ha - Sirius is so silly sometimes. I love how he just totally assumes that Remus knows what's going on and supports the decision to become animagi.

Agh! I wish I wasn't so tired so I could finish reading about James' birthday prank! Must find out what Sirius is up to!
naruto kurama chapter 1 . 5/12
Awe poor Remus. love the support though!
mokubahv chapter 78 . 5/10
Ah! I'm so glad Speckles is alright! Poor Remus would've been devastated if he had killed Speckles. :'(

After an extremely long absense, I am finally back and am re-reading your lovely story. It's even better than I remember, if that's even possible. You are truly a fantastic writer. I'm looking forward to catching up again. :D
dncr4eva5678 chapter 105 . 5/7
This story is amazing! I love Remus and I think this is probably one of the best things I've read on here. Your character development is so good and I really wish I had it all to read right now! keep it up!
BigFanOfTheBook chapter 105 . 5/6
Oh, GLOB, PLEASE KEEP WRITING! Don't leave me hanging now...
This book is amazing! Please please please keep on writing! You're awesome, and so is this book. Peace!
BigFanOfTheBook chapter 103 . 5/6
I love how you are able to capture peter's attitude in this chapter! It's really nice. Please keep on writing! :)
BigFanOfTheBook chapter 79 . 5/5
You're an awesome author. Please keep on writing great fanfictions like this one!
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