Reviews for Against the Moon
Guest chapter 105 . 2/27
I found this story recently, read the whole thing over the course of two weeks, and am thoroughly in love with it. This is definitely one of (if not) the best Marauders stories out there. I pray that you plan to continue it.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/27
Why do you do this to us? Why? Write a fic like this, then leave us wallowing in misery while you update once in about 6 months? Why?
Guest chapter 105 . 2/25
Pretty pretty pretty please! Please update! You are LITERALLY the best fan fiction author I have ever seen. Your writing style is so beautiful and this story made me crying often at times, and a story that makes the reader feel emotion is an amazing one. The plot is great too, and it's really unexpected. I also love how you stick to canon and all the scenes are described so well and the feelings are SPOT ON. We are all waiting for an update from you, so PLEASE update! It's been about half a year! Please!
Saoirse-Inti chapter 105 . 2/21
I've been obsessively reading your story throughout the entire week, but now that I've reached its (current) final chapter, I wish I'd gone slower. This is my first foray into Harry Potter fiction, and man, is it a good one! As someone's who's always liked Harry Potter but never truly loved it, I didn't expect to love this story - or its characters- as much as I do but now I find myself laughing and crying at their adventures and misfortune. Every characterization is fantastic, with particularly Remus, Sirius, Dorothy and Ross jumping out at me. I adore them, their complexity and imperfections are perfectly portrayed.

Additionally, I don't think I ever quite grasped the horror of being a werewolf before reading this story- but now that I do, I can only admire poor Lupin for it; to go through something like that every month since you were four years old yet still remain so kind? That's fantastic. Not to mention his parents, sticking with him through it all. It must be a parent's worst nightmare, but they're still here, still being great.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. I hope you're doing well and will be able to update this fantastic story!
Queen of Sneaks chapter 103 . 2/11
Oh, the foreshadowing in the last bit...your take on Peter makes it really easy to see how he could go wrong towards the end of his life. I can't help but feel bad for him.
Guest chapter 105 . 2/11
I found your story about three weeks ago and I have hardly been reading anything else since then. I love your interpretation of the four boys and the development of their friendship. In many stories there are no real obstacles. From day one they are just the best of friends and they accept Remus' secret without any hesitation. I find your version much more believeable. And your description of the different parents, especially the Lupins and the Blacks, is great. And now I have reached the last chapter so far and am dying for an update! Are you still working on this?
Queen of Sneaks chapter 98 . 2/10
After reading this chapter, it hit me how much I adore your writing! I could read little domestic chapters like this for days on end; they're just as amazing as the action-filled ones, and that's something most people can't pull off! Your characterization of the boys (and every other character, including the original ones) is so captivating and vivid and I just love this story! I can't decide whether I want to read to the end very quickly or try to pace myself...
Queen of Sneaks chapter 31 . 2/8
I really enjoyed your interpretation of Remus' transfiguration exam. His opinion on changing the mouse is exactly how I would have imagined it, and it broke my heart to hear him state that fact in the quiet way he usually talks. I think that was the first time I've truly cried at this story so far, and I can anticipate doing so more in the future!
crOwnlEssG chapter 105 . 2/8
I absolutely love this chapter. And I have terribly missed reading this story so I'm grateful for this wonderful update!
Guest chapter 105 . 2/6
Great job! Please update again...
xStolenxHartx chapter 105 . 2/6
Siriusly... This story hits all the feels...
I've just read it all through again and it's so beautiful. Please do carry on :)
The characters are all portrayed so wonderfully... I just LOVE Remus! He has been my favourite character since we first knew him in PoA... To see him written so perfect by you... Ack... I will force my heart to handle the love xxxxxxxxx
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2
please update i can't live without this story
Guest chapter 105 . 2/1
Please update soon! Really good
Chasertiff chapter 105 . 1/29
i'm sure you hear a lot about how wonderful this story is. I first read it a little less than a year ago and swallowed the whole thing in about two days. And since then, I can't tell you how many times I've come back to read it all over again, or to start from a random chapter, or to just read my favorite scenes over and over again. Their second summer on the beach is my absolute favorite. I end up rereading that one at least once a month.

I also love not just the marauders and the content but your style. It's refreshingly classic and as a lover of old myths, Hellenist epics, and Elizabethan literature, I can't help but enjoy your writing. It reminds me of when novels used to be published in periodicals, over the course of several months, and inspires me to think there is a chance the internet can bring back that trend.

Your characterizations are exceptional. Every time I reread part of it, I find a new piece of foreshadowing. Since I've been working on a lot of fics lately that are centered around James and Lily's first few married months, this time I noticed Sirius's paranoia of secrets and being lied to about Meyrigg as a setup for a suspicious and paranoid Sirius during the First Wizarding War. I don't know how intentional you are about these things but at the least you have a wonderful instinct for character development.

Honestly I refer to this fic for any questions about the Marauders Era that haven't been answered on Pottermore. I think there are even parts of your fic I accept over the actual canon, though I can't recall a specific example at the moment.

I understand this story has drifted in your passions, which is perfectly fine. Writing is a fickle lover. But if you are working on any original works, or have anything published, I would love to read them. I would enjoy reading a book you wrote purely on the merit of your style and how well you craft characters.

Thank you so much for all the work you put into this piece. I enjoy it so much and patiently wait for more of your writing.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/27
I know authors hate reviews like these, but: update soon. Please. I'd really like a new chap. They cheer me up for weeks.
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