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Wolfgirl chapter 134 . 5/14/2020
Loving this story so much! I have already read it four times, first time was eight years ago. And still I come to check time to time have you updated it yet. Hope you are well and will continue write this amazing story when you are feeling up to it. I just wanted to let you know that you are not forgotten!
Kthrine chapter 5 . 5/6/2020
oh my goodness - love this so far & glad i have so much to read still! It’s so difficult to capture characters engagingly and consistently, especially ones that are created by someone else & have so many different interpretations by people, but you’ve managed it to do it so well for the few you’ve introduced so far. well done! You’re clearly incredibly skilled. Again - look forward to reading the rest. Thank you :)
Guest chapter 117 . 4/30/2020
I don’t want to bombard you with the Sirius ADHD headcanon, but the bee thing when he was supposed to be doing Remus’ Divination notes was such a Mood!
Guest chapter 61 . 4/18/2020
I’m not sure if this was purposeful (and if this has been noted already sorry for the redundancy!) but I really connect to Sirius and how he’s such an ADHD mood. As someone with ADHD myself, I really enjoying seeing Sirius stimming with the ball bearings and enthusing about his special interest in Muggle “contraptions” to anyone and everyone who will listen. You can also see it in his distractibility of course—but also his tenacity in sticking to figuring things out that he wants to know. I really really like and connect to this depiction of Sirius.
the-truly-wicked chapter 134 . 4/15/2020
I love you I love you I love you I love you ohmygodohmygodohmygod take my love. TAKE IT. MY HEART IS ON A PLATTER.
Dear esteemed author. If you were to run me over with a Volkswagen truck, I would apologize for the inconvenience and say thank you and come again. You are absolutely brilliant. NO ONE is ever going to be able to replicate or go as far and in-depth into the complex and amazing life of Remus Lupin as you. The detail of the story and the mysteries of Hogwarts and the wizarding world never failed me! It's hard to delve into Harry Potter to "recreate the magic" but you did and not only that but accentuated it with characters we don't know much about! I became more in tune with myself, found myself having helpful and deep inner thoughts about things that would normally inconvenience me and all in all, Remus has made me think of the bigger picture. That, and Sirius Black. Yes. Thank you. He is magic and sin and a smoll boi that we all need to protect.

What really astounded me was the PACING. It all felt so real! The leading into Hogwarts, the first few months, then as the years felt like actually reading the book and it is so so great to get our first real look into the daily lives of the Marauders! I also love how Remus changed but in all the right ways. He became more willful and more prepared to stand up for himself while at the same time, keeping who he truly is rock steady. When he was presenting to the Slytherins and made that firm remark about keeping then noise down, I was YELPING. Actually scratch that, I was screaming every chapter but that one in particular made me headbang.

Next, the dynamic between Sirius and James is something that deserves so so so so so much recognition. You excellently displayed two different personalities with their own quirks and beliefs, yet somehow made them CLICK so well together...sometimes when I read, I can't properly distinguish the two best friends because in the effort to make them, well, best friends, the writer made them almost the same and in other cases, I can't even tell why their friends because the writer wanted an "opposites work" best friend and this is a perfect match! Well, they're more alike than they are different but they have very distinct personalities that I absolutely love to read about!

And Sirius. Wooh. That boy has been through a lot. And keeping in time with character interactions, I found Remus and Sirius' friendship so soothing and fascinating. I love how even though Sirius has bounds of energy, he never tires of Remus like James perhaps would if together for a long period of time. He's so snarky, clever, and intelligent! It makes me sad to think of the HP series and what awaits him...he deserves so so so so much more.

And on that note! Peter! Wowza I did not expect the twists I get from this kid. In the beginning, I was a little annoyed like James and Peter over his constant fretting and clingy-nes. This turned into bone-shattering, teeth-grinding anger the likes of which I have never known when he found out Remus's secret in 2nd year. I wanted to drop-kick him and punt his head in like a goofball. He does not deserve Remus, he truly does not. And knowing what he does later irks me! However, after he accepted it was like cold water on the burning fires of my soul and I finally felt a sense of contentment from the four. It felt so nice to relax and no longer have to worry from that angle.

And Snape! I remember reading about the memory Harry dove into with Snape being horribly teased by the boys but unlike Draco (at least for the first year or two) the four didn't have any true adersaries! They sought out Snape most of the time and I felt pretty bad for him. Almost being the butt of the joke and all even when he's not involved. And you know what, it felt very nice to have an empathetic viewpoint in all this. Someone genuinely soft-hearted and kind-not cynical due to circumstance (though lord knows Remus has the utmost right to be cynical given his) is very pleasant to pleasing. And even in the times he is sometimes a little too thoughtful, it is hopelessly endearing however much I want him to give in and be firm!

I could go on forever, I honestly could. I read in your bio that you could never drop AtM and how absolutely long you've been working on it. (2001!) So we will be patient. I would love to see how Sirius deals with his mother or what Slughorn does with his missing potions problems, but again. It is completely up to your mental and physical state. I saw in your author's notes how you would write even when you were physically unable to and did it through voice memos. Which. Which is. I can't. Writing in such a fliud manner is already difficult enough as it is but dictating ALL the proper punctuation, grammar, run-on sentences, imagery, descriptions and managing all of that and still giving us a consistent chapter is nothing short of beautifully remarkable. My jaw hit the floor when I read that and it gave the incentive and drive to continue to write myself because I now have absolutely no excuse! If someone is physically unable to write and still gives us these amazing prose and literary works of ART then any excuse I could give myself would be positively laughable.

Again, my very best regards. I love you. We will wait however long it takes for you to be well again to create. Just know that you have people who adore this and are patient. Take care of yourself Stoplight Delight. All my love.
Guest chapter 134 . 4/6/2020
I just spent the last five days binge reading this story! It’s amazinf and you’re an amazing writer. The plot is obviously good and well written (or else I might not have binged it with such ferocity) but you also do an amazing job exploring things such as prejudice, bigotry, internalized self hatred, and the ways in which these things manifest in children and adults. Further, you’re able to do this without being at all heavy handed or preachy—something that is very difficult to do and something I struggle with in my own writing. I very sincerely hope you’re able to finish this story one of these days.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/29/2020
This story gives me so much power, thank you for bringing it, I love the feeling of watching them grow up, it fills my imagination!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/29/2020
I love this story soooo much!
Bellatrix grindelwald chapter 105 . 3/27/2020
Finally his parents find out lol poor Sirius. And Remus
Bellatrix grindelwald chapter 104 . 3/27/2020
Only 30 chapters left lol this story is great. It's the longest one I've ever read. It's also one of the best non au non oneshot ones were Remus is at school
Bellatrix grindelwald chapter 100 . 3/27/2020
Chapter 100! Yey. I'm really enjoying this story. Poor Sirius his family are sooooo mean. Remus really should tell his mum. But yh, this story is really good
Bellatrix grindelwald chapter 92 . 3/27/2020
OMG that chapter was so sad, poor meyrigg
Bellatrix grindelwald chapter 86 . 3/26/2020
'You're the handler; I'm the agent,' countered Owyn. 'You know the rule: I am in control. What I say goes.

I object to that line. I really love this story, but no one should be in a relationship we're that is a rule.
Bellatrix grindelwald chapter 83 . 3/26/2020
'Surely not,' Remus pledged. As unpleasant and intimidating as Bellatrix Black was, he could not really imagine her trying to hurt her sister's niece.

Oh. OK. Remus, you're a bit naive. Bella did a lot more than hex Dora. And Sirius :( to be fair, most of you won't live to see Bellatrix hurt Dora.
Bellatrix grindelwald chapter 76 . 3/26/2020
I mean I sort of feel bad for Narcissa she never really has much choice, and she isn't a bad person, because she lies to save Harry's life. It's nice to see her pictured as a person who still loves people, rather than a mean girl incapable of love, as she is often portrayed.
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