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Lonewolf1836 chapter 36 . 7/22
Just a heads up Lee no way in hell is a AA class at best hes a high C class threat he is strong but way to young and also the fact that he can only use taijustsu also Even lee specializing in taijutsu will take years to master so the only threat thats A or S rank is 9 tails in my opinion within the same age all the other gennin are at low c class threat. The sand siblings at probably also high c class and garaa at A class
Vinhadelli chapter 58 . 7/10
Please continue this fic, it's perfect
NatNicole chapter 5 . 4/25
I like the Yamanakas in this! *grins*
Wow, those two who were stupid enough to get Naruto attacked on Sarutobi's watch are sooo gonna get it! A******s deserve to...
*facepalms* Nooo; Fugaku, why are cha plotting?!
Guest chapter 3 . 4/17
I never really got why people wanted to kill Naruto in order to banish the Kyuubi for X many years it would make more sense to keep him going for as long as he could like 80ish years and then he dies and then the village is safe for nearly double the time kyuubi would be banished for
yuyen4 chapter 3 . 4/11
Super glaring flaw in logic:
When the vessel/seal fails, the beast will be vanished for 100 years. So why not forcibly make the vessel/seal fail?

Answer: If the vessel lives to be even 1 day old, it'll be a day more that the kyuubi won't be terrorizing the human realm. If the vessel lives to be 90, 190 years would be kyuubi free.

(Councilman Naoki said 'failure of the seal' not 'failure of the vessel', hence, my point. The Hokage could have used this to his advantage; everybody being caught flat-footed by this civilian's claim seemed too contrived and plot-device-y.)
Guest chapter 58 . 3/4
I ADORE THIS FIC! It's sooo AWESOME! But what happens next?! Please tell me you've just been caught up IRL and have not left the world entirely! That would be tragic. :(

Anyway I hold out hope that this fic isn't dead, and that it will be continued to completion some day.
Redery chapter 45 . 2/24
Awesome chapter.
What the hell is Iwa and 3 tails up to?
Whoa hinata is a boss
Redery chapter 44 . 2/24
Aweosme ino is perfect for that jutsu
Things just keep getting more interesting. Wonder why the 3 tail wants war with iwa I thought they'd team up with then against Akatsuki
Redery chapter 43 . 2/24
Nice they couldn't recruit fuu in time
Redery chapter 42 . 2/23
Whoa did not see that coming with Itachi and Mei. Lucky bastard indeed though I can hardly think of anyone more worthy.
Not quite happy about him handing over Konoha secrets to Kiri though, what will she be planning on doing with them? And besides it conflicts with his loyalty to Naruto
Redery chapter 41 . 2/23
I feel really really bad for Kushina. She still thinks its her son. Wonder if he or the hokage will ever tell her the truth and her reaction to it..
Oh snap, is Gaara gonna kill the Kazekage and take over? He was an awesome Kage
Redery chapter 40 . 2/23
That was very well done S-rank fight.
Konoha did really well all things considered I would've expected a lot more ninja casualties especially against the First.
Redery chapter 39 . 2/23
Again an awesome chapter. Hope the rendezvous point is near Kushina and Tsunade so they can get off Itachis back and chase Orochi.
Redery chapter 38 . 2/23
I'm seriously loving this story so far and it just keeps getting better. Tmhis chapter was really epic and intense way better than the original invasion.
Redery chapter 37 . 2/23
Good thing for the Authors note I though it was Kabuto instead of mizuki for a second lol.
Aweosem chapter though
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