Reviews for Your Last Breath
Velv3tteV3nom chapter 30 . 11/10
Two words. Just wow. Oh my flipping waffles, this story is so stupendous. Possibly one of the BEST Shizaya stories I have ever read. I'm pretty forgetful about reviewing but this just begged for me to say something! I hope to read more from you in the future! Happy writing, sweetie! ~Velvette
Izaya4ever chapter 101 . 10/4
This is absolutely sweet.
It is amazing that you wrote this story in less than a year. You've shown real dedication, I'm impressed.
I enjoyed this a lot.
Thank you
Hetaliapasta90 chapter 101 . 8/19
I spent 4 hours reading this fanfiction. Well 4 hours and 30 minutes but still. This is a fucking beautiful ass fan fiction. The ending felt a little rushed but I that's just my opinion. Either way I'm tired as fuck but I do not regret shit. 5 hundred stars to you even though this site doesn't use stars
BlackCatRunning chapter 100 . 7/26
Such an amazing story. I read it through in one night. Thank you so much for finishing this, because I've seen so many amazing fics drop off unfinished, and I've been guilty of doing that too. But this is a masterpiece, and I enjoyed every minute of it. You're an amazing writer!
Rhymos Ethereal chapter 101 . 6/30
I spent my ENTIRE night only to read this bundle of fluff
now, I'm going to search for more shizaya fic again...
theSardonyx chapter 101 . 4/23
Completely exhilerating from start to finish. I read this thing non-stop (except when my phone ran out of charge) and those 12 or so hours are completely well-spent. This had my blood boiling in excitement, and I swear, not even Jill Churchill (one of my favorite writers) can compare, although that's no use as she writes mysteries. Still, you've had me holding my breath and that's one heck of an achievement.

Write on.!
Evilkitten3 chapter 101 . 3/30
Oh gosh, that was just– wow. I've been seeing this fic floating around for a few months now, but I never read it because I thought I'd lose interest (it's so long, and I have ADD), but I started it a couple hours ago and it's just gorgeous. Seriously, this is absolutely incredible. I'm not the biggest Shizaya fan, but stories like this are the reason I still like the pairing. :)
Yellow chapter 1 . 3/24
Your story is just exactly what I wanted A nice pace, good settings, good plot omg OwO)b
yeap chapter 100 . 3/24
Wow. My first impression on this story was "100 chapters A I'm so lazyyyyy" but then I actually began to read it one day and just... wow. It was amazing. The characters potrayed here, the use of psyche and tsugaru XD It was just fun (Though I panicked a bit coz I thought he was gonna die in the end ;; )
anon chapter 101 . 2/18
50 more review and you'll reach 1000 ;)

SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THE FANART (read: doujin) BASED ON THIS FIC! I desperately want to see Shizuo's weakness /slap
Just someone chapter 101 . 2/13
Finally, I've read the whole thing! And. I. Loved. Every. Minute. Of. It.
It proceeded slow, the characterization was spot-on, and I usually skip the smut but damn this was pretty hot. I LOVE scenarios where two characters are locked into somewhere (the elevator scene), or where they end up getting it on but not going all the way (the party scene)... Also, the online dating site thing was great - I wish that their conversations would've lasted /a bit/ longer, but it's fine.

Here's a bit of advice: readers are lazy and like to have it easy. That's why it's never good to start writing in a foreign language and expect the readers to translate it themselves. Also, it's not good to switch from third person to first (like you did with Shizuo's dream). I get that it could help to connect with the character on a more personal level, but it's really not worth it because it throws the reader off and confuses them.

Overall, wonderful story. The ending was nice and summed up everything in a satisfying way. Keep writing. (:
MelodySharp chapter 101 . 2/12
I read this entire story in one day. I only do that if I really like a story. Good job. Try not to have a heart attack... XD
Just someone chapter 88 . 2/11
Comment on chapter 88: I usually hate chapters that summarise what has happened after a break-up, but this was surprisingly entertaining. In fact, it might've been one of your best. There was lots of humor and just the right amount of detail.

Overall, I've loved the story! I love how Izaya is the uke, but still initates a lot of the sexual tension between the two. This is the first Shizaya fanfiction I've read, and in all honesty, I started this fic because of my intense crush on Izaya. I didn't even ship Shizaya before reading your story - heck, I even hated Shizuo! But your wonderful characterization of him made me change my mind. (: You've made him relatable, hilarious and fun to read about. Thank you for opening my eyes ;)

I'm not finished with the fanfic just yet, I'll leave another review after I have!
Yuu Hoshimura chapter 101 . 1/27
omg it took me 4 days to finish reading this awesome story... XD
awwww and Izaya finally said what I waiting for yayay
anywaysssss thanks for writing such a great story bro
unshassive chapter 101 . 1/25
im c rying this fic i s so good i love it so much god dammit brilliant writing and characterisation and all that kmhjmh im so happy this exists thank you
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