Reviews for Your Last Breath
Guest chapter 101 . 7/31
Thanks for the tears
Hella-Chan chapter 74 . 7/18
Aaaaaaaaand there goes the happiness and civilized conversations...
*sigh* Izaya...smh.
Good job keeping him in character during this whole dispute, especially Shizuo! Poor bunny..he really is trying to do the impossible with izaya. I just hope they settle things before they get waaaay more outta hand! Intense scary chapter! Loved it!
Hella-Chan chapter 73 . 7/10
Just admits it you guys! C'mon! D:
It's the littlest things in this story that signify just how much Izaya cares about shizuo. The shower he turned on, the soup he made, the complete willingness of him visiting shizuo at home, him working at shizuo's home comfortably (well as comfortable as a pissed off info broker can be) and the complete LACK of hatred and animosity toward Shizu-chan! He could be a hell of a lit angrier and mean, but he doesn't bother!
Shizuo is a slow one (im not saying hes dumb it's the exact opposite actually) but he had figured out what it was that he wanted from izaya the first time they started hanging out together. He didn't know what he felt then, but maybe he has a better clue of just what it is he feels towards izaya now.
Ohhhh I have a feeling something bad is gonna happen between them...I hope izaya will be the better man and make amends before it's too late...
Great fucking chapter and great fucking story!
Hella-Chan chapter 70 . 7/7
Wooooow that is a huuuuuge step for izaya to willingly take! :D I mean, wanting to he seen with shizuo? And the kind way he's treating Shizu-chan?! And the little things that they say like "thank you" "sorry" and "No problem" that's amazing! They're acting civilized! Especially in the crowd of ikebukuro and shinjuku.
Loving this~
Hella-Chan chapter 69 . 7/7
Oooooo naughty boys!~
Sex talk in the bathroom with a sudzie covered Izaya! Hasta be chapter 69~ Hahaha!
Great chapter! :) love it when you go into their minds. That's actually my favorite thing in this story, how you can completely go into their minds and actually make me believe that it's actually THEM thinking and saying all these things. It's quite amazing cause most time I have a hard time visualizing certain characters and I think whether or not they would actually say and do the things the author tries to portray.
But you my dear, do a magnificent job. Good on ya!
Hella-Chan chapter 68 . 7/7
It's not complicated izaya! Just go with it~
Loving these chapters, I could totally hear shizuo's voice singing those songs hahah!
At least shizuo knows what he's feeling, although he's still denying his feelings a bit. He does have a grasp of it though. Anyways~
Fantastic chapters thus far!
Hella-Chan chapter 66 . 7/7
Uh oh...I hope his head is alright...Izaya's not shizuo's. Pretty sure shizuo's got a good treatment. *wink wink*
Heated chapter! And things between are only gonna heat up more! I like drunk shinra :) he gets things done without having to be mysterious and shit.
I wonder how Dotachin is when he's drunk? Is he fucking hilarious...or an angry drunk? 0.0 would love to find out lol.
The closet scene between shizuo and izaya was awesome! You write lemon really good! Meanwhile...I'm still amateur at best :( would love to get a few pointers though :)
Great chapter!
Hella-chaaaan chapter 63 . 7/6
Too lazy to log into my own profile...but yay! Izaya realized something within himself! Even though he's still a bit confused as to what exactly it is he wants from shizuo. At least shizuo knows what he hasta do! Cannot wait until the emotional barrier they both hold up around each other shatters!
Hella-Chan chapter 57 . 7/6
Wow~ these two are growing up before my eyes! And I'm only on the 5th chapter! Such progress guys! So proud of these two :') anyways. Not much to say except I love this entire elevator thing! It makes me happy to know izaya is actually human hahaha
Hella-Chan chapter 55 . 7/6
Ooooh I betcha your readers from the past were absolutely THRILLED about the major cliffhanger huh? Hahaha~
Ahh complicated yet so easy to read...I would explain my reasoning for this...but i really wanna read ;n; Hahaha!
Hella-Chan chapter 51 . 7/6
Oooh I highly agree with shizuo, the snow is calming. It's beautiful. Beginnings and endings. One and the same.
This chapter was beautiful as it was adorable. Izaya blushing? Fuck yeah that's cute. Shizuo being the cause of him blushing? Even fucking better! shizuo you to silver tongued devil you~ haha!
Hella-Chan chapter 50 . 7/6
Ahhh~ do you know how satisfying it is to start new chapters? Like, going from 50 all the way to 100? It's an awesome feeling.
Izaya dressed like a hipster hehe~ gotta say he looks...not too shabby in those clothes :) shizuo looks more mature and it's scary~ he's always gotta be the brute he is! Haha kidding Shizu-chan~
Hella-Chan chapter 48 . 7/6
Awww all snuggly on the couch! Damn you guys for making me want to draw every damn scenery you make up in this story! You got my creative juices flowing with your descriptive writing style. I can seriously see everything unfold as I continue reading.
Love it. Truly I do!
Hella-Chan chapter 47 . 7/6
Hahaha stingy izaya. Also, awww! I totally forgot you made shizuo have...brown hair? Black? I can't seem to remember...would help if I stopped writing so many reviews for each chapter and just read it through like a normal person ne? Oh well.
Great chapter! Izaya is adorable!
Hella-Chan chapter 42 . 7/6
How about eh benefit of the both of you falling in loooove with each otherrrr~~ woohoo! Score one for shizuo for managing to bargain a deal with the devil! *cough * I mean-Izaya :)
This story just gets better and better~ I really do love these two characters. Now why couldn't they have this kinda relationship in the manga and anime :( Hahaha that would be awesome if they were canon.
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