Reviews for Your Last Breath
Hella-Chan chapter 14 . 11h
Is his brother really the only person that could tame the beast that is Shizuo Heiwajima? I don't really think so, but maybe that's shizuos weakness? His brother? is to ponder over.
Great great great chapter as always Author-San~
Izaya...really? Holy crap love and hate him!
Hella-Chan chapter 13 . 11h
Omg I love shizuo~ weeeeeeee he's just so perfect in this story! I really really cannot wait to read more. I swear this is the best fic I have ever read in a very very long time! Can you imagine if shizuo lost his patience inside that aquarium? Ohh geez and if he broke the glass surrounding them all! Ahh that would be one to remember.
Hella-Chan chapter 12 . 11h
Oopsie~ it's the other chapter I was thinking of! But still quite interesting...Izaya you Lil stalker lmao!
The laughing and stomping bit made me giggle. I thought of the time he stomped on that annoying chick's cell phone as he laughed hysterically. It's made me wanna laugh with I did :B
Hella-Chan chapter 11 . 12h
Crazy GOOD maybe~ they totally figured it out before Iza-nii ever did! XD ahh I love those two sisters! They're quite interesting! Once again, I would like to see a fic about those siblings! :) see what kinda shenanigans they can get into.
I really love how you capture Izaya's character. It's just so spot on! Love it~ I know what's coming up next but I still cannot wait to read it!
Hella-Chan chapter 10 . 12h
Another well put together chapter Author-San! :)
I love the brotherly bond between Kasuka and Shizuo! I actually want to see a few little ficlets about these two sometime in the future. I'm sometimes a Shizu-chan and yet at the same time I'm also a Kasuka! Heehoo~
Ahh Iza-nii, you'll soon figure out you and shizuo are just perfect for each other! :P
Hella-Chan chapter 9 . 13h
Hooollllyyyy shiiiiiitt the dollars chat room was intense! Holy crap I loved this chapter by far! But then again it's not even getting to the good stuffs and yet it's so interesting and entertaining! Fuck i love this story. Looking forward for the rest! :D Izaya is soooo concerned and doesn't even know it that I love it! Well that's how I interpret his furious illness searches! Like I said, loved this chapter~
Hella-Chan chapter 8 . 2/20
Yes yes, I know the feeling of trying to quit smoking. It was hard. So I never tried to quit again _ lmao. But poor shizuo. The way he delt with izaya was a pretty big step up :) when did shizuo learn to chill out? So proud~ soooo looking for more interactions between these two
Hella-Chan chapter 7 . 2/20
Ah~ their chemistry is amazing. Why can't they see that now? Haha! Another great chapter as always~ can't wait to get to the more interesting chapters~ :3
Hella-Chan chapter 5 . 2/20
Just admit it Izaya, you would be completely bored without shizuo~ another great chapter. There were a few spelling mistakes but it could be easily overlooked Author-San :)
Hella-Chan chapter 3 . 2/20
Omg I love the way you portrayed izaya! This chapter just shows how mean and cruel the informant could be~ poor Shizu-chan :( all human and such~ looking forward to the rest!
Hella-Chan chapter 2 . 2/20
I already read/followed/favorited this wonderful fic. But i didn't leave any reviews yet!~ I'm gonna go back and read this, and leave a review on every chapter! :D because who doesn't love reviews? Anywhoo~

Damn Izaya! He just knows how to get Shizuo all riled up! I can't wait to read this all over again, because Hey, it's a fucking awesome fic!
MADStar529 chapter 101 . 2/17
Great story. Loved it.
Mitsuru6 chapter 102 . 10/17/2016
With little time to read, I finished reading this is one week! Love the story~ late for it but at least read now.
Hella-Chan chapter 101 . 9/23/2016
I read this entire glorious story all in just three days!(would've taken me a lot sooner to finish but damn my every day life.) And I just wanted to thank you for coming up with this idea and for all of the amazing chapters. I favorited this story and I fav/following you now.

I loved every chapter, every heart break, every laugh and especially the playful banter. Your writing style is quick, straight to the point, but not so much so that you forget who exactly the characters are. And it's such a page turner!
You put so much emotion and heart into this that I can just feel it oozing out of every sentence and every scene.

Izaya is exactly how I expected him to be, but there were times when he became unpredictable and...well...So completely in character at the same time that it was a thrill to read! I don't know if that makes sense but I don't care. All I care about is me telling you that you're an amazing author and I absolutely love this story. Thank you once again for writing it.

P.s: Shizuo was perfect, I'm so glad he was still the same and in character. Good job on all the characters actually. My favorite will always be shizu-chan tho! He was so fucking adorable but...rough and hella manly at the same time heehee~

Uchiha250 chapter 101 . 9/4/2016
Well that was a nice ride. I think it only took me 3 days to finish it. That's how much I loved this story. Thank you for your hardwork. Looking foward for more.
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