Reviews for Snowball Detention
Hermione's Mad chapter 1 . 7/17/2016
"That despicable, annoying ferret! I absolutely abhor him!" Hermione screamed as she flung her bag unto the couch where her 22-year old step-sister sat. "What is it this time?" the woman lounging on the couch asked flatly without looking away from the book she was reading. Contrary to popular belief that step-siblings hate each other, Hermione and Alana Stafford were best friends. They know each other so well that nobody would mistake them for step-siblings. "Malfoy has strung my last nerve! I applied for prefect back at Hogwarts, he decided that applying for prefect would add to his credentials as a pureblood. I ran for head in my seventh year, he did the same just because he wanted his own common room. I attended university to further my knowledge, he attended just to meet more women and add notches on his wand. I took up medicine so I could help people—magical or not—and he took it up just because it's the only field that pays better—not that he needs it. I applied myself to St. Mungo's so I can learn more of magical medical spells, he applied just because it's near his house," she answered. "Now, I worked hard to get a permanent attending mediwitch and he vied for the same position just to annoy me! I absolutely, positively hate him, Alana!" she ranted after taking a deep breath.
Alana looked up from her book to look at the ranting 24-year old witch. She folded her hands unto her lap over the book she'd been reading as Hermione fumed.
Love Elsa Malfoy chapter 1 . 6/28/2016
"It was always you, you, you! You're nothing nor nothing else but Little Miss Perfect Know It All, aren't you? I'm so disgusted that you're smarter than most beautiful, loveliest, prettiest ice pureblood witches and princesses like me and I was in your whole entire shadow! My brother, Draco was also in your shadow too! I'm sick of being in your shadow, Granger!" Elsa Malfoy screamed at Hermione Granger in pure rage, hatred, disgust, anger and fury more than only just a steady stream of tears of rage spilling, streaming, pouring and rolling down her pale cheeks. "I hate being stuck in the shadows of the super nerdiest beavers like you. The one who beat my brother in every exam. The one who is teacher's pet. I hate you!" Elsa shoved Hermione, making Hermione step back away from her before Elsa was mentally broken down crying.
j.k butler chapter 1 . 11/9/2011

Draco Mlafoy

reall good though

dillydog14 chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
Lovely story so far, please update soon want to know what happens in detention
LivingInTheMalfoyManner chapter 1 . 8/22/2011
it's good but what year are they in cause it seems as if they were younger maybe 3rd year? just a question n.n i'll see you next update n.n