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Guest chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
-_- What did I expect, with the last chapter and everything. This chapter feels like it was trying to milk all the drama this story was lacking, however this story did not need ANY of it. Seventeen is made of metal and he can't lower his power level or operate with obsolete technology like gears or feel pain, he was, bar none, the worst target to 'kill' unless you wanted no one to die. Second, the WHOLE story highlighted how smart and strong the Z gang was and now they aren't for no reason. Krillin was weak he would know how strong Sharpner was, definitely after spending that much time as his sensei. He is much faster then a gun and all Z-Fighters have amazing reflexes from dodging ki-blasts so he wouldn't have been too slow. Third, Tao can sense ki so he should know how strong Gohan and Krillin are. Most importantly, is how dark the story got so quickly. Tao KILLED several people and Gohan and company was cool with it and no Sensu Beans to be heard, no 'Tranquil Violence' like he taught Mark to win either, just basically said "You killed Sharpner, you will die now", and kills him, like the other corpses don't matter in comparison. There a lot more problems with this chapter that I'm sure the other reviewer will address but this sounds like April Fools two weeks late and the Epilogue will be (Dragon balls, Go! All problems solved, THE END). Still, I did enjoy the other 26 chapter so I will thank you for that.
Guest chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
Is this a joke? This is so far below the usual level of writing and plot that you guys normally put out that I feel like a 12 year old got access to this account and uploaded their own chapter.
shugokage chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
Impressive scene and chapter!
StammRoar chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
Huge disappointment. This was way too quickly wrapped up after barely even reaching the climax. It's understandable if no one had the time or patience to finish, but I digress...
BloodySS2God chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
I really love your story. I really do. But seriously this chapter let me down. There was no way in hell Tao could injure Seventeen like that. I really don't think Gero would leave a flaw like that. Not giving 17 and 18 the energy sensing abilities was one thing but a flaw like that was simply unacceptable. No way in hell would Gero make a mistake like that.

If the androids really had that weakness then some random human could've killed them in Mirai trunk's timeline. But did that happen? Nope.

So that part of the chapter really irked me.

It would've made more sense if Mark got shot. Not kill him but severely injure him. Then Hercule would have a real reason to null the contract. I mean really? He hired an ASSASSIN and expects him NOT to kill anybody? Seriously ! Hercule is a moron but I don't think he's that stupid.

Another thing that made no sense whatsoever was that Gohan actually left Mark with Tao just because Mark told him so. I know that after Cell Games Gohan becomes somewhat of a wimp outside of a fight, but I really don't think he would've simply left Mark with a dangerous opponent like that, when he could've simply destroyed Tao in a second. But I guess you just wanted to display Mark's fighting prowess against an opponent like Tao. The idea was good but the setting could've been different I guess.

Also I thought you made Krillin a bit TOO irresponsible to lead him to get Sharpner killed. Krillin might be on the weaker side of the Z-Fighters but I don't think he would've made a blunder like that when innocents were around. Of course he DID make that blunder in destroying the deactivation remote so I don't think what happened in this chapter with him isn't all that bad.

Well I guess that sums up the problems I had with this chapter.


I really love this story. I hope you take this review as constructive criticism. I'm pointing out the flaws that the chapter had(in my opinion anyway) because I KNOW that you guys can write some amazing stuff.

This story as a whole is proof enough.

Eagerly awaiting for the epilogue to come. A bit sad that such an amazing story is coming to an end. But alas, all good things must come to an end.
Best of luck to you guys for your future stories. :)
Hek'UnnSkipper chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
I just have a few questions.

doesn't Tao already know Gohan, at least his name?

why did Gohan waste time and life when he could have finished Tao in one single blow?

and how did Android 17 get a hole in his body from some one of very weak caliber?

why didn't Krillin finish Tao off?

otherwise your story is quite nice.
Gold1992 chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
Wow worst ending ever of a really good story.
jjgd chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
Im sorry I don't understand how tao could even land a scratch on seventeen or why gohan left mark with tao wen it would have taken hm less than a second to kill tao while mark ran off with videl.
It just doesnt make any sense.
dragonzoid2001 chapter 27 . 4/15/2015
While I do like this story a lot... I really don't see Seventeen getting taken out by Tao of all people... Tao, who lost to kid Goku... kid Goku who was probably so weak he didn't even hit 100 on the power rating. Then come Seventeen, who was at least on par with Goku SS1 pre-Cell. Which is at the very least significantly stronger then Frieza who as at least in the millions. He shouldn't have been able to do any significant damage to Seventeen which broke my suspension of disbelief. And seriously Gohan leaving Mark to fight him? He could have ended it in little less then an instant without even using SS or anything. Gohan at this point is stronger then anyone on earth, except maybe Vegeta... but maybe not even then since it doesn't look like he stopped training in this story.
nancy103 chapter 26 . 4/2/2015
Good cliffhanger! Who got hit...17 or Gohan or even Mark? Exciting!
skyreal chapter 26 . 3/28/2015
eh...i like the general idea of the story as a whole but i'm not sure i can buy this latest development. i mean goku was shot at and he effortlessly avoided it when he didn't even know the traps were there. that aside i'd also like to point out if this assassin is tao, i don't think general was ever really a title he actually had...correct me if i'm wrong: i just thought he was a mercenary and that general tao was just a common mistake considering everyone's favorite chinese takeout. other than that, great work! love the story and the amount of description and detail that goes into the plot is always a plus
TheMistOfThePast chapter 26 . 3/26/2015
This was Awesome! Can't wait for the next 1
Guest chapter 26 . 3/25/2015
Is it Tao or General Blue?
Aqua Roxas chapter 26 . 3/25/2015
Tao and Satan have a past of blood.

"One day, at a bar in South City, Tao was made fun of for his hairstyle by Mr. Satan and the master of the Satan Castle, so Tao killed the master and heavily injured Mr. Satan.[5] Tao trained the young Tien Shinhan during his days with the Crane School, and was a major influence to Tien"
Source: .com
Tiffany0 chapter 26 . 3/25/2015
Well, this was certainly an thrilling chapter, and I definitely have my theory about who was shot, can't wait for the update.
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