Reviews for Control, Alt, Delete
pkmndaisuki chapter 2 . 9/26/2011
Oh, my god. The humor continues. Love the banter in this one. It really seems in character and yet fresh. Absolutely hilarious!
pkmndaisuki chapter 1 . 9/26/2011
Oh, good god. This was beautiful. Between John's inner musings and Sherlock's general nonchalantness of it all... it was just beautiful.

It's not often I roll out genuine guffaws at stories. When you got to the part mentioning 'Anderson's apartment' I pretty much lost it and loosed a good-volumed cackle.

Well done. Well done.
pufftin chapter 6 . 9/23/2011
totally worried about the scar thing. eeeep!
pufftin chapter 5 . 9/22/2011
just so you know i want to quote this whole blessed chapter. every word of it hot and perfect.

"But what he feels for John is … different. These days, when he notices the disreputable state of Sally Donovan's knees, he finds himself wondering what it would be like to set his own pleasure aside in order to provide enjoyment to someone else. It comes as a shock to realise one night, in the midst of a stakeout in an alley, that he would happily get down on his knees for John, and down on his hands too, if John wanted it. This might make tactical sense if Sherlock were only looking for a way to reel the other man in or make him fall for him, but it's not that. Sherlock wants to please John because John is brave and kind and funny and strong and rumpled and delicious-smelling and amazing, and he deserves to feel good."

couldn't possibly write a better head canon for sherlock, sex and john if I tried.

sherlock deducing how john got injured is so incredibly hot

"and John's tongue is in Sherlock's mouth and Sherlock is on fire, he's blazing, he's lit up like five kinds of apocalypse ringed with neon signs that say "Take me, John" and topped with a Christmas tree. John's tongue is breaching him. Just having it inside him feels like a promise, and it makes Sherlock's body promise things in return. He lets his mouth get wet and yielding and soft for John, hoping that John will feel welcome there, and John apparently does, given how loudly he's groaning."

hhnnnggg i *already* need a cold shower

"Probably for the same reason you never told me you were a raving size queen. It just never came up."

"Oh, God. I knew you were about 11 stone. I just didn't know one full stone of that consisted of cock."

bahahaha hilarious and scorching. you've no idea how much of a kink this is hitting for me.

Oh, yes, absolutely; yes to that; put me down for a great, big serving of John Watson.

From under his dark fringe of hair, Sherlock looks up at the man whose scent and taste and flesh are filling him. As they stare into each other's eyes, Sherlock wills John to use him, to penetrate him and take pleasure from him and not stop.

You're not hurting me, and even if you were, I would like it.

*dying* *dying* *dead*
pufftin chapter 4 . 9/22/2011
"Listen, you arrogant twat," he hisses. "Do not patronise me in public right now, or I will mediocre your arse until your prostate explodes."

Your John is an indescribable delight.

"Before we left the house, you made it plain that you want to tie me up and use me by the fireplace. Am I to assume that you meant in some platonic way? As an umbrella stand, perhaps."

as is your Sherlock.

"It's the polar opposite of neon-green briefs."

aha ahaha

make-shift lie detector tests ftw
Liasid chapter 6 . 9/21/2011
freaking hot
pufftin chapter 3 . 9/21/2011
"John's blood runs cold, then hot. Since when does he let other men touch him like that? I haven't touched him like that."

jealous!John pufftin's happy place

"Of course he does. Nnnghhh. Skin so white and fine that everything leaves a mark. The man is a fucking Etch-A-Sketch."

ha haha. this is a terrific metaphor. John's glee when Sherlock cockblocks julien is beautiful.

"Although not much used to manhandling his flatmate, John throws his left arm roughly around Sherlock's tapered waist and reels him in until their sides touch."

only thing hotter than jealousJohn is possessiveJohn

Beyond all this arching sexual tension you do an magnificent job writing the case and well writing in general.
pufftin chapter 2 . 9/21/2011
"Don't flounce over on your side and bury your head in the cushions like you're ignoring me, when really, you're just coming up with an excuse to show off your magnificent arse."

love that bit. extremely canon that move of Sherlock's.

"Obviously. Can't you see it written above my head in 64-point revised Johnston Underground or something?"

bust. a gut.

sherlock's arse belonging to a Sir Mix-A-Lot video is total, perfect lols.

"the patented piece of orgy-wear that you traipse around in comes with handy built-in bondage rope, in case I want to tie you up and fucking use you by the fireplace."

let this happen/i

"...Brain like a red giant, and you dress like a cheap whore."


"and you'll be screaming so hard that the married ones will be popping their heads around the corner asking to borrow you and a tub of Marmite. And then the entire clientele of Speedy's will assemble in the hallway, hoping for some of the same, and there will not be enough to fucking go around, because I will not share you, Sherlock. If you let me have you, I will not share any part of you, not now, not ever."

Do you realize you're my *favorite* author right now for that section alone?
pufftin chapter 1 . 9/21/2011
A tumblr rec pointed me here. I can't tell you how deliciously wonderful I find your story and writing. I created a ff account *just* so I could attempt to tell you.

"The fuck is he doing? He made it clear at Angelo's he's not even remotely interested in sex, and now he's giving himself … what, a skull fuck? A brain job? How is that even happening?"

"He maneuvers himself into a cross-legged sitting position. Now that's he's finished, he's all elbows and knees and points again and watching him sit up is like watching a piece of origami spontaneously evolve into something sentient."

LOL. You have a talent for humor and description. I'll think of Sherlock as an evolving piece of origami forever now.

But the best parts are your descriptions of Sherlock being gorgeously Sherlock and John's desire for him.

"Suddenly, Sherlock arches his neck, lifts his hips, crams his fist in his mouth (what, no, his whole fist?), shouts once, then, in front of his painfully aroused flatmate, falls back spent and boneless on the sofa."

"Please. For the love of God, do not engage in afterplay. Do not cuddle and caress the side of your head while murmuring sweet nothings to it for fifteen minutes to help it come down after sex, or I am going to have a heart attack in front of you, and as soon as you get your mouth on me to do CPR, I promise you, I will die."

vestinalee56 chapter 6 . 9/20/2011
Thank you, thank you! I wasn't sure that you would be able to pay off the first two chapters since they were more erotic than some of the full-bore slash porn I've read. But, boy howdy, the temperature in my room has increased exponentially. Not to mention the fact that, smut aside, you are a very wonderful writer. The characters are true to the source material, everything is very visual all in all it's just a pleasure to read. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, angsty or not. Keep going!
emma de los nardos chapter 6 . 9/20/2011
I loved this description of Sherlock:

"Not, in this light, beautiful like women, but like an ice storm, when the bones of the trees are covered in sharpness."

I actually live in a part of the world where we have ice storms and there is such perfection in that kind of cold beauty.

I laughed at the part about mirror neurons. You really have the autism research taken care of here!

As for Sherlock and Asperger's, I also realized that if he were autistic that might really spoil the physical side if a romantic relationship with John, if he was one of those with autism who don't like to be touched by others. Verity burns did a good job of imagining Sherlock as someone who could only ever be touched by John in "The Heart in the Whole"; there I could see SH as slightly autistic but still very much interested in touch, as long as it was John's touch.
Thorn Wild chapter 6 . 9/20/2011
Love it! Loveitloveitloveit! Awesomest chapter ever! I am finding myself unable to come up with anything even remotely constructive to say. If there were spelling mistakes, I didn't notice them. Looking much forward to the promised angstyness of the next chapter, a little angst makes the world a better place, every time.
IWillSkinYou chapter 6 . 9/20/2011
Another brilliant chapter to an already brilliant story!
inconcvbl chapter 6 . 9/20/2011
Sweet Jesus. Your writing is just so funny and smart and smoldering!

Lines that made me laugh (or catch my breath for...ahem...other reasons):

"He's been addressing John by rank at odd times lately, and John can't help but think his flatmate is developing a squaddie kink." (ohhh, me too...)

"There's no point in trotting out the shopworn cliché about whether he's happy to see John or not. Clearly, he is delighted." (ha!)

"Best to give him some attitude, or God knows what liberties he'll take." (Good thinking, John. And good luck to you, sir)

So, all this, and angst too? Yes, please!

Also, if I am understanding the other comments correctly, you are visiting the Kink Fairy herself, Atlin Merrick? Now THAT is about as unholy an alliance as I can imagine...

Do I dare to hope for a collaboration of some kind? Between the two of you, I'm getting very little done these days. Not that I'm complaining... ;
helenecolin chapter 6 . 9/20/2011
I LOVE this chapter too, can't wait for the next!
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