Reviews for Roots
Komako chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
Nice chapter. Too bad it's only a one shot ... Lovely, KaorixMac forever
fanfictiondotnetmemeber chapter 1 . 8/28/2011
Hey girlie! Great oneshot! I found "older Mac" to be right on character, still goofy, still silly, still cute. Seriously, I love every bits of this, made me think of the light fiction from the new game and how it might be! I also like how you hinted Mac/Kaori shipping and implied a rivalry between Ty and Mac? I only brought this up because Mac joked about him looking like a women, maybe it was just a playful tease? XD

Great one shot my friend, I won't mind reading from other points of view like Psymon or Kaori. And the pilot seem in character by the way, guy's a totally prev. :P

Keep up the enjoyable writing homie!
I.AM.ELLiE chapter 1 . 8/23/2011
Mac was perfect. Chill read. I don't usually like one-shots much, quite frankly because the most I've read sound rubbish and are predictable; but I really like this one. And that character Red seem in character as well. I'm surprise you memorize their names already - Red, Wizard, Dragonfly? Haha something new to the tables.

I'll love to see this continue as it's own story. Kinda left it open there towards the end; and I don't mean other one shots, I mean continuing in fic in Mac's pov. Maybe when we know more about the light plot in SSX? I hope so, I think you could take this far, honestly. Oh and nice DJ/SSX3 reference, guess Mac was still a DJ all this time. We'll see in the real thing. Great work Bub!
SSXfanatic chapter 1 . 8/22/2011
You have definitely showcased the upcoming SSX in this short story. I really like how you used the copter pilot, since there was something in the comic about Red liking Elise. And I think its spot-on saying how snowboarding is getting back to its roots. The new SSX game is looking greater than ever. Great story!
Readerclickhere chapter 1 . 8/22/2011
Makes me want the game 10x more. It took a while to remember who Red was; so I re-read the digital comic and Mac's comic to refresh my memory. I can't expression how much I enjoyed reading this, it probably open new possibilities of what the upcoming will be like for me.

Mac wasn't OC either, I thought you nailed it with him. He's not six-teen, eighteen, or even twenty years old anymore, he's a grown man with a young hearted mind. As for the Red guy, I think you did a great job in expanding his character from what we saw in the comic into something more and what his relationship will or could be like with Mac. (Since he's Mac pilot.) I also like the quote reference. I understand what it meant now. Mac's open to any danger of adventure, but he's missing the adventure of love. May I correct? I think that's what you meant by the summary, 'I'm one of both.' You should make more of these for the rest of the returning characters, you would do a good job with that. Oneshot or not, it's one of your best. :)