Reviews for First of the Month
NKubie chapter 19 . 5/30
At least Edward had some clue as to why Bella would be hesitant to introduce him to Renee. I hope.

Stay safe and well!
NKubie chapter 18 . 5/30
Ugh! Alice is being such a bitch!
NKubie chapter 16 . 5/29
Clowns are still scary. Edward is still a cutie.

NKubie chapter 14 . 5/29
So now I know the way to get anything from you is wine AND Rob porn. ;)

And this doesn't seem awkward at all.

NKubie chapter 13 . 5/29
I can't really blame Charlie for his attitude. He just wants what's best for his daughter, though maybe he should have sued for custody if it meant that much.

Stay safe and well!
NKubie chapter 12 . 5/29
RMacaroni chapter 60 . 5/29
hug her baby, make her feel safe

RMacaroni chapter 59 . 5/29
sigh... what would have happened if Emmett didn't get there then?

Bella did the right thing, what Charlie should have done years ago!
RMacaroni chapter 58 . 5/29

I need a hug from Edward too
RMacaroni chapter 57 . 5/29
Emmett is a good brother, thank god!

JFC this is so fucked up, I feel so bad for Bella.

And I know Edward is going to be kicking himself for not having been there :'(
RMacaroni chapter 56 . 5/29
RMacaroni chapter 55 . 5/29
oh man, this was very disturbing

Please Edward come back!
RMacaroni chapter 54 . 5/29
oh shit shit shit
RMacaroni chapter 53 . 5/29
I'm torn... don't know whether to comment on the chapter or the AN... hmmm
RMacaroni chapter 52 . 5/29
see? now you're just easing you evil beagle
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