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bh18 chapter 16 . 10/23 just quoted Firefly and the Eds. Words cannot express my joy!
Shizu Uchiha chapter 16 . 9/13
Please update!
AshesGleamandGlow chapter 16 . 8/19
NOOOOOO! THEY'RE FINALLY BACK IN THE STORY AND YOU END THE CHAPTER?! (Д) why must you be so cruel? *clears throat* sorry, I've really enjoyed this and am now really sad that it doesn't have more chapters for me to read... oooooh well, thanks for the good read! and please, if you ever feel up to it, could you update again? thanks!
Guest chapter 16 . 8/16
It's been three years at least finish the story !
mds777 chapter 9 . 7/24
Never get tired of this story. :)
mds777 chapter 8 . 7/24
The humor in this story never ceases to make me smile. :)
mds777 chapter 5 . 7/24
Nice finish for the chapter. :)
Grasshopper person chapter 16 . 7/13
Grasshopper person chapter 15 . 7/13
Omfg please keep writing for this story!
Amaya102 chapter 16 . 4/21
Pleaaaaase! I don't normally leave reviews like this, since I don't want to badger, but its been forever, and I really want to know what happens next! Please update!
M chapter 11 . 4/17
Happy Birthday

Darkcrowprincess chapter 1 . 4/12
Love this chapter.
irritatedbookwor chapter 16 . 4/3
Half a year? Try closer to two and a half years. *Tch* Not very impressive in the update department, although I /have/ seen worse...

After rereading a bunch of chapters several times over, my present batch of plot hares came up with a scene or three I'd like to pass on for your muse[s] to chomp over. If you chose to use them, all I ask is that you acknowledge where the ideas came from.

1. Ax brother interrogation.
What came to me was partially inspired in the scene where Naruto is no longer going to tolerate being abused by idiots. In this case, Naruto gets involved in the ax-nits interrogation. He quietly walks in, parks himself on a backwards facing chair and gives..Tounyo?.. an unblinking stare for a while before starting to speak up. First making it quite clear who Minato is the son of, then mentioning who his uncle is (Kyuubi.. much to his shock!) and then who his godfather is (Gaara). Following up by mentioning that Minato lost his siblings and that it took only three tails level the base, all while deliberately absent-mindedly releasing one tail after another until he hits three whereupon Naruto flares them into a small fan in the air. Then comes the soft comment, "Three tails." gently waving said three. "Would you care to face all nine? Not to mention Gaara. As my son's godfather and Jinchuuriki of the Ichibi, he would not your actions. I'm quite sure that between him, the Ichibi [with his known bloodlust] and the Kyuubi, they could show their opinion on your actions." unleashing another tail or two "I should mention that the Kyuubi wouldn't have much of a problem using you for a chew toy. As our Hokage is the Sannin medic and she has two apprentices... well they can keep you alive until Gaara arrives to get involved." After leaving the idiot to think for a moment about his probable fate and lowering his head enough to hide his eyes, Naruto speaks up again. "So. Here's your choices: you spill your guts to the nice Anko and Ibiki and the worst you face is execution by your own axes," lifting his head to expose the red fox-slit eyes, chakra fox face superimposed over Naruto's own and the fan of nine chakra fox tails plus enough focused Killing Intent to flatten Konoha. "Or don't talk and Kyuubi gets a new chew toy until Gaara arrives to join the fun." After standing up Naruto says "Kyuubi? He's all yours. Leave him /mostly/ alive, but in one piece? Your choice." Then giving the idiot a feral fox smile and turning Kyuubi loose. If Ibiki, Anko and the [smarter?] ax brother are watching, it might be interesting to see their reactions.

2. When Hiashi finds out.
There's an abrupt surge of Chakra from the Hyuuga compound and a scream of mixed pain and rage loud enough to scare everything clear up to the critters in the Forest of Death into running for cover. Hiashi has just found out the truth about what's going on and he's out for blood. Norio and his chum[p]s just landed on spit and are in for a roasting. Hisaki is able to calm her son down enough to convince him to turn them over to the T & I dept. to find everything they've been up to (personal suspicion: a *lot*).

3. Family reunited.
I don't know what/how you've got plotted for this, and my own muses are being cagey on the subject, but here's at least a partial scene. After Jiraiya does some background explaining, the kids are turned over to him to return to their parents. Jiraiya then Summons a few Toads, does some more explaining to them and then asks for a ride/guard back to Konoha. End result is a set of armed and ready for trouble Toads hopping in guard formation around Gambunta who's carrying Jiraiya, the babies and Shima & Fukasaku. Things get a little..*Lively*.. when a giant Toad summons [with passengers] thumps down in front of Konoha's gate with the guard Toads landing hot on his heels, ready to kick ass and take names if anyone so much as looks at them funny.

I suspect there are a few more scenes hiding under various mental rocks, but they're being as hard to catch as Naruto after a prank. BTW, if you're looking for some really hilarious Naruto stories, might I recommend Quirks', A Drop of Poison' and This Time as a Namikaze' for your reading pleasure? If you haven't read them yet.
Devilish Snides chapter 16 . 3/19 I'm not usually a sucker for these kinds of stories but I am literally drawn into this fic. Being honest, I probably felt more drawn in by the fact that I was listening to a mixture of the Dissidia Duodecim soundtrack and the Pokemon Orchestra Kanto Symphony (powerful influence on the feels man) but either way, I do like this fic. I give it a thumbs up and I'd give you, the author, a high five for this really good fic. Now I know you probably get this all the time from other readers who just put in like one sentence on the review requesting more chappies but I genuinely want to see more of what this plot bunny can produce. I look forward to more from you good person.
NarHina chapter 16 . 3/18
Yes Kushina and Uzu are back, I actual thought bee would be against what A did, but did think you would actually find out about it.

Please Please update this story was amazing and the only one I have ever manage review each chapter.

Naruto and Hinata were right to take Minato away from you.

Loved the story please finish

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
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