Reviews for The Bloody Thorns of a Rose
MissXxXCambodia chapter 2 . 6/3
I like this, it's interesting~
dxlmao chapter 9 . 5/21
Chapter 8 was a very good place to end it, but I'm so happy that you continued the story, now if only you'd come back to write another chapter.
MissXxXCambodia chapter 1 . 3/31
i like it, it's really good so far
SweetAnimeLover chapter 9 . 3/27
Update soon I like this story it's kinda interesting
Princess Mew Mew chapter 9 . 3/14
Very well written. Some chapters were a little short in comparison to others. But overall, a good read, although I recommend trying to write more chapters so it can be completed. When there are long absences in writing, getting new readers who will be impatient to read it will be put off, so I can only stress the importance of powering through to the end, even when a writer's is suffering the most dreaded affliction of writers' block.

I hope you will be able to complete this one day.
Macarbe Doll chapter 9 . 2/20
I really like this story, I was hoping the twins would actually get a happy ending! This writing style is to the point and detailed, skills that I have trouble grasping. I applaud you finishing this story, it's not every day a writer sticks to the end. I hope you continue to write!
10th Squad 3rd Seat chapter 2 . 2/15
Far to many songs, not my cup of tea. Everything else is fine.
10th Squad 3rd Seat chapter 1 . 2/15
I can't believe Juri and Haruka would allow the twins to be taken!

And having the English names with the Japanese ones is very odd.
Guest chapter 9 . 11/16/2015
Please post another chapter soon! It's really good
Convergence-Eternal chapter 9 . 10/13/2015
Howdy there, Zizichan96.

Please don't five up on this story. I know that you are busy, and that you've got other projects, and it's been a while since you updated. But please don't give up.

When you get the time and you get an idea you should go for it. You've got a whole new story are ahead of you. It's almost like you are starting a new tale. So don't give up, it will come.

Also great job this chapter. I loved it. Particularly how you portrayed Nathan. Fantastic job. Zizichan96.

Keep up the great work, stay awesome, and good luck. I hope that your story was at least half as much fun for to write as it was for us to read. This was simply stunning. Thank you Zizichan96.
Convergence-Eternal chapter 8 . 10/13/2015
Howdy there, Zizichan96.

Chapter 8 was quite well written. Congratulations on managing to advance the story with such a low word count. You are a master at this.

You are definitely in college. Wait, you already told us that. Any ways good job getting what you needed to done. Now this is a good way to end it and move on to the next arc. I look forward to where it goes from here.

Also dat date, 2036. Allot of other stuff happens around 2036. This story just got a metric ton of spin off potential.

Even though the story is happy I still feel strangely off balance. Is this the echo of what I felt all those years when the main series ended? Has your story made me curious as to where the main series would have gone after the epilogue?

I'm not sure. Blood plus had a strange effect on me. It's atmosphere was so unique. Hmmm, I need time to ponder this.

Great job, Zizichan96. Keep it up and stay awesome.
Convergence-Eternal chapter 7 . 10/13/2015
Howdy there, Zizichan96.

I'm not a true fan or anything but from what I can remember ya did a pretty good job. I completely understand that you had to do a light filler chapter to help make the transition between story arcs. Great ending by the way. This is gonna be awesome!

Overall your writing style is superb and chapter after chapter you prove why your story deserves so many views. From a technical stand point this is one of the best fanfics I've ever read. Maybe after college you can pick this up again? Please, pretty please with black roses on top.

Maybe begging won't work on you but I sure hope something will. Good luck Zizchan96 and stay awesome.
Convergence-Eternal chapter 6 . 10/13/2015
Howdy there, Zizichan96.

Good chapter, short chapter, interesting chapter.

Well, that's my review.

Just kidding.

Overall this was yet another solid chapter. Not much in the way of action but at least we got answers. You've saved us all from spending hours fuming over the exact details of how this all occurred.

This is definitely a different set up then what I'm used to. I guess that's how things work. You change one thing and it all switches around.

At first I had a hard time understanding Saya and Natsuki's relationship with her sister. Now I think I get it. I'm sure we've all felt that urge to protect the ones we love at one point or another. Since they are two half of the same whole the urge is that much more powerful.

If you ever get to the part where they actually kill each other off then it will be heart breaking. Hey, but at least it will be one heck of a- who am I kidding if that really does happen then I'll spend the next sixteen hours curled up in my bed with a box of tissues in one hand and a mass of empty ice cream cartons scattered around.

Great chapter though. Good job Zizichan96!
Convergence-Eternal chapter 5 . 10/13/2015
Howdy there, Zizichan96.

What a way to wrap up a story. Don't feel to bad about falling a bit behind on story updates. For example I still owe my readers 16 chapters. Oh dear, they are going to kill me. Better start on that tonight before the death threats start coming in.

Any ways fantastic job as always Zizichan96. You wrapped up everything quite well. This was a pretty solid way to end a story arc.

I look forward to seeing where it goes from here. Will more vampire knight get mixed in? Where will the two sisters go from here? Will we ever get to see a chapter 10?

Also I couldn't notice that Saya and her sister are sort of opposites. You could say they are almost like a red oni and a blue- this was intentional wasn't it? How could I not have noticed this sooner? You even have a story named after the concept.

As always fantastic job Zizichan96. Your writing is unbelievable amazing. Keep up the great work and stay awesome. You've got this!
Convergence-Eternal chapter 4 . 10/13/2015
Howdy there, Zizichan96.

This was an excellent summary of blood plus. Thank you so much for changing what happened to Riku. I don't know if my heart could have survived seeing that happen again.

The first time I saw it couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't want to. There are some things I'll never be able to unsee.

Horrible trauma aside I'd just like to congratulate you on writing such a great chapter. Also I hope you had fun in India. That sounds so interesting.

Great job Zizichan96. I can't wait to read more.
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