Reviews for Just Like The Sky
Undertheskys chapter 36 . 3/10
AWESOME AWESOME STORY, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. i cant wait to read the sequel
Undertheskys chapter 35 . 3/10
That was awesome
Undertheskys chapter 27 . 3/9
Ohh my gosh they are all soo ADORABLE, making porridge together for Tsuna.
Undertheskys chapter 25 . 3/9
Awwwe Family time, how cute
Undertheskys chapter 24 . 3/9
Damn you Reborn, making cry for nothing! I knew they weren't gonna die but it was still sad for me, I'm just glad they're all okay.
Undertheskys chapter 23 . 3/9
Oh man I literally started to ball my eyes out when Kyoya said "Heh...this was fun..." before he closed his eyes and fell. Kyoya triggered my tears and after that I just started crying as the kids said they're thank you's and goodbyes.
Undertheskys chapter 22 . 3/9
BRAVO Tsuna, kicking ass and did it fabulously.
Undertheskys chapter 21 . 3/9
Everyone did such a great job fighting they're opponents and now it's Tsuna's turn
Undertheskys chapter 14 . 3/9
Kyoya, Mukuro and Chrome took care of them quite easily
Undertheskys chapter 13 . 3/9
Ohhhh thats why they have the pacifiers
Undertheskys chapter 11 . 3/9
I love that note Aria gave Tsuna
Undertheskys chapter 10 . 3/9
Its amazing how they all found each other
Hinatauchiha1 chapter 34 . 1/20
Aaawww I'm kinda disappointed in how M.M's punishment end up,she should have die she deserves it,after all chrome almost die because of her and she could be a problem in the future and I know they are nice and all but some times they really need to kill their opponents or take them to vindice even if its a civilian, vindice should take care of them for trying to kill a mafia kid or something like that because then they end up being a bigger problem in the future just like maria and this people
Hinatauchiha1 chapter 31 . 1/20
Oh my god what the hell is wrong with that stupid teacher I hope tsuna tells giotto she bullies him all the time even if he does a good job she has a but for everything what an annoying woman
AshleyCorvus chapter 36 . 9/18/2016
Amazing story! I really doubt your reading this cus' you haven't updated in 5 years... But if so, please update! It's not everyday you find a fanfic with lots of chapters and a cool plot!
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