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Cal-Wills chapter 2 . 10/7/2011
Awww Poor Jeffy is so stressed and doesn't know what to do. :( He still shouldn't push Addy away when he needs him most!

"Jeffy.." God it was so sweet and purred. "Protect me. The bubblegum twins are gonna molest me."

D'awww how could you resist that? So adorable!

Hahaha I loved Chris wanting to "slut" Aam up XD So like him!

Poor Addy is so hurt that Jeff won't show him attention. Poor babe :( I feel for him. Jeffy's so mean :( But i also see how that would be weird as well.

Keep up the awesome work. This fic is weird but i like it. Can't wait for an update on it!

Cal-Wills chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
Well this is different. In a good way! I love it Hahaha Poor Addy though! And Jeffy doesn't know how to react!

"My penis is gone."

Jeff's eyes shot open and he sat up. Well, this was cause for alarm. "Who took it?"

"Jeff, I'm serious!" Adam shouted.

"So am I. That fucker dies.."

Favorite Line! Haha i burst out laughing when i read that! Jeffy always out to protect what's his! xP

"I woke up like this! I passed out on the couch as a guy and woke up having to pee and when I went to the bathroom and I was a little groggy.. and oh, I made such a mess on the floor!" Adam explained, tugging at his long blond hair.

Poor! Addy! LOL He peed on the floor! Poor babe :(

And Jay and Chris teasing the poor baby:( Jeff shoulda kicked they're asses for that :)

'Chris gawked at Adam openly. Goofy grin plastered on his face. "I'll pay you a hundred bucks right now if you suck on it and make slutty moaning sounds."'

Hahaha Chris! I so heard him say that in my head when i read it! It was weird! :D

Love the chapter and the fic!

Keep it up love!

inactive032815 chapter 2 . 9/21/2011
Ah, this story is so good! You know, I always thought Adam looked girly and acted very feminine. But this shit just blows my mind! I'm adoring it! :D

The title for the second chp really sums up society today...Life's A Drag. And I find Jeff smoking very sexy...I hope that's not weird. But hey, what else is new? ;P

Poor Jeff, he doesn't know how to deal with this either. I mean, won't he have to be straight? Since Adam is a girl and all now. That will all hit me one of these days and confuse me. Hehe, it'll give me an excuse to stay up late and sleep in, on work days. *giggles*

So looking foreward to this story. Your doing so well on it, love.

Rhiannamator chapter 2 . 9/10/2011
I love this story. I really do, and i'm so excited for the way it's going. Poor Jeff is having so much trouble w/ this, but i just wanna kick him. He's gotta see that he's still Adam in there, needs love and attention and needs to know Jeff would love him no matter what. Jeff needs to close his eyes & see that he's still Adam.

Chris, again, is cracking me up. He's such a diva. & i'm adoring Trish here. She's so sweet & understanding & helpful. She's the one i want to smack Jeff upside the head & tell him to love his girl, dammit.

Bras really do suck. Foul devices. Too bad he won't wear a skirt. I bet his legs would just be killer, lol. "He was all curvy and shapely in areas, still toned and taut and fucking glowing," Yup, it's official. I'd still want Adam if he was a woman. Adamlina sounds hott as hell. Ugh, it's so frustrating that Adam thinks Jeff is disgusted when he's not! Argh!

I appreciate that Adam is still so insecure & not wanting to show off his new body. It's so realistic & natural, & not something you get from many genderswap fics.

Ah, Daddy Jay. *loves on* He's right. They'll figure it out. They better, anyway. :P

Okay... Adam getting turned on... I have to admit i'm rather excited about seeing how you do het. Well, as much as this is het, anyway, lol. I'm really interested in watching them discover Adam's new body.

The bit in bed made me want to strangle Jeff so much, bc i understand Adam, have been in his place. Feeling unwanted, unloved, when the only person you actually want to look at you won't. & the most frustrating thing is knowing Jeff still wants him! Just tell him, Jeff! He's just so afraid that Adam will take it wrong or that he's cheating on his baby. I can't wait to see how they're going to deal w/ all this. More, please, lovely. *cuddles*
takers dark lover chapter 2 . 9/6/2011
Yea this story is differant buy I think it is going to be great. I feel bad for Adam because of how Jeff is acting toward him. But Jeff is just confussed like Adam, but he should be more open to Adam.

Please update soon.
ilzehs chapter 2 . 9/4/2011
Hehe...Oh there are so many older pictures I have seen of him that put me in a real state of 'Oh mine...such a pretty chick...fuck...wait...that's OUR Edge dammit'. He's just a little too pretty...I mean dangerously over the top pretty in the face. & then he's got that hair...Oh mine...*purrs*

Ehm. Firstly, I maybe alone here, but I feel worse for Jeff than Adam here. We have gotta understand his situation. Not only has he to deal w/ his boyfriend transforming into a chick, but his whole sexual orientation is at stake here. Well, assuming that he is gay here. Even Adam feels that body is not his...he is not comfortable seeing at could Jeff be? He need to be a little more careful here & get his act accordingly, but I can totally understand why he's acting the way he is. Adam is needy & scared...perfectly understandable. & Jeff did fuck up...but I really can't blame him completely here. That's alot to deal with.

Also, I have to mention, the Jeff here is BRILLIANT. That is one of my fav Jeff by you. I just like his character here. He's decent. Nice & simple. So rare to see. But I love to see this. & Jay is also amazing. He's just so good in your hands. Again, so rare to see him like, really 'him'.

OMG I loved Trish! This is the first you wrote her right? Bubblegum twins...LOL! & Jeri & Trish is such a cute combo!

Jeff is so fucking uncomfortable it makes you ache for him. As amusing the situation is here, its tough for Adam & Jeff.

Hehe...the way Trish acted when she saw Adam & when she surveyed him...I was giggling so hard...Adam's prettiness was already hard to he's a complete girl (snorts)...just imagine the gawkiness...I do not blame anyone.

*snorts*...Someone remind Adam he doesn't need to be 'made' into a barbie doll. He kinda...already fits ;P

Eh...Adam is just...My poor dolly...he's feeling so scared & I am so delighted how well you have captured his emotions so far.

Heh Daddy Jay never fail now does he ;)

Oh mine..Jeff is like..saying all the wrong things...But when you think about it, its not really his fault. He need to get it together...if he fail to handle it, Adam will feel abandoned. & that would be too bad.

Wonderful chapter babe! Cheered me up big time last night. I needed it...More soon? Pretty please?
redsandman99 chapter 2 . 9/3/2011
Oh man. I understand why Jeff's uncomfortable but he's totally dropping the ball right now. Adam needs him to be supportive damn it. Be supportive know, like Adam's new bras.
LadyDragonsblood chapter 2 . 9/3/2011
I am sorry, but Jeff needs a SWIFT kick in the butt...Adam is Adam no matter what the outside looks like and Adam needs makes me wanna cry for the poor baby, all he wants is to be held, is that too hard Jeff? Apparently so, you shite head!

Loved, Trish, Chris and Adam cute...and just Jay, nothing much seems to phase him and that's cool...

Really loving this story...hope to read more soon.
RKOCMJHGIRL chapter 2 . 9/3/2011
Really great chapter. Poor Adam and Jeff. Can not wait to see what happens next.
Debwood-1999 chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
Nice job! Addy works as a "gurl", and this promises to be interesting:)
ilzehs chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
& here comes your 7th ;) If Rhi can manage, I have to too. Lol.

*Giggles* I just...Love you so much. You already know that. But seriously, right now, I kinda love you more than usual. This is EXACTLY what I needed to cheer up. Things aren't going so smooth, but this definitely soothed my slashy needs. & OMG...*tackles* You finally gave me my Adamlina! I was so amused & entertained when I saw this...& I have to say, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it, rather maybe get uncomfortable if someone else was trying this. But with you & Rhi, I just know you guys can do anything & make sense of it for me. You guys can try such different concepts, but you both have the skills & knowledge to make it work.

& I pretty much feel what Rhi said. I am so happy how your covering what usually people miss when they do gender swapping. I specifically loved how you addressed the issue here. Reflected on the effects of such a strange happening.

The starting was just so damn awesome! I truly missed your writing so much. *Sighs* You should never get blocked. Its a crime when we are deprived from the brilliance with your fanfiction. Adam was adorable..& Jeff's reaction...Lol. A part of me was amused, a part was worried, & a part was giggling. Adam would just make such a pretty girl...I mean, he's already VERY pretty...& kind off girly...I don't have much trouble seeing him as a chick ;P Cracky or not.

LMAO...Who took it...Gawd...I love your humor. & how you can make me laugh even when we have a serious issue at hands.

You captured their reaction naturally. Even though the situation was so unnatural. Lol. & he isn't dramatic he's gonna have full blown chick fits. & When Adam called for Jeff for something heart melted. Poor babe feel so scared.

Hehe...Yeah. A VERY hot girl indeed ;) Aww Adam wanting to be held & told it was going to be okay...I just love how you have captured their reactions.

Duh Jay...Yes...Everything-Everything! Man...I am just amused & feeling slightly bad for Adam too. But you have just written is so nicely..Loving it. & LMAO...Chris...I love that man.

Oh damn...Jay should show some respect to his ;P But I don't blame the guy...He really wanna be every form & way. I dunno whether to feel bad for Adam or not...I mean I always say he probably was suppose to be a girl considering how pretty he is...But confusing as hell. A part which just finally found the hottest girl in the world is preventing me from feeling bad for Adam.

Lulz...Yeah. Sweet extras...Poor Jeff. & Adam blaming Matt..that was funny.

Hehe...Yeah Adam...dressing like a slut should be nothing new for you ;)

Okay...this is seriously so amusing. & different. Chris helping him out...& I kinda feel for Adam here. He must feel like such a freak & uncomfortable as shit.

Jeff & Adam are so good in your hands Terrah. I can't stress it enough. You just know how to write your boys. & your Jeff is just so wonderful so far in this fic. All confused & a VERY decent man at heart. I am loving it.

I can't wait to see how Jeff deal w/ it. & honestly, I am most interested to see Adam starting to go all drama queen over not being fucked & Jeff having to deal w/ Adam's...Gurl parts ;P

Oh yeah. If Jeff & Jay can be girls..Ew..Adam should like, DEFINITELY be one. He's a WAY easier fit.

Looking forward to read more. Loving your come back.
Estry chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
I like this, write some more soon. Please.
redsandman99 chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
I've never actually read a gender swapping story before but knowing you, this is going to be really really good.
Mmisery chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
Wow interesting I can't wait to see where you go with this and I have a question where have you seen/read Jay as a girl I've read Jeff as a girl but never Jay, anyways I hope you update soon.
Rhiannamator chapter 1 . 8/23/2011
Can't. Stop. Giggling.

Oh, Adam would make such a pretty girl. I don't blame poor Jeff for being attracted, even if he is gay. I'm anxious to see how he'll handle certain... changes. & Adam as well. Also how Adam will take Jeff being attracted to him this way. It's all so very confusing!

I must say, the way Adam discovered his... problem... was the most amusing way i've ever seen an author handle the situation. I was dying. The poor baby sounded so pathetic. Oh, & 'weird and squishy'? LOL, that was awesome.

Was it magic? Will it be permanent? Will Adam have to go on birth control? I'm so interested to see how you do this. Like i said, i've read a few genderswaps, even by great authors, but never really been satisfied w/ anyone's execution. They never really get into the whole confusion or identity crisis or even a lot of the physical differences. They just seem to go 'oh, this is new' and move on being a girl. & the significant others don't struggle w/ their sexual identity or new attraction... I can already tell this won't be the problem here. I have complete faith in you to do it right, & i'm excited to see what you do with it. You are such a special writer & i'm so grateful to have found you.

Sorry, rambling.

Chris is cracking me up. *snickers* Bazookas. I can't wait til he & Trish get their hands on their new Barbie doll. xD & of course the solution to the problem... ICE CREAM! LOL & once again, i can't blame Jeff for being turned on.

It's so interesting that neither Jeff nor Adam feel like Adam's body is theirs anymore. It seems like such a natural reaction... if anything can be natural about the situation, lol. I'm picturing him at about 6 ft tall now, is that right? Sorry, anyway, imma stop asking dumb questions & let you tell the story. I'm SO happy you're telling me stories again, my luv. Excited for more. *loves on forever*
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