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I am Best chapter 33 . 4/10/2016
I've reread this story several times over the years, and this is still just a great story all around. While the ending still catches me off guard to this day, you've made such a fun, original piece of work. The characters are all memorable and believable, and I love the world you've built for them as well. I'm glad it has a happy ending and that Kuja got his redemption arc without compromising his character. Thanks so much for writing this and seeing it through to the end!
CarminaNoctis chapter 33 . 1/17/2012
3 Loved it so much.
Kachanski chapter 33 . 3/31/2010
First things first, I thouroughly enjoyed reading this! It was the highlight of my evening for several days, and it is definately going to be a favourite!

Now onto the little things...The pacing was wonderful, frantic when it needed to be, slow and calm when was right, and the vivid detail simply added to it. The world created was also fascinating. Ive never read a FF with so many unique and well constructed OCs...give Kuja, Zidane and Mikoto different names and change the background a bit, and it would still be a wonderfully readable story! Also, something which impressed me immensly was the subtlty of the shonen-ai element. Unlike some Shonen-ai fics, it didnt take over the whole plot, and you managed to get across their affections realistically without hamming it up and campensating for a lack of plot, so bravo!

All in all, very, very good _
Niwaki chapter 33 . 10/30/2009
wow this is one of the best fan fic I've ever read, and it's the best Kuja centered fan fic ever! thank you-
MyraHellsing chapter 33 . 8/28/2009
Yay~ i love the ending XD

it has a Final Fantasy quality to it.

The, "happily-ever-after-yet-not-quite" kind of feeling..

I'm glad everything turns out well in the end.

Also love the relationship between the siblings you described in here. And to add to that, it wasn't the entire sob story of forgiving each other right off the bat, but a subtle change that gradually led to what it was.

good work~ i'm sorry that I wasn't as FF9 fanatic, or i'd have been able to read your fic sooner~ and followed it as you wrote~

good luck on future fics XD
Rosalyn Angel chapter 33 . 6/30/2007
I finally came back to this and finished reading it. I'm sad to see it end... But at the same time I'm glad-it's a happy ending! But still open to the future. :D

I love the interaction between the three siblings. The scene where they were reading from the book of plays was fun and amazing. And also Kuja's plan to regrow the planet... Things are looking up. I think you ended it well-it's better to do what you did than have the end of such a huge story set in stone.

(Admittedly, I wanted more Gerrick. but I'm biased. :D)

I want to thank you for writing and posting this. I loved it every step of the way; it definitely goes onto my favorites list! :D

-RA, out
Rosalyn Angel chapter 28 . 5/4/2007
First: I love that Laro got thrown into Gaia. Second: the Mentor amuses me so much. XD Trying to jumprope made me LOL, and also that they find Kuja's "hive-home." XD s'cute. Third: that's the only way I saw the first Queen going... and I find Selwe culture and honor very interesting. Fourth: that dream Laro had with Masa in chapter 28 made my heart crack... I hope he finds the cure from Mikoto. Laro's trying so hard...

And I love your Zidane. "They're like bricks! Er... /cute/ bricks!" And then Laro finding out Kuja's past, and how Zidane spoke of it, and... wow. so much win and awesome. and /thank/ you for reasoning how Vivi had sons at the end. I never understood that...

I'm actually reading this fic on your site now, because the puncuation and scene dividers have vanished from the ff dot net version in later chapters. It's their damn no asteriks and other signs rule... but I'm still reviewing on here, since it's convenient to. :D
Rosalyn Angel chapter 24 . 5/3/2007
The imagery throughout this chapter was absolutely beautiful. x_x
Rosalyn Angel chapter 23 . 5/3/2007
Cursing at the unexpected projectile and peering over the edge, the surly general shouted, “You scratched the paint, Asshole!” after him as he glided into the top-most level of the Tower. The genome had to smile at the final irate memory he would have of the man. Somehow it was exactly as it should be.

LOVELOVELOVELOVE HIM :D and his friendship/companionship with Kuja! I hope Clay get at least a decent ending... but omg! Kuja's got something up his sleeve-and I'm itching to know what happens next... I really like the bits from the Queen's perspective, too-it evens out the war a little, seeing it from both sides.

hm... yup, i can still spare some sleeping time! XD;
Rosalyn Angel chapter 22 . 5/3/2007
new favorite chapter! Clay has completely stolen my heart away-I think he's my favorite of your OCs. From the previous chapter: with him being in awe that he was /finally/ a general and taking with Ibat-kai-it made him actually sound as young as you imply he is! :D (i say imply, because his exact age hasn't been told~) And this chapter, with him being snarky and pissed off on the battlefield, and then having the BALLS to slap Kuja while he's bleeding to death in order to get him to HEAL-omg, love him. :D and while I can see WHY Laro lunged at him, I still asked, "WHY? He was just trying to help, albeit in his own way!" XD;

Also, in chapter 21, with Ibat playing the voyeur and the conversation thereafter... I was LOLing. srsly. :D

and omg, the battles and the action and how you WRITE them is so much WIN and AWESOME. I really admire you for that~ action sequences are hard. And you make them so appealing to read~

and of course, the kuja-torture had me happy. lawl. XD

Forgoing sleep to
Rosalyn Angel chapter 20 . 5/1/2007


m. love this fic.
Rosalyn Angel chapter 15 . 5/1/2007
"Waiting until the last possible second, he lunged out at the courtier as he walked by, raising his arms to make shimmering sleeves out of the long white curtain for the full effect.


... I dunno if I should, but... I love Clay, too. :D I get his motives, and at least he's not a sex-craved flirt in competition against the main pairing, like he'd be in most other yaoi fics. So, yeah. Clay? Love. :D

*continues reading~*
Rosalyn Angel chapter 12 . 4/30/2007
*in total awe* that last scene, with laro and kuja, and /oh/, my heart breaks but i couldn't see it happening any other way at /this/ point.

oh, kuja, what's wrong with you?

ibat is amazing, and i love him. and again-great description. :D
Rosalyn Angel chapter 11 . 4/30/2007
Still reading! And still loving it. The waff makes me all giggly and happy and I love Laro to pieces. :D And your detail is amazing-I loved the scene with Ibat and his group bringing down the Stingers in chapter 10! I pictured it perfectly.

Rosalyn Angel chapter 4 . 4/27/2007
OMG YAY :D Kuja did exactly what I was hoping he'd do! I'm loving this so far, and I'm loving Laro... It's rare that an OC in fanfiction is enjoyable, especially when paired with an already existing character.

Very excited to read more! And there's plot! In fact, I think I'll forgo sleep and read more now...
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