Reviews for Days Pass By
AdventuresAtHogwarts chapter 1 . 10/21/2011
I think this was told with a lot of the author's style. Some of it I think is a stretch for Gene himself to have said, but this is all based on perception of the character and by the way you wrote this I can tell you have a strong sense of who YOU think Gene is. All in all it was very good :)
Maharani Radha chapter 1 . 10/5/2011
Are there really no reviews yet? Hmm, that's weird. Well, that makes me the first!

Like: I really like the style that you wrote it in. It really does sound like Gene when he has his monologues and talks to himself. He uses a lot of metaphors and analogies. That part was really well done.

Like: I like how you picked up on a lot of the detail of Gene's internal conflict throughout the book and portrayed it into this piece (especially the last sentence). I love how you went deeper into the text and explored the other hidden themes that Knowles put into his book. Very well done.

Wonder: If you would consider maybe exploring the illusion/reality; childhood/adulthood parallels in the book. I can see that you definitely picked up on it and that you definitely explored it. In my English class, we spent a lot of time on just that one little part and how it fit into the bigger picture and I can see how you picked up on that. What would make your piece even better is if you lengthened it and included more of the deeper stuff. I can send you my notes from English class if you would like to see what we came up with.

Wonder: If you would add a little bit more about what Gene's training was like. You have a little here and that's great. I thinking that it would make the piece much more interesting if you described Gene's training. Maybe you could include how his training reminds him of Finny "training" him for the supposed 1994 Olympics? If you even wanted, you could extend it more and go into what Gene did outside of training. That would certainly be interesting. Here, he is talking about trying to not to assess his fears during training so he won't end up like Leper. But that seems easier said than done, right? Why not have Gene face his fears and take it from there and see what happens? That would certainly make for an interesting piece!