Reviews for Disloyalty
Nyria-chan chapter 1 . 8/26/2011
This oneshot is a really good idea. I think this might be the right way Satoko-chan thinks about this man.

Like I said, good work :)
Sentinel Proxima chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
This is very good; I also was not expecting a Satoko story from you but you show that you have just as good an understanding of her character and feelings as you do of Mion's. I especially liked the pacing of the story and the way it starts out almost meditative but becomes very fast towards the end leading up to the climax, and the way that climax is very economical and you don't say any more than you have to because you just know your reader will understand perfectly what Satoko is saying.
WOLFEDEN Studios chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
I feel bad that I never reviewed anything of yours. You even reviewed my very first fic and that meant a lot to me, as an amateur writer, but I never left you anything in return. For that, I apologize. So, please let me repent by leaving you with a review!

You never see many stories with Satoko as the lead and you never hear her side of the story. I grew to love Satoko more by reading this. I didn't like her when I first entered Higurashi, but my mind quickly changed after I saw her story in Ni, and then I grew to love her in Kai, and now I love her even more.

It says something when I feel depressed reading this. That's not a bad thing! I mean that I can feel what Satoko feels and I can think what she thinks. I felt that I grew closer to her character through her very words and emotion. It's the mark of a excellent piece. I knew she had a rough childhood, but I forgot how her mother would always remarry. That's an incredibly tough childhood and my sympathy and heart go out to those people. You captured that same sorrow here. I'm impressed.

I particularly loved the cliffhanger. You never answer the debate to question "Did she really kill her parents because of the Syndrome?", and that's a the beauty of it. It's never answered and it lets people form their own ideas and theories. This was a lot more emotional than that scene in the anime when Satoko was seen with her parents. This one is superior; you truly understand the little girl with a scarred and troubled past more than you did before

I really enjoyed this. Keep up the good work _