Reviews for Max and Larabee Haiku Season 5
ChrisR chapter 1 . 8/28/2011
Another set of enjoyable memories. I think the ones work best that don't need you to be familiar with another show although there's usually enough there to get the point. My favourite: No. 29 - Larabee has no idea. :)
Foxcat93 chapter 1 . 8/26/2011
As usual, your haiku poetry is perfect. The episodes you highlighted brought me back to watching Season 5 of GS. It's too bad Larabee wasn't in more of the earlier ones...he was such a tremendous asset to the show.

I loved the episode "Ironhand," I remember laughing through the whole was so ludicrous when IH kept putting his hand through things and wrecking everything. I liked that villain so much I used him in one of my GS stories. I remember the doll buggy thing at the airport. The anti-anti-anti-missile-missile plans cracked me up too. You have the baby buggy switch listed as in "Valerie of the Dolls". I am probably wrong about which episode it was in.

I remember Max enrolling in the expectant father class...I loved how he handled the baby doll! And then being locked in the closet or vault with all the dolls. Your number 11 was very cute...loved that!

"And Baby Makes Four" Parts 1&2 - I loved Simon the Likeable...he was just so likeable! Max and 99 inadvertently don't arrive at the hospital for the twins birth right away, but they get there eventually...and then the exciting showdown with Control, KAOS and 99's mother...(She was great!) Your #28 told the story of the coat switcheroo perfectly!

I remember "Physician Impossible" where Max and 99 are mistaken for the doctor and nurse who go up to the cabin to patch up the criminal who was shot by Max. You said it all in your #33!

"Moonlighting Becomes You" - I don't remember much of this, but the way you handled one of the gags in #49 was great! #50 is good too!

I remember "House of Max" pretty well because of all the wax figurines coming to life.

I don't remember much of "Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm"...The gags of #56, 57 and 58 were great!

"The Mess of Adrian Listinger"...I remember Pat Paulsen as Adrian. It was a pretty funny episode, with a little suspense too.

"Witness for the Execution": I don't remember too much of this. But I loved #61 and 62!

"How Green was My Valet" - I remember Jonathan Harris as the ambassador and Max and 99 as the butler and maid.

#74 is pure Larabee!

#87 is pure Max! #90 too...good one!

"Do I hear Vaults?" I remember this pretty was suspenseful and really funny too...I laughed a lot. #103 is typical GS! Loved #105 too!

"I Am Curiously Yellow" ...the last episode in the series. I remember feeling a bit sad and nostalgic because it was the last one. You told the story well in #107-114. I liked showed the last GS scene very well.

Nice job on all of these...I am sorry that I don't remember all of the details. And the other shows you have cited, I don't know any of the episodes, but I understand them because of the characters' personalities.

Thanks for bringing back a bit of nostalgia from this great show!
chill13 chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
There are so many great scenes here! "Eh, the Orient?" I can't believe some of the stuff that comes out of Max's mouth sometimes. And he's so straight faced! You've managed to compile a great list of things to remember. I must go watch Get Smart now.