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chris chapter 1 . 2/14
couldn't you write a better fanfic rather than this retard one, isn't something that talk nor is it a power,and why should nuada be so pathetic or whiny for the sake of the rotten feet dylan,it doesn't sound like nuada at all,so this fanfic is shit
OceanFire9 chapter 1 . 8/28/2011
I'm surprised that you wrote Nuada as being initially not understanding of going through Hell and back for love, considering how much love he's always had for his twin. Kinda felt like he was channeling Peter Pan for a while there. *slight chuckle* Even the "are you crying?" part kind of reminded me of Peter Pan.

That part at the end when he said "I'll come looking for you," was just great. :)

But what Death said was just smack-worthy, oh the callousness, heh heh. I was actually quite surprised that you made up a new personification for death, instead of just using the actual Angel of Death from the actual Hellboy 2 movie.

And the Gaelic was a lovely touch. :)
sexyninjalady chapter 1 . 8/27/2011
You SUCK! You made me cry.

No, really. That was awesome.
MyNamesNotAlice chapter 1 . 8/26/2011
This story IS awesome! I can't wait to see what happens when Nuada dies. This is one good piece of writing sweet and dark. I like it!
LA Knight chapter 1 . 8/26/2011
Okay, am back with part 2 (they need to make these review spaces longer, for real).

"Say... good-bye." Not this time. Not to her." AHHHHH! The last two sentences are new and HOLY CROW THEY MAKE THIS PART PERFECT! *sob* So sad. You can feel he's like *this* close to breaking. Poor Nuada.

"In that one moment, Nuada could have sworn that eighty years had not passed, and he was looking into the silvery blue eyes of a younger Dylan – the Dylan he had met, and had come to care for. In that one moment, it was like nothing had changed between them – time had removed its touch, and Death was not amongst them. She was young and strong and whole again. Everything he had seen before this moment paled in comparison to the beauty of her. He gave her a look of mute denial. With a wavering hand, she lightly traced his lips with the tips of her fingers – an-age old gesture that filled him with both warmth and sorrow. If he could, he would have given anything and everything for this single moment to last forever. For the next moment to never come."

One word: PERFECTION. So sad. So sorrowful. So desperate and romantic and powerful and sad. PERFECT. *eyes stinging* I think I'm gonna cry, actually...

"Finally, he could speak, but all he could manage to say was, "Beidh mé chailleann tú." I will miss you." Oh, oh, oh. Oh. With the music I'm listening to (the beginning of The Roan Inish Theme, so sad) this final line is just so very sad. Wow. Captain Zombie, you've done something amazing here. My eyes are stinging and I can just... wow. I can just see/hear him saying that, and then see him just break down crying. That's just so sad. Gosh. I can't even explain how sad that. First of all, to see a grown man cry is always heartbreaking (unless he's just being a total wimp about something, but we know Nuada's not a wimp). Then, to see a man crying over the death of anyone says just how heartbroken they are. And for it to be Nuada, who only cried once in the film (when his dad died) and is now weeping over a dead mortal... that's just... so sad. So heartbreaking. It's just awful.

Congratulations, Captain Zombie, you've brought a tear to my eye. That hasn't happened to me since... *ponders* Since I read Let the Circle Be Unbroken by Mildred D. Taylor... or maybe when I read about Boromir's death in the fanfic Lothiriel by JunoMagic, I can't remember which. Anyway, it's a rare occurrence for me. You've made a very elite list, my dear.

Favoriting! Later, mon Capitan!

- LA

PS - A good song for the whole "see you on the other side" aspect of this fic is "The Two of Us Will Always Be One," from Hallmark's the Snow Queen. "It doesn't matter if there's sun or rain; we'll be searching for a silver plain. After all that is said and done, the two of us will always be one."
Lord Dragon Claw chapter 1 . 8/26/2011
(Posting as LA Knight as her review is TOO long. Again. Please send the reply to her instead of me.)

Aloha, Captain my Captain! I know you've heard from me before but now it's time for the official review! And just so you know, the song I'm listening to while reviewing this piece is called "Kissing You," it's from the soundtrack for RomeoJuliet and against the backdrop of this fic, it's SO SAD! Which only adds to the general overall mood. Wootness for depressage! Now, here we go.

First off, I found a few small typos (my fault, I know, should've caught them earlier!) so I'm gonna list them first so I can then focus on things I adored/loved/had fangirl convulsions over. Lol.

"paper thin" "paper-thin"

"What are you doing here?" he demanded." "What are you doing here?" He demanded."

Watch out for when you've got a word in italics; the display takes out the space between the italicized word and the word that comes after it (such as "I will not let you take her.")


"Who knows how many times he had come to her, blood oozing through his hands as he tried to staunch the flow from his latest wound, or holding his arm at an awkward angle to stop his muscles from screaming in agony?" I didn't mention this before ('cause I forgot) but I really like this because it shows that not only is there still some sort of conflict going on (although you cleverly refrain from saying with whom). It shows that, whatever happened to resolve the plot of movie 2, things still aren't all hunky-dory. Which I like a lot. And speaking of the conflict, my song just changed to "Sally's Song" from the Nightmare Before Christmas (as done by Amy Lee; the words are eerily appropriate not for this piece specifically, but for the topic of Nuada engaging in conflict).

"(Besides, those pompous fools would not make sure that he went through with their advice. He had known Dylan to keep him in the cottage for almost two weeks to make sure that the muscle he had strained was not actually torn)." THIS! This shows just how much he cares about her, random fact. Because Nuada doesn't strike me as the kind of man who indulges other people when what they want is counter-productive to what he wants. And you know him dinking around Dylan's cottage for 2 weeks would make him restless and edgy, just because he wants something to do (big on the training, our Prince). So the fact that he was willing to stay there for that long just because she "made" him do it shows how much he cares about her and is willing to indulge her. Because you also know that if he put his foot down, nothing she said or did could make him stick around if he was totally unwilling. Lol.

"He had rolled his eyes and scoffed at such an idea. Why go through such barbaric measures? Death was a part of life no one could avoid. Even he, King of Bethmoora, knew one day that Death would call. It did not make sense to fight so hard against an unstoppable force for a loved one." Ugh, so him. That is so him. Blargh. Such a man, such a warrior, such a pompous... never mind. It's totally Nuada though. One tweak (can't believe I missed it! *face-palm*): I would say, on the last line, "It did not make sense to fight so hard against an unstoppable force, even for a loved." It conveys the message a bit more clearly that, even if you love someone, it's silly (in his eyes) to think you can stop them from dying.

"He had apologized for yelling, and she..." Can't believe I didn't mention this before! Have I told you yet how adept you are at layering the emotions he's feeling for Dylan in this piece without actually saying that he's in love with her? Because how often in the film have you seen Nuada apologize? Once. To his dad. For plotting genocide and breaking a truce and upsetting his father. And yet he's willing to apologize to a human woman for yelling at her. Can we say "awwww?"

"It was hard at first, balancing life at court and life at Dylan's. Over time, it became an art..." I like that you don't make it simple right away. It took him time to come up with a routine that fit with everything that needed doing. Because even a perfectionist like His Highness would need some trial and error before he could make whatever plan he came up with run smoothly.

"When she smelled its sweet scent, she would smile with a new light her eyes, and he found it easier to pretend that time was not slowly stealing her body." I think I might have told you this before, but the whole "easier to pretend" thing is so poignant. It shows just how much her getting old is affecting him. That he has to pretend at all (especially since he is not the kind of man who tries to ignore his problems) shows a lot. Add that he's struggling to pretend, that it's easier when she smells the rosemary (easier, but not easy), and you've got another of those bits that show just how much he's invested in her emotionally, which is fantastic.

"He found himself holding her and gently stroking her hair in place of actual words – he could no longer speak without his voice conveying his feelings of her impending death." AAAAAWWWWW! Okay, 'nuff said. D

"He forced himself to try and accept the idea the one day Dylan would die, but he could not. Somehow he had rationalized that if he did not think about it, it would not happen." Again with the giant "aaaaawwwwwww!" Poor baby. ( I just wanna pick him up and snuggle him to bits and comfort him.

"Dylan stirred in her sleep, murmuring his name as she slowly started to wake." THIS! We've seen (due to your eloquent word skills) how much Nuada has invested in Dylan. Now we start to see how much she's got invested in him. Pretend for a second that all the depressing stuff (Death's arrival, her getting old, blah-blah) weren't happening. Pretend he was sitting at her bedside just because. And now pretend that she slowly began to awaken, his name falling softly from her lips as consciousness returned to her. Is that not an "aaaawwwwww" moment? And it's still an "awwwwww" moment here, too! And gives us good insight into how Dylan feels about our Prince.

Have I mentioned that Death is a total punk? I mean seriously. Nuada's a King, and Death's like, "Pffft. Elf. I could take you. You wanna go? 'Cause I'll whup your butt." Basically. Lol. I actually kind of like that, because Nuada is this very powerful, strong male and sovereign. Yet when facing off against Death, even our Prince (King in this one) has no power. I like the... the dynamic I guess. Because you've got Dylan, small and fragile and human, who's fairly insignificant compared to King Nuada; but then you have Nuada, strong and powerful and Elven, who is nothing compared to Death Itself. Know what I mean?

"Please," he begged, laying his free hand on her aged cheek. "Do not leave me."

Now, who would've thought we'd see the day when Nuada begged a human woman (and an old one, too) not to leave him? Beg anyone for anything? Yet you've pulled it off here where it makes sense. And is also very sad, because we know what a strong person he is. What a powerful and proud warrior. And yet he's begging not to be left alone; and not even completely alone. He'll still have his sister & surely some friends. But all of those are nothing compared to Dylan and the place she holds in his heart. That's just... wow. *sigh of rapture* Good job, Mon Capitan!

"She reached out with a shaky hand and gently stroked his cheek. He thought of a time when he would have been repulsed by the touch of an aging human woman – any human woman, for that matter - but now he leaned into her hand and prayed to every deity imaginable that he would not be forced to let her go. He closed his eyes at her touch and tried to memorize the feel of her skin against his." OMG! OMGOMGOMG! LOVE THIS! And it doesn't even matter that he's like, 40-looking and she's 110; it's still one of the most romantic moments I've ever read. Do you know how hard it is to have romance when one of the people is older than dirt (here referring to Dylan, not Nuada)? Seriously. But you did it. SO SAD! SO ROMANTICAL & SAD! *sobs*

"He knew that she cared for him, and she knew that he valued their friendship and genuinely enjoyed her company, but this was the first time either had said the word "love." He had not thought it love when they had walked the gardens of Findias together beneath the golden light of the Harvest Moon. Had not thought the word 'love' when she had read her favorite tales to him before a warm fire. Did not . . . Should have thought, "love." Should have known." Well, he knew now; knew exactly what he had to do."

First, 2 typos. There are random spaces between the dots in your ellipse, & there shouldn't be a quotation after "known." I would also italice "known." Gives it a teensy bit more punch. But anyways, OMG! I love this part too! Perfect way for him to realize he's in love with her! Absolutely perfect! And you know what's so amazing about this who thing? He just figured out he's in love with her, she's finally told him she's in love with him, she's really really old and he's not (for an Elf, anyway), but it totally works! Never do you question how he can feel what he's feeling for Dylan; never is there a question that he could love her this way. And I love that too. And the realization also has the perfect amount of sorrow, regret, and surprise in it, as well. Good job.

"I will not let you," he said quietly." Again, totally him. Yeah, you're not gonna let her die. Like you can do anything. Poor, romantic, in-love boy. *sigh*

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm out of room! WHAT? This has NEVER happened before. Will have to do this in 2 parts, then. Blargh.

Back in a tick!

- LA
Cyber Keiko chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
This story was awesome indeed! So well written, you had me sobbing by the end. I look forward to the next chapter where he dies and sees Dylan again! [I imagine it's probably like 5K years after she dies.]

You are also correct about LA Knight and her story "Once Upon a Time", she's amazing and the story is inspirational! And not only does she have a great story, she also has additional sections in her story bringing me back to my English Fairytale literature class in college... Except LA Knight is much better at it than my professor! :)
RubyDracoGirl chapter 1 . 8/24/2011
*reads claim on Death* SHELL YAH! You GO girl!

Sad fic, made me cry, but I loved every word of it. :)

Looking forward to NEXT chapter!