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HELEN chapter 3 . 8/28/2011
How are going to get their revenge on Gwaine?. Looking forword to finding out.
Canadian-23 chapter 3 . 8/28/2011
Hey amazing!

Aswome chapter, can't wait to see Hunith face when she will learn that her son love is a he instead of a her! Can't wait to see the payback on Gwain! Really hot chapter! :) can't wait to see the next chapter! You are amazing :) :)
x.keepingthemoon.x chapter 2 . 8/27/2011
this is good :)
Merthur Dreamer chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
Awww thank you, for the dedication, thats made my day. You are amazing, WITHOUT a doubt! I truly do love this fic, its so incredible.

We picked up right from where we were left. With the moment fresh in mind, I read on. When Arthur sighed, outed and defeated, and admitted that he was gay, Uther's slight anger and shock, and the way he asked if he was with Merlin... the way Arthur smiled and said yes, he was gay with Merlin... Uther's reaction WAS a surprise. The way he thought it was about time. The way he explained thats why he threw women at him, because his mother and said he was gay and Uther's didn't want to hear it. I did like Uther's plan though, that he thought Arthur was straight because he never snapped and confessed after the many years of the woman chucking. Arthur's surprise was so adorable, complete bewilderment on his face. When Uther asked how they became a couple, Merlin's little contribution to the conversation had me in stitches... the way he explained that got pissed and when they woke up, Merlin was in Arthur's arms and Arthur's cock was still inside him... the way he said it so openly... then realised what he just did was so fluffy and so funny. Uther's comment was great, saying Merlin was a bold one. But then Arthur came to his rescue, simply stating Merlin was one of those who spoke first then thinks later, saving Merlin from Uther's killer doomgaze in his process. But Uther's reponse, again, had me pleasantly surprised, when he said that was better when what Arthur used to do, which was hit first ask later. *Giggles* Classic Arthur. Then when Uther remembered the bet and groan in defeated annoyance, when Arthur asked what was his fault, still slightly bewildered by Uther's good taking of this. The bet was pure genius. I loved the fact that Uther would have to be dragged around shopping with Ygraine if Arthur was gay... and the way Ygraine would have to clean his cars. Merlin's response to this was so sweet, not realising that Uther meant the full works... and on eight cars, so when Arthur informed him, you can imagine how I almost dropped the laptop in fits of laughter, when Merlin said Uther couldn't possibly drive them all at once... only to apologise... He's so innocent sometimes *giggles*

So after their chatter and Uther left, Arthur's happy grin, that Uther had taken it so well, that if he'd known, he would have told him ages ago, Arthur's joy that he could finally be himself, and always show affection to Merlin was truly touching. The way he moved to hold Merlin was so sweet, but when Merlin backed away, and Arthur suddenly asked him with such concern, the way Merlin said that Arthur was the matter, the way he just got out of bed completly naked, when he'd knew what it would do to Merlin... his half-hearted annoyance was adorable... but it was also so heart-warming, how Merlin just melts in the sight of Arthur, the way his lust overpowers him. Then when Arthur reasoned with him, saying Uther didn't see his all flushed and blushing, the way Merlin said thank fuck was so cute. It was so touching, the way Arthur tried to comfort him, saying that it doesn't matter, Uther knows now, Merlin's 'That's not the point' was so adorablly sweet, his slight mood with Arthur because he got all embrassed and weak at the knees in company at the site of his lover. Then... what happened for the rest of this scene... I thought the moments were so heart-warmingly tender. The way Merlin huffed into his seat and started reading... then the devilish grin came to Arthur along side his idea. The way Arthur said his name so seductivly... the way he pouted his lips, using innocent sexy eyes, telling Merlin not to be mad. I loved the moment, he crouched next to him, then swivelled the chair so Merlin so facing him. The glint in Arhtur's eyes, the way he knew how to apologise... in his own way. I thought it was so heart-warming, the way Arthur said sorry to Merlin... then how he slowly made his hands up Merlin's thighs... then said so seductivly 'Really sorry'. The way he undid Merlin's jeans... pure desire coating his eyes. When he promised not to embrass Merlin again, and set his hard cock free... it was so hot, beyond hot, how he said he'd make it up to him... then took him in his mouth so quickly, so perfectly. The way Merlin just surrendered to the moment... the sparks of pleasure rippling through him. The way he tangled his hands into Arthur's hair, pulling him in deeper, craving the moist cavern that was Arthur's mouth, and panted and moaned out that it was cheating. The way Arthur just chuckled and bobbed up and down, sucking him so lustfully. Their passion was amazing, then as soon as Arthur touched Merlin's balls, the way he instantly came... the way the ecstasy bolted through him so suddenly yet so gently... it was perfect. The way Arthur swallowed everything, then look up at his dazed and flustered Merlin. I loved the way Arthur grinned like he did, with such satisfaction and affection in his eyes. When he asked if he was forgiven... the way Merlin promised he'd get his own back was quite amusing. They are so lovingly teasing around each other, its truly, beautifully tender and so romanticly sexy.

I thought it was hilarious, the way Arthur kept an eye on Merlin, acutally quite nervous that he may do something. But what I thought was so adorable, was the way Merlin noticed this... but couldn't think of a way to get Arthur back, he's just too innocent. Gwaine! How dare he! I can't believe he just practically set Merlin and Arthur up to out to Hunith... I did smile at the fact that Gwaine knew the two would be having sex right now. They just can't keep their hands off each other. Gwaine is such a tease, the way he grinned and had a plan in a matter of moments was quite amusing. Then when he told Hunith that he doesn't see Merlin much because he's so busy, but also because Merlin spends so much time with the... one he loves... and the way Gwaine confirmed it for Hunith 'Very much so'... Merlin and Arthur's love is so strong and so brilliantly obvious, that the fact even Gwaine can sense that its love is truly touching. Gwaine was so smug when he left her...

But he was right, they were having sex. The way Merlin was so lost in the moment, the way Arthur was so pleasurable that Merlin felt weak, was so hot. I smiled so much as soon as I read the line that Arthur had Merlin in his mouth. The way Arthur noticed Merlin's 'deep in thought' look, so Arthur did to keep his sweet and happy so he wouldn't plan anything... I thought that was so romantic actually. But I thought it was so fluffy funny, the way Merlin only looked like that because Arthur was watching him. And the fact that Merlin won't plan anything, but with Arthur pleasuring him like this on a daily basis... the way Merlin won't tell that to Arthur was so sweet and funny, but so hot, because it just proves how much he craves for Arthur's touch and the way he works him.

I thought this build was perfect. The way she heard scuffling noises... *giggles* she has NO idea. Then when Merlin froze, quite scared that he heard his mother, I thought it was so sweet, when Arthur stopped and asked what was wrong. But Merlin's caution was overridden by his need for Arthur... when he said to not mind... the way Arthur smiled like that then continued his breath-taking performance on Merlin. It was so amazing. Hunith *shakes head* I wonder what she'll think? *giggles* If there is no answer, don't go in *giggles*

Thanks For Sharing x
Cathcer1984 chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
Oh my god this is so exciting!
WolfyMcClowd chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
Please continue :D I really want to see what happens when merlins mum walks in :D
Canadian-23 chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
Hey amazing! :)

Love this chapter! Love the way Uther react and the bet was hilarious! Can't wait to see the next chapter with the Gwain vs Arthur and Hunith reaction! Love your work and please update soon! You are amazing! :) :)
5SecsOfLARRYcat chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
Amazing chapter! I love it! Please update soon! :D
Grizzo chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
This is just going to be crazy evil. I can't even imagine who could possibly be more embarassed.

Forever Cullen chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
Loved it. can't wait to see how merlin reacts.
HELEN chapter 2 . 8/26/2011
I hope that Hunith is as understanding as Uther. Please will you dedicate a chapter of Don't tell mum, to me please?.

please will you also write another story about Me and Cenred. Please can the story about Me and Cenred be A Sequel to A Wedding and Something Else. Your Amazing Just the Way You Are.
HinaKicksAss chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
I'm not even sure if this is Merlin's or Arthur's fault...;)
Merthur Dreamer chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
This was... *tries to catch breath* absolutly genius! The ending... perfect.

I really love the relationship that they have together, it so natural and you describe it... all of it *winks* flawlessly. The beginning was so tender. I love the fact that they have a sort of routine, the way they hit the snooze so the other could have five more minutes. I don't know if its just me, but I think thats so sweet. When Merlin went to get out of bed, the way he couldn't, because their legs were tangled and Arthur's strong arms were around him... I thought the whole moment was heart-warmingly tender, their sweet intimacy is truly touching. The way Merlin sighed when Arthur wouldn't let him go, then Arthur muffled out a 'Stay still Merlin' the fact that Arthur wanted to just sleep with Merlin in his arms... Arthur's affections shining through. Then when Merlin told him to let him go, but Arthur protested and said he was comfy... I thought the whole moment was just adorablly heart-warming. Then when Merlin teased Arthur, turned around and started pleasuring him... the way Arthur just melted in his touch, allowing Merlin to escape... Arthur's disappointment, the way he just wanted to snuggle with Merlin... truly touching and so adorable. Then when Merlin said that he loved him really, and Arthur replied lucky for him... my heart melted... there love so open and so tender. Then when Arthur looked at the time and called to Merlin why had be woken them up three hours before they needed to... then Merlin popped out the shower, all wet and ready for Arthur, then he said 'Sex in shower?' Arthur's sudden excitement was amazing, and it filled me with such a warmth, the way Arthur picked Merlin up in his arms, and said he needed his sexy arse in the shower, Merlin just giggling away... I just thought this whole opening was... just incredible, the characters were believable and their reactions were fantastic and really made the loving atmosphere that is: Merlin and Arthur.

But Gwaine, why must he spoil their fun? At least Percival has some sense... but I admit, Gwaine's comment when he heard them moan was funny.

But this was no laughing matter... it was so hot! When Arthur cried out in ecstasy, the pleasure overtaking him, then Merlin panted out 'I thought you was doing' can I just say that was perfect. Then when Arthur changed that to a face of pure bliss... the way he worked Merlin so hard, so roughly, the need of releasing overwhelming them body and soul. Their cries of pleasure would thunder the heavens... Their want and lust for each other is so strong that... *wipes forehead*. When Merlin came, and Arthur emptyed into Merlin... their faces of pure contentment were so touching, their relationship about their unconditional love and undying lust. After their... somewhat heavenly experience, when they went into their main room to find Gwaine and a sorry Percival... when Gwaine started to check out Merlin, the way Merlin got so annoyed and embrassed by it, and went behind Arthur to run into the bathroom... Arthur's eyes... such fire-eyed fury, the way he totally went for Gwaine... he's so protective and possessive of Merlin. But, it was funny when Gwaine quoted Arthur's cry. I'm glad that Percival got rid of Gwaine, obviously sorry and embrassed by his friend's behaviour. But when they left, and Arthur told Merlin so, Merlin's annoyed and sad expression, about why does Gwaine do it when he knows he only likes it if Arthur is checking him out... Arthur's embrace of comfort was so full of care and love.

I love how their relationship started. By how they got landed in the same dorm together and couldn't hate each other more... but once they got to know one another more... the affection grew, the insults turning to teases. Then from their friendship... a drunk night founded them as boyfriends. I loved it. I also like that its so fluffy funny, that everyone knows... except the two people that have die from the news... Arthur's father, and Merlin's mother.

Back to the amazing sex! I love you! When they calmed down... and Arthur said that it was amazing... and then said that it always was... my heart melted. But when... Uther, of all people, knocked on the door, the way they jumped was hilarious, Arthur's 'Shit!' and Merlin's panic had me in stitches. When Merlin opened the door and tried to be polite... Uther's unimpressed expression said it all. When he was in the room... it became so teasing tense. When Uther walked past him and asked Arthur why he was in bed... then suddenly realised that he had: a hot flush, was covered in sweat, was probably panting slightly still... and naked. When Uther asked what was wrong, then Merlin said quite innocently that he wasn't well, Uther's exasperated reply to then when Merlin told him why did he ask... itwas... quite amusing. Then... Arthur taking advantage of Uther not able to see Merlin... the way he laughed... then whipped the covers off... the way Merlin heated up and melted at the sight was so hot, his lust getting the better of him. The way Arthur smirked at the sight of Merlin all flustered made it worth it. Then when Uther scolded him... Arthur reasoning was great, and how Merlin had seen him naked loads of times. When he went... and Uther turned to Merlin... and asked why, Merlin's quick reply, that he had walked in on him countless of times with someone (that someone being him) was so fluffy funny... But, as Arthur walked out, and Uther told him Merlin has just informed him of why he's seen him naked so often... Arthur's misunderstanding shock was genius, the build was perfect, Uthet thinking he was sleeping with some girl, Arthur thinking Merlin's just told him and their relationship... So, you can understand why I almost died laughing when Arthur was shocked he wasn't mad, Uther asking why, then Arthur saying he thought he wouldn't approve of him being gay... then Uther blow his top...

Thanks For Sharing x

P.S. So sorry that I didn't review this sooner... Which reminds me, I need to read 'Destiny' and 'Misconceptions' *runs to your profile*
5SecsOfLARRYcat chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
Awesome start! I love it! Please update soon! :D
Jellyfish89 chapter 1 . 8/25/2011
Lmao arthur always puts his foot in it, was really good waiting for more x
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