Reviews for Have We Met?
Pasha Gwapa chapter 1 . 3/12
Wow. Totally WOW.
You are a genius.
The story was soooo UNPREDICTABLE, it's gorgeous.
At first, I never knew where this story was going and I was confused.
But then it all came to this amazing ending!
Love, love, love!
Kris chapter 1 . 12/12/2015
I really enjoy your stories. I'm new to this pairing, never noticed their chemistry when I watched it young but revisiting the show, I'm totally sold! I've always liked Sam the most. I was watching 'The Soul Collector' episode where there was this kid who was in Sam's class named Theodore and he gave her flowers which was super sweet. He could totally pass off as a young Tim Scam and their son! I could see him growing up to be a mini Scam with his confident personality and with both their brains. Plus his name Theodore means, "God's gift"!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/22/2015
Oh my god that was the longest I'm glad I got to the end. It was a really good story, just like all your others. Great jobOh my
Stella chapter 1 . 1/11/2015
STELLA chapter 1 . 11/21/2014


Sue chapter 1 . 2/7/2014
I am surprised over how little reviews you get for this fanfic. This is your best yet. Most long fanfics bore me to death but this one isn't. My butt was planted on my bed for 4 hours straight reading this. There were times when I screamed, squealed, blushed, and there were parts that turned me on really bad. I don't know what else to say tbh. This fic messed with my emotions and at 12 am, as I'm writing this, I realized I haven't dinner yet! The things you do to me!

I can't really comment on your writing because I'm a horrible writer myself, but I can see the effort you put into writing this fanfic. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I appreciate it. Lots of love, Sue.
JBA chapter 1 . 11/5/2013
I'm TOTALLY fangirling right now! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WRITING! A lot of your writing is better than some of the novels I've read! 5 out of 5 :D
BlackD chapter 1 . 5/24/2012
Maybe I'm late but I just found it yesterday and I spent the whole day just to read it I have to say this is really really long but I didn't hesitate for a second to stop reading its just awesome and I didn't study for my physics final exam just to finish reading so basically you owe me :) oh and I had A dream about it too lol thanks for writing :D
UrPaintedMystery chapter 1 . 3/26/2012
The only issue I have with this is that it's SO LONG. I spent almost 5 hours on this, but I loved every second of it. I did skip some of the romantic moments in the middle part of the story, but that was only because I was running out of time. Overall, a wonderful read.
Poison's Ivy Part 7 chapter 1 . 1/22/2012
[ Taking a deep breath Sam spoke in a unwavering, firm voice. "...From where I'm looking… I see a man who altered fate just to be with me."] oh SHIT I LOVE THAT LINE SO FUCKING MUCH OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG :D:D:D:D:d


[gnoring him again Sam smiled gently. "You couldn't stop thinking about it," she said before a small blush of joy lit up her face] OMG SHE’S SO RIGHT OMGMOGOMGOMGOMGMOGOMGOMGOM GO SAM I LOVE YOU :D:D:D:D

["Do you need to destroy something that IS yours?" she asked and Scam's hand froze, lowering itself as he removed his thumb from the button.] omg she’s definitely made to be his wife. So fucking definitely.

Omg his growls are like, so fucking sexy and hot and omg :D

["Yours Tim…" she whispered, looking up at him sincerely with eyes that begged for him to believe her.. "Just…yours."] holy shit holy shit holt shit holy shit OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG OMGMOGMOG :D:D:D:D:D:

[He ran his eyes across her anxious face and smirked just slightly as he thought, "She has to bear the consequences…"] okay pause that’s hot. :P























[despite that right away. "That's why he's doing this…" she thought to herself knowing this was a test and she had to answer with the words that she did love him and prove it by giving into him. Because if she didn't do that she knew she'd lose him and he would never believe her feelings were real."Because if I can't handle him for being him….then I don't love him…" ] okay SHE IS HIS SOUL MATE DAMMIT omg :P:P:P

[Feeling her shudder he smirked and spoke in a firm, threatening tone. "Anything but," he said letting out a small chuckle as he looked at her with dead serious, teasing eyes. "I'm no prince charming, Sam," he spat continuing on about how he wasn't perfect as he kept trying to scare her away by exploring her body with rough, ungentle hands] AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE SO HOT. :P

["Tim…I…I love you for what you are and not what you're not.] :D:D:D:D:D:

[ A beautiful, triple diamond, palladium ring. Sam's eyes widened as she recognized it immediately. It was the ring she had been proposed to with yesterday evening, the same ring Tim had taken off her finger and tossed away. "But then how did it end up back on my finger?" Sam thought, confused because she distinctly remembered the moment he had taken it away, it having been the worst moment of her life.] omg. Omg. Omg OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGMOGGMO ITS OFFICIAL OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMO OMGOMGMOV :D:D:D:D:

[There on the glass table, just next to the lamp was the remote he had been threatening to destroy WOOHP with. It had been crushed into tiny pieces. And suddenly she knew exactly what this meant. He wasn't going to go after WOOHP as an enemy anymore and...Breathing deeply Sam felt her mouth burst into a smile a she thought about the other meaning. He wasn't going to leave her. Not now, not ever. Feeling relief rushing through her Sam sat there in shock as she tried to digest that he had done this. That he had actually done this. And slowly tears of joy began to fall from her eyes.

"He's forgiven me,," she thought before her lips exploded into a grin. "He's not mad at me anymore,] :d:d:d:d:D OMGMOGMOG
















MOG :d:d:d:d:




[And she was never, ever going to push him away again.] AHHHHHHHHH YAYAYAYA























I’m so happy omg. :D:D:D


THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: You’re amazing and the bestest friend ever :D



P.S. - Okay this is fucking ridiculous. New record lmao.
Poison's Ivy Part 6 chapter 1 . 1/22/2012
[. "How much it hurt me when you left?" Watching her eyes narrow in confusion he hissed before dropping his hands and grabbing her shoulders. Letting his fingertips dig into her flesh he shook her roughly before he began screaming right in her face. "When you picked your loyalty, devotion and care for WOOHP, over me?" he screamed and Sam's jaw dropped open in shock and her heart began to beat hard as she began to see what this was about.] :’( POOR SCAM SAM HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HIM? :’(

[ "When you chose to let me go because WOOHP was more important to you?"] yea sam that was stupid.

[You call it love?" he hissed again, too angry to stop himself even though he really would have if he was in his right mind. But his anger, his pain, his hurt wouldn't let him think. All he wanted to do was lash out and tell her why he loathed her to no end. Glaring again he gave her a small smirk. "You call it love?" he asked for a third time before he began hissing again. "I call it a goddamn joke!" ] omg he sounds so hurt :’( STUPID SAM.

["If you had loved me at ALL Sam…." he continued hissing furiously. "If their was even a shred of honesty in your love…." he spat. "You would have given me some loyalty." Shaking his head Scam continued knowing what she was thinking right now after his last few words, the little spy that she was. "No I didn't expect you to leave WOOHP and quit your job…" he said before lowering down to her and sitting on his knees. Reaching out he lifted her chin and pushed her to look at him. When she glanced at him with shaky eyes she found an open, unmasked glare on his face. Frowning he continued in a breathy, rough voice. "But taking delight in locking me up like a wild animal that needed to be caged?" ] omg :’( oh scammie :(

[ "Leaving me to rot in a jail cell over and over while you went off and…and…" his voice became angry again as unforgotten hurt filled him making his muscles tense and stiffen. "Forgot about me?" he hissed out before glaring and pushing her away, not wanting to be near a cheater like her. Staring at her, unable to look away Scam he found himself shouting again. " While you went and had your fun?" He clenched his teeth and remembered all the thoughts that had bothered him over the years. How she had never remembered him for even one second. His eyes darkening he spat again. "While you had your little boyfriends after claiming you had feelings for me?"] oh shit omg he’s SO PISSED :( SEE THAT SAM? SCAM IS RIGHT! HOW COULJD YOU HAVE BOYFRIENDSSSS IF YOU LOVED HIM YOU BITCH. :(

[d. "Only as long as I was Mac Smit!" he roared. Looking at her with angry, jealous eyes he kept shouting. ] :’( and that’s why he hates that name :(

["If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a woman who claims to love a man based on convenience," his voice said in her mind and Sam opened her eyes slowly and felt tears falling because she suddenly knew why he had said that. It had had nothing to do with his secretary. It had been a hidden message for none other than… "Me," Sam thought, ] ding ding ding :(

["You're fickle…" he started slowly. "You're phoney," he said, watching her squirm and letting that fuel him because he knew she had some guilt bothering her right now. But he knew it wasn't enough. Guilt was not enough to make him forgive her. It never would be. Looking at her with angry eyes he continued. "Your feelings come and go," he hissed firmly before he glared harder. "You lust after perfection and when a person doesn't live up to your standards you dump them aside like garbage,"] OUCH :(

[ To make her have the love she wanted from Mac Smit, her dream man and then rip it away from her to make her pay for what she had done to him. And she knew he had succeeded in his plan because she was hurting like hell. But watching him as he smirked to himself and looked so proud Sam knew he had succeeded in something else too, something she didn't think he had realized. She had gotten him to say it. When he had been yelling at her in anger she had kept her mouth closed and let him say whatever he wanted because he was angry. And he had used that chance to say everything he wanted and taunt her for being responsible for her own pain. But he had also done something else. A small smile broke out on her face through her tears because she knew he had done something else that he hadn't caught onto yet even though she had.

In all his anger he had made a mistake, a critical mistake. He had proven her right. In his anger and rage he had actually proven his feelings to her. Sam knew she had always, before now, assumed that she was a nobody to him and just now she had been corrected. Just now he had told her how much she meant to him without intending it. Her smile grew on her face as she felt her broken heart slowly reassembling itself. How much he…loved her and had wanted her.] omg I have never loved her brain more than I have at this moment! Ogmogmogmoomgomgomgom GO SAM GO ::D:D:D::D:D

["Well then it won't matter to you when I walk away." His smirk widened on his face. "After all you just learned I'm your enemy, have you not?…" he shrugged knowing she knew full well he was Scam now and not her innocent boy-toy. "So go ahead, hate me like you did once before," he said, successfully hiding the bitterness in his tone before he spat, "After all, you have practice."] ouch :(

[ "I can't…" she said, making him stop and turn to look at her in confusion. ]


["I can't just move like I did once before because back then it had just been a crush…now it's different," she said, slightly chewing on her lip out of nervousness because she wasn't sure if he would even take her seriously. Putting negative thoughts out of her head and believing in the mutual feeling of love between them, Sam slowly met his eye and spoke in a firm, sure whisper. "It would be impossible for me to move on now because…I love you. I love you with all my heart."] YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS omg he must be so shocked and confused. Well scam, get over it. GO SAM GO GO GO GO GO :P:P:P:P *grabs her pompoms*

[Seeing that he wasn't saying anything to disagree, Sam continued, feeling a little braver because he hadn't shoved her away. "Don't you see how good you are at running WOOHP?" she asked gently, knowing he had to have noticed how WOOHP was at it's best right now, something she had been proud of ever since he had taken over, something everyone loved him for. Seeing how his eyes had widened a little at her words Sam kept going, hoping she was getting to him like she thought she might be. Doesn't that mean anything?" she asked softly wondering if never even once in his time of being WOOHP's leader he had felt like he was in the right place, on WOOHP's side instead of against it. If he had never felt he was doing the right thing.] omg shes so freakin’ good DID SHE LEARN FROM SCAM? OGOMGMOGOM:D:D:D

[Standing there wordlessly Scam said nothing as he tried not to hear her. As much as he hated to admit it, she had a point. He had worked hard to steal WOOHP away from under Jerry's nose. The journey had been anything but easy. Attacking Jerry in his own, camera and security laden home, erasing everything that could identify himself as Scam, building a fake profile, winning Jerry's trust enough to have him hand over his agency, getting the trust and loyalty of all of WOOHP's employees…everything had taken a lot of time and effort. And he had to admit part of him had been enjoying secretly laughing at WOOHP agents running to follow his very order because they saw him as their leader and didn't remember who he really was.] this is proof. That sam is scam’s soulmate, BECAUSE ONLY HS SOULMATE CAN GET HIM TO CHANGE HIS MIND :P MUAHAHAHAH :D:D:D:D:

[ Least of all Sam, the girl who had been shamelessly cavorting around with him for so long. "If she does point fingers at me, and tell them I'm evil…"he thought smirking. "Then everyone will just think she's lashing out and trying to bring me down after I left her."] I seriously love his manipulative sexy ass mind :P

[That was really, honestly enough for him to live because he'd always been on her mind like she had constantly been on his until now. ] OMG he’s been thinking about her for years omgomgmoggmo :d:d:D:d

[Sam's smile faded and she looked down realizing he was still thinking of this as a power play and nothing more. And while she didn't mind that for WOOHP because it would be safe now, ] oh c’mon, scam seeing it as a power play is fucking sexy and its such a turn on and you KNOW it.

[ "If he didn't love me and want me…why would my leaving hurt him?"she thought knowing she was right about this. Her betrayal was only a betrayal to him because he felt she should have stayed next to him. It was because he wanted her next to him. It was because he loved her. Just plain loved her.] omgomgmogmogmogmo I love her brain right now o mgmogmo :D:D:D:D

[… "I know he doesn't mean it," she told herself. "I know it's not true." It just couldn't be true. ] and this is like, her mind’s (awesome) self-defense mechanism :P

[ "How can you hate someone you love?"] oh damn! :P

["You expect me to believe you'd sleep with just anyone?"] )) BEST LOGIC OUT OF HER MOUTH EVER. :P omg but omg she’s so right :P

["You would only be intimate with a woman you want…." she said, slightly leaning closer to him and soon she was resting her head on his chest again. Smiling when he didn't go rigid against her she continued. "Someone you love…" she breathed out as she inhaled his scent and felt her eyes closing halfway as she slowly, carefully wrapped her arms around him and whispered out the truth she knew. "You love me."] omg c’mon sam coax him into believing this he’s been upset for too long and has been thinking bad things :( but now HE HAS YOU :D:D::D
Poison's Ivy Part 5 chapter 1 . 1/22/2012
[Gasping, Sam nearly dropped the box in shock. Staring down at the ring Sam instantly remembered what he had said about giving himself to her officially and soon she was breathing in small, shocked breaths of air. Holding the box carefully in her shaky hands Sam looked up at Mac with wide, questioning eyes, wondering if this was really what it looked like only to find him standing there smiling at her happily. And a blush formed on her face while her lips burst into a giant grin as she realized that this was what it looked like. An engagement ring. Mac was…he was proposing to her] (I’m ignoring what I already know to say OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG :D:D:D::D:D)

["It's hard to believe…." he started slowly as he clutched her tighter making her smile. "…But you're actually dumber than I thought.] OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO :’( :’( :’( NOOOOOOOOOO :’(

[ But when she went to put her arms around him again she was left gasping in shock when she was suddenly pushed off him roughly and sent sprawling off before landing on the other half of the bed, face-forward with a painful crash.] OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO [

[ Her ring had been a perfect fit and everything and she loved it. "Then why'd he take it off like that?" Sam thought, her wide, shocked eyes glued to his face as nervousness began to pang in her belly. It wasn't just the fact that Mac had removed her ring, it was the way he had done it. It had almost been...aggressive. Feeling her ring finger slightly aching from being twisted Sam bit her lip realizing that there was no questioning it. It had been aggressive. Looking at Mac with slightly scared eyes Sam felt almost afraid at his eerie silence and sudden, drastic shift in behaviour. Why...why was he being like this? ] NO NO NO NO NO :’(

["You've got to be dumb..." he drawled as he closed his fist around the ring tighter. He looked at his closed hand and glared for a moment before he spoke in a chilling whisper. "If you thought even for a second..." he said, flickering his eyes up to meet to her shaky, lost ones and his smirk widened on his face as he took in her confusion and her bewilderment, enjoying it before he looked her right in the eye and spat with a quirk of his eyebrow in her direction and nothing but dead seriousness in his tone. "That I was actually going to marry YOU."] omg :’( :’(

["You can get a marvellous view of WOOHP from here, you know? That's one of the reasons why I bought this house," he said suddenly with a small chuckle, leaving her to stop walking and freeze in her tracks. Blinking several times Sam looked at his back and stared at him not seeing at all, why he was being so random. "Did he forget what he just said to me?" Sam thought, a frown touching her lips because that wasn't something that anyone should be able to forget saying to someone they loved so easily. Did he know how badly it had hurt her?] oh my gosh :’(

[ "And if you spell it backwards…" he smiled. "You get, T, I,M, S,C,A,M." He let out another small chuckle and shook his head from side to side before looking her right in the eye. "Isn't it funny how backwards, my name actually spells Tim Scam's?"] (okay sadness aside, that was pretty freakin’ epic :P ~ how scam said that!)

["And…you bought it," he said, quickly cutting her off before he threw his head back and laughed a long, hard, breathless laugh. Stiffening on her spot as she watched his shoulders moving from the force of his laughter and his chest as well Sam bit her lip at the sound. This wasn't…it didn't sound like Mac's soft, melodious chuckle that sounded like music. No this laugh was cold, dark and…Sam felt her skin go pale as she recognised all the ruthlessness in the sound. It sounded like he was laughing at her, as if he was making fun of her and she oddly found it sounding a lot like…like] And she’s getting it :( oh no :’(

[on. "Mac!" she shouted, her confused and upset voice echoing off the walls of the roof. He finally blinked and straightened his posture before looking at her innocently as if he hadn't heard her all this time. "Oh I'm sorry..." he said smiling before he shrugged. "Were you talking to me?" A smirk tugged at his lips as he continued. "You really should use my name then, shouldn't you?] ouchies :(

["What have you done with Mac, Scam?" she spat viciously, Watching her for a long moment Scam shook his head towards her in a hopeless way. Letting out a small sigh he met her eyes and smirked. "But don't you see, Samantha…there is NO Mac Smi-"] :’( poor sam :’( but omg scam (kinda sounds hot) is being mean :(

["Well I'm pleased to tell you….that all those months ago…" he locked eyes with her and smirked triumphantly. "You were right…" he said, taking a big step towards her slowly shrinking form. Looking at her without even a shred of mercy on his face Scam spoke in a firm declaration. "I AM Tim Scam." ] YESSS- I mean NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo :(

(psh tim is so much more of a sexier name than mac)

[ "I stole WOOHP's experimental time machine and fixed it." ] cuz he’s so fucking sexy like that :P

["Though I'm sure he didn't mention who had attacked him in such a way that he nearly died but instead lost his memory and had to work at remembering WOOHP as best as he could." Scam's smirk widened. "He never DID get his memory back and never will, I did erase it after all,"] we all know jerry deserves that one :P jk

["But you hadn't seen the future Sam….you were just reliving your past…" he said before a downright victorious look graced his face and he spoke in a commanding whisper. "Just the way I planned.] omg I want to make out with him and his plans. :P

[ Looking at her with impassive eyes Scam shrugged. "What better way to distract you Sam?" he whispered frankly. "How else might I have been able to do this from right under your nose, hmm?" he smirked.] liar.

[ "Correction, Sam," he spat before a smirk crossed his lips again. "I didn't TAKE anything," he said, looking her in the eye firmly. "You gave it away," he spat tauntingly leaving her gulp at his words and soon her face was growing embarrassed again and her anger was dying down. ] OUCH :(

[And as she watched him with sad, heartbroken eyes, she knew that…as pathetic as she knew it was, she knew that she still loved Mac Smit. Still loved the guy she had fallen desperately in love with, Scam's false alias, the lie within him. And she would always remember that. "And because of that that…" she thought as her tears blurred her sight all over again at the painful realization that was coming to her. "I can never hate him like I did once."

["Scam IS Mac Smit…" she thought sadly as she realized that was true and she couldn't change it. She couldn't take Mac out of Tim Scam, they were the same man, one in the same and nothing could ever change that.] nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :P AND IF YOU KNEW THIS FROM THE BEGINNING WE WOULDN’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM YOU SILLY GOOSE.

[Crying bitterly Sam kept thinking about what he had done. How he had loved her so long as he needed to, as long as he wanted to distract her. "As long as…as…it was convenient!" she thought angrily. And now that he was done with her because she was useless to him he was dumping her. He was kicking her aside like used goods., like garbage.] just like he thinks you did :(

[. Why would he hate that name? Mac was him, wasn't he?] oh c’mon sam UR SO CLOSE DAMMIT

[ Why was she asking him that? She couldn't have picked up on…"No…"he thought knowing there was no way she could have realized that. "How could she… when she didn't the first time?"he hissed in his mind resentfully before dismissing that thought and forcing it away. He didn't want to think about it. Not now, not ever again. He was moving on and that was what tonight was all about.] OMG SAM C’MON UR SO CLOSE OMG OMGOMGMOG C’MON :D:D:D

["You…" she choked on her sob and spoke in a broken whisper. "You…did," she said before repeating the words louder knowing he had to have felt something to pursue her like this. He just had to have felt something for her, he had to! She needed him to say that was true. "I couldn't have given myself to a lie!"she thought, her sobs coming out even harder. Those moments, those moments they had spent together, some of them had to be real between them. They just had to be] and now she’s trying to convince herself of the truth! GO SAM GO ! :DD:D:D:

[Her face...her eyes full of wanting and need just for him, showing him just how desperate she was in this moment. She was no longer thinking about was all about HIM. All about HIM] his secret fantasy: always wanting sam to want HIM omgomgmog :D:D:D

[ "You could have faked every smile you gave me… but you couldn't have faked the sincerity," she said with her head down, tears slightly trickling down her cheeks at the beautiful memories of the last months. Memories that he wanted her to agonize and bleed tears over] oh she’s good! :P GO SAM GO OMGMOGMOG :d:d:d

[ "The words you whispered to me all night long could have been fake... But.." she bit her cheek and said what she knew was true. "But not the passion..." ] GIRLS CAN READ PASSION SCAM OMG :D:D:D:D:D
Poison's Ivy Part 4 chapter 1 . 1/22/2012
["And even if he fires me..." Sam thought with a small, sad smile. "I'll always have my memories of him. Nothing can take those away from me,' she told herself feeling a little happier because she knew no matter what happened to her now she would always have the pleasant memories of the brown-haired, sea-foam eyed male that had been her boss for the last several months, the best months of her life and she'd always remember falling in love with him even if it had led to nothing more. ] …. Holy shit. That’s exactly what scam wants right? Omg.


[ "But I can't wait to have you all to myself again," ] omg scam you ALWAYS have sam to yourself :P

[Nodding his head Mac confirmed what he'd said before leaving her to squeal and throw her arms around his neck. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Paris!" she screamed as she hugged the stuffing out of him and left him chuckling as he hugged her back.] he is giving her EVERYTHING she wants including himself… omg and he’s going to rip it away from her right? :(

[se," he said before a small smirk played on the corner of his lip. "Just know..." he said as he leaned her even closer until her nose was touching his and he was peering deep in her excited eyes. "That you're booked all day," he said roughly leaving Sam's eyes to widen. "We'll be gone all day?" she asked not having realized that. "Mmhmm," Mac said giving her another small kiss and when he pulled away] omg this is so fucking hot you write kissing way too well omg :D:D:D:D:D:D

[ "There are some things that for the life of me even I can't understand," he said frowning a little before hissing quietly. "And you're top of that list."] HINT HINT HINT HINT HINT?

[Relax Sammie, he's not gonna eat you," he said, chuckling and making her roll her eyes because she had just gotten startled and wasn't really afraid.

Putting his hands on her shoulders from behind and pulling her back Mac whispered against the side of her neck. "I might though,] :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

[ "It's kinda cool how he knows just how to use everything to his advantage and get what he wants," she thought, blushing at the fact that she had just found yet another thing to compliment Mac for.] that was the BEST compliment she could have given scam :P

[Not ME Sam, the pirate who hid this here," he said. Rolling her eyes at his words, knowing he was making this up Sam pushed herself off the sand and stood up coming over to him as she gave him a small giggle.] OMG RW SHOUT OUT :D

[Looking back at Mac, Sam couldn't help but notice how Mac's hair, now soaked was falling into his slowly darkening sea-foam eyes, while water dropped onto his forehead and mixed into his tanned skin and his black shirt was stuck to his skin clinging right to the hard, muscular body that was hiding underneath it.] omgmogmogomgomgomgomgomgomgmo HE IS SO FUCKING HOT OMG :D:D::D

“he’s too good to be true” oh if only you knew…

[ "I'm only giving you what you deserve Sam," he said repeating what he had said earlier today before he smiled harder at the hesitant look on her face. "Besides, it's just a little something to remember today by," he whispered before looking at her with hopeful, sweet eyes. "You won't refuse me right?" he said and Sam quickly gave up knowing saying no to him was something she was unable to do.] omg and he wants her to remember today. Oh shit.

[Mac was unbelievable. How did he remember everything about her like that] oh dw sam. Scam knows EVERYTHING about you. :P

["I'll see you guys later, bye!" she said before turning to hide her horribly blushing face as she walked away in embarrassment while listening to Clover and Alex singing, "Sam and Mac sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S- I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!"] )) best moment with clover in it ever!

[ His body was like a rock to her, so strong and tough.

Running her eyes down his figure as he remained against her Sam blushed. "Well actually it's like sculpted marble] oh fucking YES.

["How does he know that I want to be reminded of his feelings for me all the time?"] (oh shit) :(

[ "Well I know I just can't get you off my mind. Never have been able to. Not even for a moment," he sighed. "No matter how hard I tried-try," he smiled guiltily.] OMG ANOTHER HINT. Omg. Scam… has never been able to get what sam did to him off his mind :( (stupid bitch)

[Smiling Mac held her close and let her put her head back on his chest and sigh contently while his eyes darkened with amusement as he thought about how much she was clearly in love with him. And he knew that it was finally time… to take this to the next level.] PHASE 3 BEGINN!

[Glancing at her face he noticed how she was still blushing and he calmed down quickly realizing that Sam the goodie-two-shoes was of course shy of doing this in public. It didn't mean she wanted it any less than he knew she did.] omg. He knows her so well but OMG. :(


["After all…"he thought as he twisted her wrist in his hold and made her gasp and blush even more. "I've been twisting her mind for several months now… and her body can't escape me any longer."] ~ okay I know this is kinda bad but OMGMOGMOGO HE SOUNDS SO HOT :D:D:D:D


["You're looking …" he ran his eyes up and down her form again before smirking harder. "Downright ravishing….] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :D:D:D:D:D ogmogmogommogogogm :D:D:D:D:D


[ ""I want you to.…" he took a deep breath, stopping his hands at her elbows and gripping her tighter. "I want you to let me show you how much I love you..."

Quickly seeing where this was going Sam's eyes widened again and she couldn't believe her ears. And a loud gasp left her at the next words that he whispered lightly in her ear, fully confirming his intent and leaving no room for doubt. "I want to make love to you…"]

























:D:D:D:D:D:D::DD:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D omgmogmogmog :D:D:D:D

p "You love me right, Samantha?" he asked in a husky, rough voice that sent shivers crashing up and down her spine.[ holy shit that’s hot omg :D:D:D:

[ "Then..." He whispered, addressing her answer as he gave her a hot, smouldering look. His eyes grew even darker before he spoke in a voice that urged her. "Show me how much."]

:D:D:D:D:D: ogmogmog






[ Decisions such as how to run her life and who to be friends with and when she should love someone or not. Silently glaring at that last part Mac knew he had to get her to stop thinking at all. He wasn't sure why she wasn't giving in yet and it could very well be because she was just shy and nothing more but he had to get her over that. He had come too far, much too far to let her go now. Looking at her determinedly he knew he had waited too long for this, for this moment that was the pinnacle of his plans. And Sam was not getting away from him tonight.] omg I know this is evil but scam being evil is so fucking hot and smexy omg :D :p:p

[Struggling not to smirk again at how quickly she fell in his trap Mac only sighed before looking at her with even sadder eyes. "You still don't trust me," he said suddenly leaving her eyes to widen and her heart to fall. "Wha-what?" Sam said, sadness filling her immediately as she heard his words. Why would Mac say something like that when he knew she trusted him with all her heart? Looking at her with a sad smile on his lips Mac gently held her jaw. Running his eyes over her face for a moment he looked her in her eyes before speaking in a soft, frustrated whisper. "I can still see the doubt in you eyes Samantha….you still…" he sighed before looking even more upset. "You think I'm a criminal, that I'm evil…" he frowned sadly as his eyes flickered with hurt. "You still think I'm Tim Scam.] oh he’s GOOD! Freakin SO GOOD! :P
























[Watching her breathe deeply and look at him with nothing but love, desire and need in her eyes, he smiled and responded to her loving words for the man he knew she loved with all her heart. "I know…. " he whispered gently, hiding all the venom in his voice as he brought his body down onto hers and finally let them become one] HIS I KNOW IS SO FUCKING HOT om ggomgomgomg


[ "Mac…" she moaned out, smiling harder. Instantly his hand froze at her back as he sat there staring at her with wide eyes filling up with hurt but soon that pain turned into pure, unhampered rage.] omg :(

["But Sam, I promise you…."
Poison's Ivy Part 3 chapter 1 . 1/22/2012
[Something she needed and wanted so desperately that a few extra hours of work hardly bothered her. "Especially when they come topped with seeing Mac's face," she thought blushing as she entered the corridor that led to his office.] )) now she’s on the right track :P

[ "But then again..." Sam thought with her lower lip between her teeth. "Mac would look good even if he was wearing a potato sack."] OH YES HE WOULD :P

Ohhh they DO make a good team :D:D:D in everyyyyyy aspect ;)

OMG THEY’RE IN A CAR TOGETHER TD AND DL ::D:D:D:D (good things happen when ssc—I mean scam/sam are in a car)

[ "Yes, only the best for my favourite agent," he said before letting out a chuckle and moving to walk inside the restaurant leaving Sam there blushing with wide eyes. "Favourite agent?"] omg HE’S SO GOOD DAMMIT :P

[Slowly taking Sam to the floor where some other couples were Mac placed his left arm around her waist holding her carefully. Biting her lip Sam's right hand reached up, placing itself on his shoulder nervously while he slowly held her left hand in his right.] omgomgmogmog they’re touchinggggggg ::D:D:D:D:D:

[About to press her lips against his she stopped when he spoke in a low, rough whisper. "I..." he said leaving her lips to tremble in anticipation when she felt his warm breath hitting her face. "I should go, night Sam. See you tomorrow," he said suddenly before craning his head back and driving away leaving her standing there staring after him with her fists clenched at her sides in frustration and with her heart still racing in her chest.] … FUCKKKKK. DAMMIT SCAM WHY ARE YOU SUCH A TEASE.

[ "What can I do that other spies can't? That will make me stand out to him?"] sleep with him. Marry him. Be you. :P

[You're not just a spy to me Samantha," he breathed out and soon Sam had clamped her mouth shut as she stared back at him wordlessly, her bag slowly dropping to the floor from the shock she was feeling right now.] OMG I MELTED.

omg when scam says “very nice” I melted AGAIN omg :D:D:D

)) veronica. Oh please like he’d ever leave you for a girl named VERONICA (uh, no offense to girls named that) :P darn reviews for being public :P

["What were you thinking Sam?" he whispered[ OH YOU KNOWWWWWW HE WANTED TO MAKE HER JEALOUS omg :P

[Mac wasn't in love with Veronica. "That means he could still fall in love with me...," she thought, blushing hotly and smiling to herself. And because Sam was so caught up in enjoying the moment and celebrating she didn't see the narrowed, dark eyes watching her from the door that had opened a crack. And she missed the triumphant grin on his lips as he turned and walked away.] OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG :D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:

For once I cheer clover on; HELP SAM GET HER MAN YOU BIMB—I MEAN CLOVER! :D

)) Scam already knows Sam loves him he doesn’t need help making it obvious :P

["Every time I get around him my throat just gets all clogged up, and my tongue gets all tied up and my palms get all sweaty and my head starts to spin and all I CAN do it stare at that perfect face of his!"] awwwwwwwwwwwwww :D:D::D:DD:

Oh sam dw with you and scam there IS no competition :P

[Noting Mac not looking suspicious at all Sam mentally padded herself on the back for going against Clover's idea of just going in and asking Mac if he was married first and instead switching the order, putting the most work-related and WOOHP-like question first. ] )) at least sam has the sense to not listen to clover about everything :P


Scam is not a nerd. He is a hot piece of ass. With a brain that actually works and he actually USES.

["Well I ended up doing a double major from Oxford University in physics and aerospace engineering," he said, giving her a small smile.] drool. Omg.

["Are you married, engaged or dating someone?] oh he’s been WAITING for this moment :P

[No. he was hers to dream about. Hers to admire and love and pursue until he gave in. He was...HERS.] YAY SAM FINALLY GOT HER BRAIN BACK!

Oh he’s YOURS honey. As you as you agree to belong solely to HIM to let him do as he pleases… ;)

["You mean like a legit love letter?] So scam has proof that he’s amazing? Nice! DO IT! :D

["Why not?" she asked, lost as to why Mac wouldn't read a file. He always did his work and never skipped a file. Letting out a small sigh Mac looked a little upset before he spoke. "I actually tore that one up without reading it," ] )) I’m sorry but that’s just too funny )) you KNOW he wants her to like, be her sexy self and confront him up front and then he can ssc her to death :D

[When Sam finally left, Mac turned in his chair and leaned to his left, opening a drawer and taking out a large, navy file labelled PRESTAGE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE. Putting it on his desk he opened it and pulled out the handwritten piece of paper sitting at the very top of the documents. Leaning forward in his chair he silently let his eyes read the words written there in neat, black ink:] OMGHE WANTED TO ACTUALLY CONFRONT HER? (okay I should probably read first -.-)

[I’ve fallen in love with you] SCORE! SCAM IS SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW :D:D::D:D

[Reaching the end of the letter, a dark, victorious smirk formed on Mac's lips. Glancing at the paper he kept smirking as he slowly rolled it up, crumpling it into a ball before he aimed it towards the recycling bin in the corner of his office. Watching it land straight inside Mac's eyes gleamed with malice as his smirk grew wider and he let out a low, morbid whisper. "Bullseye..."] don’t throw it away. -.- silly. You need that so you can be happyyyyy jk BUT OMGOMGOMG HIS MORBID WHISPERS OF BULLSEYE ARE FUCKING SEXY :D:D:D:

[Crossing his arms over his chest Mac sighed "If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a woman who claims to love a man based on convenience," he muttered implying the obvious convenience Cindi would have in having him, her boss by her side.] … oh





Said i


Hesaidit omg

… omg





["No-nothing, it's nothing!" she said before crumpling her letter up in her fist knowing she couldn't let him see it. Not after how he had reacted after Cindi and while Sam knew she had just written him a letter and poured out her heart to him where Cindi had outwardly made an inappropriate move, judging by what he had said about hating women who liked men based on convenience Sam couldn't help but he terrified that he'd see her love in the same way.] oh poor Sammie, doesn’t even know that he DID see it that way :( (though its her fault, stupid bint)

["You sure?" he said softly. "I really feel like there is something you were thinking of when you walked in here that you wanted to say to me. Something that's been on your mind for a while."] oh he just wants to rub it innnn :P

[ To her eyes, Mac always looked like a king sitting on his throne when he sat on this chair and it didn't help that he even looked like one. ] (its his royal blood) :P

[Mac's lips were slightly parted as he stood there taking slow, rough breaths as he looked at her with his eyes filled with fire and intent. And as Sam watched him trail his eyes all across her face unblinkingly she had no idea why Mac was looking at her with so much fervour in his gaze that it made her want to melt into a puddle on the spot. When he said nothing for a few moments and just stood there gazing at her face Sam found the silence to be unbearable and she slowly opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing only to gasp loud when he suddenly pressed into her completely and in the next second his lips had crashed onto her own.] OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG OMGOMG

[Sam's eyes widened in surprise when she felt his lips moving fervently against hers, kissing her hotly and without mercy. Blinking in shock Sam's heart jumped up and down in her chest from disbelief that this was actually happening. Mac, Mac Smit, her dream guy was kissing HER? Why? Too happy to really care what his reason was and knowing she had been waiting for this forever, Sam's eyes quickly fluttered before sealing themselves and before her heart could even take another rapid beat Sam had thrown her arms around his neck and was kissing him back fervently.] omg if this is real I will be so happy you don’t understand. Omg.

[Tensing at her realization Sam bit her cheek before leaning back against her headboard and letting out a heavy sigh. She couldn't believe it. It had all been a dream, just a dream.] you fucking tease.

["You know I was waiting for you ever since this party started," he said before letting out a small sigh and frowning. "For a moment I thought you weren't going to come." ] OMGOMGOMGMOGOMGOMGMO :D:D:D:D

[ "Black really is your colour,] his favorite color wink wink :P

[ "The only thing I want you to give me..." he whispered, his voice tugging at her heart as he looked at her with the most piercing eyes she had ever seen.

Giving her a sad smile Mac sighed. "Give me your troubles Sam,"] WHAT THE HELL 3 TEASES SO CLOSE TOGETHER? OH C’MON.

[ "If I mean anything at all to you..." he started leaving Sam to gasp at the words he was using because he meant the world to her. "Then you'll tell me everything," ] why is he so fucking good?

[Knowing she needed to do something to tell him how she felt before it killed her Sam took a deep, ragged breath before moving on impulse, throwing her arms around his neck and crashing her li
Poison's Ivy Part 2 chapter 1 . 1/22/2012
[ "Sam..." he started slowly, taking a deep breath as he kept his eyes on her face. "I'll admit you have not been welcoming." He shrugged. "Actually you've been a bit..." he bit his cheek and sighed. "Unbearable," he said making her glare.] )) oh sam shut up he’s being nice about it. You’re the one being an uptight bitch -.- (MUAHAHAHAH SCAM’S SIDE FTW)

[ It was okay, she would jog his memory because it seemed Scam was having a great time playing dumb.] he is :P

[Not wanting to give him the time he needed to squirm out of this she reached out and grabbed his arm before walking] OMGOMGMOGMOG SHE’S TOUCHINGGGGGGG HIM :D:D:D:

[Her eyes widening at that thought Gaby let out a small gasp before looking back at her daughter. "Sammie, is he going to be my.." she couldn't help but grin as she saw how good of a couple they made. "Mom?" Sam asked, lost as to what her mother was going on about. Gaby smiled happily before finishing her sentence. "Is he going to be my son-in-law?"] I knew I loved my momma gabby :P

[ "No..." she thought. "I can't give up, all I need is a plan. Evidence. Real, documented evidence that cannot be changed,] honey BRING IT ON :P Scam is awesome and can fake ANYTHING BABY MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA :P

[Nearly forty minutes later she watched his car pull into the driveway of an extravagant mansion. "] SAM ITS UR FUTURE HOME OMGMOGMOGMOG :D:D:D:D (see I’m being happy for you since you’re too stupid to do it)

["You know, you may be WOOHP's top spy according to what Jerry told me but I happen to be your boss," he muttered. "And I'd be pretty lame if I couldn't tell when I was being spied on."] )) he’s so epic :P

[ he spat slightly making her gulp but he didn't let that stop him as he came closer to her and raised her chin forcing her to look right into his dead angry gaze. "What do you want now, Sam?" he growled. "And I want a straight answer."] omgmgmgmogomgmog confrontational scam is sexy too! Omgmogomgmomg *droolz* :D:D:D:d

[ "His hair is definitely the same style as Scam's," she thought knowing that from memory. "And the same length and colour-"] I love that she knows scam’s hair so well :P

[ "If you've already made up your mind to do this, you can't be such a girl about it," he said making her blush in embarrassment. "Go on," he spat.] )) he’s so awesome :P (and he must be like, secretly cheering (in a scamish way of course) about how sam is feeling him up :P) jkjk (that’s what im doing heheheheh)

[ Growing tired and annoyed Mac sighed before he moved his forearm in a quick jerk of his arm leaving the blade to enter his skin and leave a nice, large gash. Seeing blood seeping out of the wound he smirked. "There," he said firmly.] OMGMOGOMGMOGMOGMOGMO THAT’S SO HOT D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D: (Scam I mean. Not him getting hurt. Tho his blood is sexy too)

[NEGATIVE] AHAHHAHAHAHAH TAKE THAT BABY that’s what you get for stupidly thinking ur smarter than scam :P

[ The man in the photograph had black hair that was slicked back, a narrow face with dark, brown eyes and a slim, narrow build from what could be seen of his shoulders. Blinking in extreme shock Sam shook her head before croaking out. "Who the hell is this guy?" she said breathlessly as her eyes remained peeled at his image that looked nothing like the man she remembered as being Tim Scam. He was nothing like him. He lacked everything!] omg. Scam. Is. Amazing. Omg. *jaw drop* :D:D:D:D

)) muscular build; I love how she knows these things … so well :P

["Could I have made up those three years? she asked herself softly as she thought over the time she remembered from Grade 9 to 12. She bit her lip harder as she thought about that possibility. "Could I have imagined meeting him as Tim Scam? Imagined him being evil? Everything I know about him?" ] please say you imagined it because I will use this as PROOF IN THE FUTURE… that ur into evil guys like Scam (and only scam bitch. Don’t you dare think of any other pathetic wannabe criminals!)

[Nodding at her question Jerry shrugged. "Well to be honest I didn't even think I was going to retire any time soon," he said honestly knowing he had always seen himself running WOOHP till his health would no longer permit him. "In fact it didn't even occur to me that I would ever retire until..." A smile crossed his lips as he looked at her with softness in his eyes. "Until I met Mac."] seeee? Scam is the solution to all problems. DUH.

[Looking her in the eye he smiled harder. "Sam, I had to reward him for his outstanding loyalty and courage," he whispered softly. "After what he did for me, after how much he was there for me" Struggling to find the right word Jerry finally spoke with a look of awe on his face. "Like a son, and knowing I didn't have my own son to pass WOOHP onto and probably never would, I gave it to him," he said firmly as Sam sat there speechless with wide eyes in reaction to Jerry's heartfelt words about Mac Smit. "About the same man I've been doubting for being an evil villain," she thought still unable to speak as guilt slowly began to grip at her heart.] CLAP CLAP CLAP this is so … beautiful! *sniff* Sam is feeling guilty about being a bitch to scam! 3 jk but omg yes! Jer thinks of scam as a son! (ofc, no genetic impurities are passed down from the goat to my love 3)

["Mac isn't Scam," she told herself as her guilt flared in her mind and made her feel like an idiot. Mac wasn't evil.] oh sam. Is that a turn off for you? :P:P jkjk :P

[You feel bad?" he said suddenly making her take a quick peek at his face only to regret it when she saw how doubtful he looked. Smirking he shook his head before speaking in an angry growl. "Well, if it's not too much trouble maybe you can treat your next boss better,] ouch. :( (okay she deserved it but still)

["Please don't go," she said pleadingly hoping he'd hear all her desperation and forgive her.] oh he loves it when she begs for it :P

["I'd do anything, anything to make you forgive me and forget what I've done...anything..." she whispered brokenly but with honesty and determination in her tone while choking on a sob. Sniffing she whispered again. "Anything."] (and here I’m betting scam wishes he didn’t have to pretend to be mac so he could just POUNCE :P:P)

[ "But in these short few days he's already left such an impression on me that..." her heart beat faster in her chest as her face burned from the extent of her blush. "That I can't help but feel this way." ] HUZZAH! :P:P:P Phase one COMPLETE BABY :P Scam is so good :P

[The next day Sam walked into WOOHP nervously on her way to Mac's office with a wrapped box held carefully in her hands. Biting her lip Sam took a shaky breath. "I hope he likes it…" she prayed before her face grew pale at another disheartening thought. "I hope he accepts it] omg the gift! That gift is like, symbolic :P We are on a good pace here baby! :P

[A few moments later he pulled out a light, blue, cashmere sweater.] YES THE SWEATER! :P Sam’s in love; it’s sweater-official!:P

[ "Thank you, thanks so much!" she said thanking him for have finally, truly forgiven her. "I promise I won't let you down!" she said cheerfully. Mac smiled harder as he looked her in the eye. "I know you won't," he said making her even happier at his confidence in her. Mac crossed his arms over his chest and nodded his head in an self-assured way. "From here on things will go as I envisioned," he whispered softly.] …. OMGMOGMOGMOGOM I SAW THAT. I SAW IT. I DEFINITELY SAW A HINT OF MY TRUE LOVE OMG :D:D:D:D:

[ And because she was too busy looking down at her feet and trying to control her rampant blush and racing heart Sam missed the slight smirk that was stretched onto Mac's lips.] AHHHHHHHHHHH :D:D:D:D:D omgmogmogomgmog :D:D:D:D:D

[ "White looks good on him," ] everything looks good on him; srsly sam you should know this by now :P

[ "There is just something about him," Sam thought while watching her friends smiling at him and she knew that they loved him too. "I just happen to be a lot more crazy about him than them though,] oh yes soul mates tend to have that effect :D

["Think Sam think!" she thought as she pushed her brain to work harder. "What excuse can you use to see him besides missions?"] SCAM SHE’S ALREADY PLANNING ON WAYS OF HOW SHE CAN SNEAK INTO UR BEDROOM! :P (oh u know she’s thinking it)

[ "I'm supposed to be smart..."] not really.

["Wow," he said for a third time as he looked at her with awe on his features. And soon there was another smile tugging at his lips. "Not only are you an amazing spy, you're a great cook too," ] PHASE TWO, UNDERWAY! MUAHAHAHHAAH


["Makes me a little nerdy doesn't it?" she asked, looking down and blushing because she knew it did make her seem like one.[ dw sam, scam likes his sam to have brains (that she actually uses, cough)

["Why would he kiss me? I'm just a spy, he knows a hundred girls like me!" ] okay sam, THAT is why I call you dumb. -.-


[Leaning back in his chair Mac smiled. "Well my hobbies, hmm. I enjoy , reading, swimming, skiing, horse riding, rock climbing, martial arts, Sparring in particular," he paused and shrugged. "Yea…just working out," ] omg *drowns in a puddle of her own drool*

["Not many men lead spy agencies Mac,"] )) in a way she just said jerry isn’t a man HAHAHAHA

[Wait...You don't love me as your boss?" he asked sounding a little heartbroken. "I thought you did," he sighed while looking disappointed. "Unless I'm still losing to Jerry," he said while looking her innocently] )) oh he’s good.

["Mac's calling I dreaming?] … was that kind of a hint? For the entire fic? :P like a foreshadow? Omg :D:D:D
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