Reviews for Not Stalking Zuko
Boogum chapter 48 . 1/17/2013
Waaah. I got interrupted while reading this, and now I can't remember what I wanted to say. But do know that I like how you brought Ty Lee into this, and I thought the Zuko/Toph conversation was very sweet and fitting. Iroh really loves his threesomes, doesn't he? *snorts* Poor Zuko.

I was waiting for Zuko to realise that he was still going to have to be Fire Lord. Poor, poor Zuko. You gotta feel for the boy; he's so young, but I'm very happy you're at least keeping Iroh there to help out.
Boogum chapter 47 . 1/17/2013
Aww, poor Katara. I was expecting something like this to happen, and I'm glad you didn't gloss over how the Water Tribe is dominated by men and warrior culture. Katara might be a warrior in her own right, but they're still blinded by 'female mending and helpmate'. You can't just change a tribe's customs in the blink of an eye, and I think Katara is definitely going to struggle with this after everything that has happened.

/ I couldn't see them, but I could guess what happened next because I heard Zuko say aaaww hell... don't do that... bollocks... I didn't mean it like that... oh don't cry. Here, take this. There was a rustle of fabric and frantic nose blowing. Then a pause and then Zuko said – no, you keep that. /

That made me laugh. Zuko always gets so flustered when he makes Aang cry, haha. I do feel for Aang, but he really did bring this on himself, and he does need to understand these things if he wants to be a good Avatar.

Aww, big sappy grin for the end. That was sweet. I love how Zuko and Katara cheer each other up.
Boogum chapter 46 . 1/17/2013
I love all the awkward greetings - especially Hakoda and Zuko. Just lol.

Ozai is a nasty piece of work, and you got that across here beautifully. I do see him being the type to just sit there pushing people's buttons, because now he has no power but his words. Loved the fact Katara slapped him and kicked him in the family jewels, lol.

/I would do it all again, but this time hotter and longer and more painful/

Omg, my brain went straight to the gutters with that statement. LOL. And, you know, it would be just like Aang to think that sparing someone's life could somehow make them see the error of their ways. Yeah, not Ozai. He's a man who is willing to sacrifice everything for power; the only thing he would regret is allowing himself to be defeated. But I also like how you pointed out that even aang is having his doubts (but is too stubborn to admit it).

Toph's 'big fright' makes total sense. Ozai might be down, but he's still nasty. I could see him doing something like that. Poor Toph. :(

And Zuko's reaction is also very in-character. Poor boy makes me want to give him lots of hugs. It's true that when you grow up in that kind of environment, you do just assume it's normal for a parent to act that way, but there comes a point where you realise it's all wrong. It's going to be hard for Zuko to have people see just what he has been living with.
Boogum chapter 45 . 1/17/2013
Loving this chapter. I especially liked how you noted that Zuko kind of wished he could see his mum too, even though it's ridiculous to be jealous of a crazy girl. It just seemed so human. I also like how you're not glossing over how complicated picking up all those pieces would be for Iroh, as well as what's happening in the Earth Kingdom. It's not taking the foreground (which is a good thing, I think), but we're aware of those political issues and that's important.

/Zuko joked about how 'my powers' combined with firenation healing would make me an unstoppable, bossy force of good health. Illnesses would quiver at the sound of my name. All sickness would flee in fear etc./

Heheh, that was cute.

And omg, the whole latter half of this chapter I swear I just giggled the whole time (which then turn into hacking coughs thanks to being sick. I totally blame you). I feel for Zuko, of course, but the whole conversation was just hilarious. Loved this!
Boogum chapter 44 . 1/16/2013
Dr Yang must be one helluva doctor, cause her bedside manner sucks! lol. Cracks me up, though.

/Also Dr Yang knew that he thought tea was a cure for everything, when she had already scientifically proven to him, (over and over again) that tea did not cure a vast number of diseases./

LOL! I love that. I could see something like this happening. So funny, and so Iroh (and doctor Yang).

I'm now imagining Hakoda as a ninja nurse. hahaha. Awesome imagery right there.

Hehe, love the fact Katara also just can't get the hang of Pai Sho and that she finds the story of Zuko's temper tantrums endearing. I could defintiely see Zuko knocking a few Pai Sho boards over in his time. Hehehehee! Psychic inteference! Love it!

Yay, he's awake! Of course Iroh and Katara would go all clucky hen on him. Nawww so much adorable going on here. Mixed with sadness, of course, but still so very, very nice. I don't blame Katara for feeling awkward about saying "i love you" again now that he's awake. A whole 'nother ball game there, and it doesn't help he's all Mr Forgetful.

/I opted for option two and said it is a flower- you're too wily for me. /

LOL. Crafty.

This was great! I'd love to keep reading, but alas. Need sleep.
Boogum chapter 43 . 1/15/2013
Ooo, loved this chapter. So raw in its emotions, but my favourite part was actually when Katara healed Azula and then fixed up her hair. I don't know why, but I just found that really moving.

I'm glad you had Iroh come over to the Fire Nation. I seriously doubt he'd just stick around in Ba Sing Se when Zuko is injured and incapable of doing much to sort out the mess the FN has been left in with Azula and Ozai's defeat. And if canon has us believe that, then I really do not understand canon. Iroh loves Zuko more than anything; in fact, it always bothers me that he doesn't at least stay in the FN with Zuko and is instead all 'hey, brah, go take on all this responsibility when you're sixteen and not ready; I'll just be chilling with me tea over here'. Maybe he doesn't want to be Fire Lord, but hell, don't leave the poor kid to just flounder. I mean, if we're to believe The Promise is canon, then look at what happens there because Iroh's off chilling with his tea!

Ahem. Well, that turned into a rant. Getting back to the point, I'm relieved you're not just blindly following canon here (or at least are trying to fix up those plot holes). It makes a much more satisfying read.
Boogum chapter 42 . 1/9/2013
Ahh, I wish I was more awake to do this chapter justice with my review. Alas, it's past 1am here and I need some serious sleep. That said, this was quite the emotional rollercoaster, and I loved every bit of it. The Azula/Zuko Agni Kai was my favourite fight scene in the whole show, just for the raw emotion captured in every moment. That translated into this as well, which was much appreciated, and I liked the background bits you expanded upon (such as the rules and where Appa goes, etc).

The healing scene was very intense. I hope Zuko will remember that Katara told him she loves him, as that is sure to get the ball rolling, ehehe.
Boogum chapter 41 . 1/7/2013
Woops. That was me. Didn't realise I had been signed out.

Um, so yeah. Awesome chapter. I shall be back with more reviews tomorrow (most likely).
Guest chapter 41 . 1/7/2013
Aww, so much love. All those hugs were both sad and touching. I like that Katara and Zuko were able to cheer themselves up, but of course the honesty has to come out at some point. It makes sense that Katara would have felt her confidence in Aang slip. He really did just leave them at a critical point. They just have to hold to this faith that somehow he will turn up to finish the job, as it were, and that is not going to be easy considering he has a history of running away.
Boogum chapter 40 . 1/6/2013
Short review, but I just wanted to say I really appreciated you had Piandao show so much attention to Sokka, because Pakku's behaviour was something that bothered me in the show.

Also, yay for team liquidy hot being back in action.
Boogum chapter 39 . 1/6/2013
I love June. She's awesome and this chapter is awesome, and I'm still cracking up at the nun riot hot tub incident. Poor Zuko.

Aww, Zuko's self-consciousness is adorable. Love that. This had me cackling:

/until Jun shut him up by saying that she thought Sokka's boomerang/sword fascination was somehow homoerotic./

Sokka totally had that one coming, haha.

Aww, cute scenes at the end. This was lovely, and I can only apologise my shoddy review doesn't do this one justice. I'm half-asleep right now, but couldn't resist reading.
Boogum chapter 38 . 1/5/2013
Hehe, I love June. She's like one of my favourite characters ever. I wish there had been more of her in the show.

Anyway, I loved this. Spent most of my time cackling at how flustrated Katara and Zuko would both be at everyone insinuating they're dating. Funny fun times.

And now I really need to go to sleep. Until next time!
Boogum chapter 37 . 1/5/2013
Oh my heart. This chapter. First Aang and the others, and then the portrait scene. I love that you had Katara kiss his scar. So perfect, so lovely, and just made me turn to mush.

Also, I am joining in that booing. Boo on bargy Sokka indeed.
Boogum chapter 36 . 1/5/2013
I'm glad Katara picked out that Zuko redirecting lightning from his father means that Ozai damn well tried to kill his son and that is a BIG DEAL. Really, Aang. It's amazing what gets glossed over in the show.

/He described me and Zuko as team liquid-y hot and went on about how we would use out liquid-y hot offence on the firelord's forces. I blushed slightly, even though I know it is immature. Just because liquid-y hot sounds vaguely, kinda, sorta ...dirty and sexual./

*snorts* Yeaaaah, that was my thought as well. Sokka clearly needs to find a new day-job; naming teams isn't his forte.

Wow, Aang. That was a low-blow to make that comment about Yon Rha. Not that the kid understands that, but sheesh. Not surprised Katara lost her cool. Aang's naive way of viewing the world is so frustratingly simple sometimes; he just doesn't get it, and what's worse is that he's so damn stubborn about it. He means well, though, and the Air Nomad beliefs are very important to him (even though we do see him sacrifice quite a few regardless, but whatevs).

Aww, the Suki/Aang moment was very touching and sad. Poor Aang
Boogum chapter 35 . 1/5/2013
Oh dear. Aang really did go about things the wrong way here. Telling the group individually about not fighting before/during the comet, but not telling Zuko. Katara's sneaky admiration of shirtless Zuko always gets a giggle out of me. That girl speaks the thoughts of us all.

/I mean not that they would think we were making out ...because why would anyone think that about us and I certainly don't think about that. Shit...umm...I mean ... /

BAHAHAHA! Oh Zuko. Foot in mouth, my adorkable friend. Foot in mouth.

Loved this one!
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