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Secret.Identities chapter 20 . 6/25
mhm, that was unfair to Zuko. Glad to see Katara apologizing this time. And go Sokka!
Secret.Identities chapter 17 . 6/24
"Like Scar and Simba with Mufasa alive" LOOOOL that is such an awesome comparison.
It's great that it was just a kiss on the cheek.
Poor Zuko... always jumping to the worst possible conclusions
Secret.Identities chapter 16 . 6/24
"Zutara and Canon can be friends." The most daring statement of the decade.
It's all just so adorable! Excited to read the truth and dare.
Secret.Identities chapter 9 . 6/23
Beautiful. That was a really amazing birthday.
Secret.Identities chapter 8 . 6/23
fluffiness abounds. My suspicions were right about who caught the Zutara bonding moments!
I really see what you mean about Zuko's recklessness.
I wonder if the fireflakes would have convinced Zuko to go to the spa.
I don't really get how Toph could have gotten the reservations with the Bei Fong wiles. She's from the Earth Kingdom. They're in the Fire Nation. There is a WAR.
Secret.Identities chapter 7 . 6/23
I love it! Completely! Sokka's gift was plain perfection.
Secret.Identities chapter 6 . 6/23
Haha i wonder who that someone is. Suki or Toph?
LoserxLoser chapter 50 . 5/17
I actually didn't think the whole combined funeral and coronation was that odd. It probably was to avoid any political upheaval. As soon as one Fire Lord was officially deceased, one was officially crowned. There were no gaps in power to avoid someone snatching the crown. You can't snatch a crown from someone who isn't even officially dead. It might be a bit... callous to have them so close, but sometimes you needs to put your emotions aside. As royalty, they need to make the tough calls and sacrifice plays. I think they would prefer seeming a little callous than to endanger their country with civil war and political agendas. Also, the Fire Nation seems more like a people who would mourn with alcohol and parties. Celebrate the deceased's life instead of their death. Crying while laughing, if you will. So yeah, that's my take. But like you always say, YMMV.
LoserxLoser chapter 42 . 5/16
I would feel weird about Katara saying "Let's make out you sexy beast" under ANY conditions xD
LoserxLoser chapter 36 . 5/16
Well, he's a member of the White Lotus right? Master Pakku is also a member of the White Lotus, and they probably had meetings so Iroh probably learned it by watching Pakku and any other waterbending White Lotus members.
LoserxLoser chapter 29 . 5/16
Ok, the whole bossy older sister, annoying middle brother, and bookworm youngest sister is totally my family xD
LoserxLoser chapter 26 . 5/16
I'm getting incredibly sick of Katara making excuses for Aang and saying, "Oh, he'll do that kicked puppy look and I'll feel so terrible and he'll feel so guilty blah blah blah." First, he's the AVATAR. If Toph can run away from home at 12 and Zuko can be banished at 13 and Katara can be the caretaker at 12 and Sokka can be a warrior at 13 than I am pretty DAMN SURE that Aang cannot use the whole "i'm just a kid" excuse. They are ALL JUST KIDS. But not one of them ran away from their responsibilities like Aang did. He needs to wake up and realize what he did at the North Pole should NEVER happen again. He can't just let his emotions take over like that. Someone NEEDS to tell him what happened at the North Pole and he needs to realize he can't run away and expect everything to work out. He needs to face things head-on, like an earthbender. Yes, Aang is a kid. Yes, saving the world at 12 shouldn't be his job. But guess what? It is. And he can run away like he did 100 years ago and Katara can make excuses for him and baby him all she likes, but he'll never grow and he'll never mature. Zuko has a point. Aang needs to take responsibility for his actions and he needs to grow up and stop shirking his duties. Aang thinks HE has a hard job ahead of him? He has run away every time something happens that he doesn't like. He may have a nation of people who don't like him, but guess what? Zuko has to be fire lord. Zuko has to kill (I know she doesn't die, but he doesn't know that so sh) his sister. Zuko has an entire WORLD that hates him and expects him to fail. Does Zuko care? You bet your ass he cares. Has Zuko run away from his duty? Hell no. He faced his demons during the Eclipse. He stood up for himself. Did Aang? Nope. He just ran away when he heard the monks say he was being sent away. Zuko has ALWAYS followed through with what he thought was his duty. He wanted to be a good leader, so he attended the war meeting. He wanted to protect his people, so he stood up for them. He wanted to be a loyal son, so he refused to fight his father. He wanted to be a good prince, so he chased the Avatar. He wanted to fight for his country, so he fought the Avatar. He wanted to bring balance to the world, so he left his HOME AND THRONE AND FAMILY to train Aang. If you ask me, Zuko is the most honorable character in the whole damn story. And guess what? He NEVER made ANY excuses. He could have told the gaang his sob story and they probably would have let him join immediately, but he didn't. He wanted to prove he was good, not just damaged. He accepted full responsibility for his actions, and now he's trying to atone for a century's worth of cruelty. But guess what? Aang does something cruel and lets his emotions get the best of him, what does he get? "Oh, your poor dear. You're just a child. We can't blame you." Hell yeah, you can. No one seemed to mind blaming Zuko. And you know what I find MOST hypocritical about Aang? The whole "don't kill, don't hurt, blah blah peace blah blah." You can bet your ass when the Fire Nation attacked the Air Temples the monks fought back. We saw the armor at the temple when they visited. You think the only bones there belonged to the nomads? I sure as hell don't. And if I hear ONE MORE CRACK from Aang about how the Fire Nation destroyed the temples so Zuko should do whatever he says, I'm going to strangle that kid. That was A CENTURY BEFORE ZUKO WAS EVEN BORN AND HE LEFT HIS HOME TO ATONE FOR IT AND HE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT NICE TO AANG AND AANG KNOWS HE FEELS GUILTY BUT HE MENTIONS IT ANYWAY AND I'M READY TO KILL AANG JUST SO WE CAN HAVE A DIFFERENT AVATAR. So yes. That's my rant.
archergwen chapter 2 . 3/13
I like that note about the different views on gender in war. Zuko threatening Gran-Gran in Episode 1 makes more sense if you view it from his lens of "the war party left her in charge - so they must have left her in charge of training, too."
Fyrepen33 chapter 41 . 3/5
I haven't finished reading this chapter yet, but I had to say that I really love your story, and this chapter most of all. The emotion from the scene in the episode where they split up and are heading off to battle is really brought out and very well developed in this chapter; especially the part where Piandao tells them that its okay to be afraid and the part where Katara and Sokka say goodbye. Its Really well developed. Thank you!
Guest chapter 7 . 3/5
Every chapter you write is a great chapter! All your plot bunnies are great and this, as well as 'Stalking Zuko', further explore the what ifs and the character building that we didn't get to see in Season 3 but also elaborate on Katara's feelings through out canon. Plus, I really appreciate the Aussie slang, being half Aussie half Kiwi myself.
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