Reviews for Reflections
BethMasenCullen chapter 17 . 5/30
Oh, Edward... I hope he will realize what he has lost...
BethMasenCullen chapter 14 . 5/30
It is hard to be a teenager lol...
BethMasenCullen chapter 13 . 5/30
Ah, the stirrings of first love lol!
BethMasenCullen chapter 13 . 5/30
Ah, the stirrings of first love lol!
BethMasenCullen chapter 12 . 5/29
I love watching them figure things out... they are so cute!
BethMasenCullen chapter 11 . 5/29
Teenage boys are like aliens! Poor Bella! lol!
BethMasenCullen chapter 10 . 5/29
I love Aunt Janet and how she can put everything into perspective!
BethMasenCullen chapter 9 . 5/28
I can totally relate to how Bella felt about Edward's newsand I love that Aunt Janet is helping nudge her along...
BethMasenCullen chapter 6 . 5/28
This chapter was so sweet... I'm so glad she got to see Edward before she left!
BethMasenCullen chapter 5 . 5/28
This chapter was amazingI love the friendship they are building!
BethMasenCullen chapter 2 . 5/27
Kids are cruel... and adults who are cruel feed their fires
mom2kandg chapter 37 . 5/18
I don't know if you still read your reviews for this story but thank you for this rollercoaster of a ride...I was up and down the whole time reading it...I so wanted to crawl into this story and choke Edward for all he done to Bella..I don't blame her one but for how she reacted when she heard him with James..I was so ready for the showdown for her to knock him down from the high horse he had put himself on..I get Jasper and Emmett for being upset with her but I also see her being embarrassed from it too and them mentioning Edward in the emails didn't help although they didn't know..their ending was beautiful and so them..I really loved this story and thank you for sharing this story..
Elle Whitecap chapter 37 . 5/18
Overall, I’m glad they found their way back to one another. I had to keep reminding myself that Edward was a 15-17 yr old boy who will never say the right thing. I guess that’s why I tend to stay away from high school stories because I want them to act grown, but that’s just not realistic.

What Edward did was truly horrible and I felt bad for Bella throughout the entire story. Her parents were super shitty and almost everyone treated her like garbage. I’m amazed she turned out so level headed with no psychological issues. I’d love to read about them as adults.
Elle Whitecap chapter 3 . 5/17
Gah Charlie is such a bastard. I was chunky at her age so i really know what she feels
Dustidk93 chapter 1 . 4/5
Great story! I just finished it and I love that Bella. Thanks for sharing your talents with the fandom.
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