Reviews for Tipsy
RockyRoadSmith chapter 1 . 9/9/2011
"I'm in!" Suezo blurted out, he was always up for anything that didn't involve work.

I love how you wrore Suezo here since it sounds just like him. XD Of course Hare would love to instigate Holly and Genki's relationship like that. He just loves watching their banters at their expense. I love Genki's drunken speech when he was with Holly. Poor Holly, though, since she has feelings for Genki and hearing him compliment and want to kiss her must have been hard since she knew he was under the influence of alcohol. And poor Genki in the morning with a hangover! In a way Hare did a good thing, though, since it did bring the two closer together! Great one-shot! _