Reviews for True Love Shines Through
soundsaboutright chapter 3 . 12/11/2011
Hey there:) I was just wondering about you some time ago, but I know how it is, I haven't written anything myself in a while now. But glad to see that you did!

So much love.

I love love, I love snow, I love Christmas, I love snow globes, I love that Burt and Carol romance coziness you included...

The little snow globe imagery was lovely, I think, and you've just given us a beautiful moment, that fits perfectly into the atmosphere and our yearnings for this time of year:)

I think your collection of sweet scenes might have it a bit harder to get as much attention as a comparable multi-chaptered narrative story, that follows a story arc and a plotline, I have observed that myself, since I love to write scenes and moments like you do, that are connected rather through a theme and not a developped story line. People might just rather expect a narration from a multichap fic, I guess. Just an assumption.

That is not a criticism, I love to read moments like this. And I think it is nice to put it in a collection under a theme... I just always try to explain to myself why a story like this might not get as many reviews as it deserves.


I really like you as a person, just for creating such lovely human moments, but I think I said that before:)

Glad you share your love:)

Oh, and yes, good luck for the 22nd:)!
soundsaboutright chapter 2 . 9/1/2011
Aw, I really liked this chapter!

I can relate to Kurt so much in the beginning, though I'm not an excessively fashionable one, but I am a pale one, and not exactly what you would call a summer type... So yeah I'd squeak or flinch at an arm around me, too... even if it was Darr... oh, well, I might make an exception, there.

I really feel that is quite in character, the annoyance, the reluctance to go out dressed like this, but I also like that he does it still, for Blaine and showing how maybe their relationship makes him a little more relaxed about things like his appearance...

I loved the idea of having them both sing out Teenage Dream when it comes up on the radio.

And I love how you bring little experiences and pieces of yourself visibly into the story, with the ice cream parlour...

And the excessive use of terms of endearment kind of becomes your signature thing, haha...

And then of course how you stay true to your message, with the ending.

Really, I enjoyed reading this.

Oh, I 'm so glad you decided to continue this, it a really sweet little story!
Ashtini chapter 2 . 8/31/2011
Dear Jess,

That was so cute! Keep writing; I want read more! I just love it already.

Love, Ashtyn
soundsaboutright chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
Hey, there... Got around to reading it, first thing today;)

Ah, so much love in such a little fic;)

First, let me say that I had to giggle some lines in, because I love the idea of Blaine being somewhat conditioned to go straight for Dalton colours (I suppose you're making a reference to what Darren said in that trailer to the Glee Movie, when he was supposed to be in character,did you?)

I thought of using that in my own fics before, because I thought it was hilarious.

I also really had to smile at the excessive use of terms of endearment in their banter, pushing their respective buttons a bit ironically, but as the title says much love showing through beneath,as it is with irony after all, there's a true core around which you build the exaggeration.

I like the idea behind it and love you for the message that you convey:)

I like that you put such a big message in such an casual atmosphere of allday life, and I would be curious what other moments you have in mind to continue this...

We'll have to see if they achieve to be so easy and flirty together in public in the show, I'd love to see them lke this and getting positive reactions (or at least no negative), because I know there's people who take offence, when in my mind I just can't see how you couldn't be glad and happy for them, if you saw a couple like that in real life, in whichever combination of gender possible. Yes, I am the cashier girl, and I suppose, you are too, aren't you?

Okay, I'll continue this in a PM, before it gets too long on here...;)