Reviews for Hair
ilzehs chapter 1 . 8/29/2011
*Huggles* You are such a sweetie! I am truly grateful to have you putting an effort to make me smile. Although, I did alot more than just smiling. This was such a precious piece, & sides Terrah, man...this is the ONLY Redge I have read in a long long time. Seeing how perfect of a couple they make, its such a sad thing. & you did them so cutely. Like...Oh baby...this was just simply a wonderful dose of sweet fluffiness.

& I have to mention, you are getting more & more comfortable w/ each writing exercise of yours. I see a constant growth. & I love how you keep things short & simple. It give a meaning to your work. This definitely is my fav from you beside Dresses. Btw, writing wise, this was also VERY good.

I loved the cute concept. Sometimes just simple themes can do so much to entertain you. Its specially when people like me have absolutely nothing to read w/ a beauty like Edge. Pieces like these where he just get to be cute & adorable are just very much encouraged.

Redge is my fav like this. Just sweet & normal. I love them being playful. Specially when Randy find amusement in Adam's irritations. Adam is a 24/7 amusement doll. & I love it when Randy is like this. Playful. Teasing. Simply sweetness & light natured.

Hehe...You don't mess w/ Adam's hair...*cough*welcome a diva fit*cough*. LMAO...When Daddy Jay put a bratty Adam on his knee for some spanking sessions..this girl here just squeal in delight. LOL. & I bet Adam's mortified...NOT. Like he's never dreamed of getting a spanking from Jay-Jay...I am sure he enjoyed it & that is why he's embarrassed. I love it!

OMG that is just...So wrong Adam *cackles* He's such a naughty doll. Definitely in for some more spankings. & that talk...*purrs* I am so imagining it.

Lulz...Randy wrapped round Adam's little finger or not...they are simply adorable here.

Thank you SOOOO much! This made me insanely happy. & I was definitely deprived BIG time. Love you!
IsidoraAngst chapter 1 . 8/28/2011
That is awesome. I laughed.