Reviews for True Like
Guest chapter 1 . 11/27/2016
So far so good
Actyourshoesize chapter 14 . 7/10/2016
I know I'm terribly late to this party but as a still relative newby to thus fandom I love exploring vintage Klaine. And all my fic writer friends tell me hiw much they value comments even years after publication. So thus is is just to say that this was one of the lovliest (and hottest) Klaine fics I've read in a while. I loved the characterisations, the setting and the Shakespeare references. And scheming, protective, Mob-connected Sue was a stroke of genius. Thanks for this.
Imetdarrencriss chapter 1 . 11/17/2015
can I translate it.. and publish it on EFP?
lilyvandersteen chapter 14 . 3/30/2015
Now that's a nice picture: a beautiful baby Snow White daughter and a gorgeous curly-haired son. Thank you so much for writing this story and sharing it with us!
lilyvandersteen chapter 13 . 3/30/2015
Aww, they exchanged I love yous :-)
lilyvandersteen chapter 12 . 3/30/2015
I agree with you that Chris Colfer could undoubtedly pull off Romeo or Tony and do a stellar job at it. Absolutely.
lilyvandersteen chapter 11 . 3/30/2015
Brittany is hilarious. And the boys are SO smitten. *Satisfied sigh*
lilyvandersteen chapter 10 . 3/30/2015
Sue is the best, I quite agree :-)
lilyvandersteen chapter 9 . 3/30/2015
Hey! *Waves back* Lovely chapter!
lilyvandersteen chapter 8 . 3/30/2015
That was Kurt's first time? Wow.
lilyvandersteen chapter 7 . 3/30/2015
I'm glad they've found their way to one another :-)
lilyvandersteen chapter 6 . 3/30/2015
That was yummy. Yes. Absolutely.
lilyvandersteen chapter 5 . 3/30/2015
I don't know Firefly, sorry. I loved the "Much Ado About Nothing" quote, though, made me laugh out loud!
lilyvandersteen chapter 4 . 3/30/2015
They're getting more comfortable around one another :-)
lilyvandersteen chapter 3 . 3/30/2015
I guess we can safely say that neither is what the other expected :-)
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