Reviews for Together Forever
Gleefreak15 chapter 820 . 8/3
Great one shots I loved that. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
redroseangel27 chapter 820 . 8/3
so happy for a update love this stories
redroseangel27 chapter 817 . 7/21
I'm so happy to get update and I can't wait for more
Gleefreak15 chapter 817 . 7/20
Yayyyyyy you are back finally!
carlielovesdemi chapter 817 . 7/20
Aww I love these one shots make one where Santana is younger then Rachel. Rachel is a senior and Santana is a freshman
TrustInFaith chapter 817 . 7/20
Amazing I loved it.
Guest chapter 815 . 6/23
I wish you write to one million word.
Val chapter 6 . 6/21
That was fucking cute more chapters write more please!
Val chapter 125 . 5/1
Good nice way of getting them to almost having sex nice very nice goody
Val chapter 105 . 5/1
Very very good more more chapters Please?
Val chapter 60 . 4/29
Very very good more chapters? Please?
Val chapter 20 . 4/27
Very very good riverchele Lea Michele and naya Rivera forever and everī¸
Val chapter 8 . 4/27
Good very good keep on writing please yesh
Indianara chapter 759 . 4/17
So nice :)
gleekosaurus0215 chapter 1 . 4/7
I simply wanted to share that I recently found this fanfiction and I've been doing nothing but reading this for the past month. Haha i feel so empty now that I'm out of chapters to read so please update more chapters! I really wish there were more authors like you, authors that update frequently and have long continuation one shots. I seriously love your stories though and I can't wait for new chapters and stories!
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