Reviews for Recycled
richierich chapter 5 . 5/4/2014
Saw this update some time ago and have just been too busy/lazy to comment. It's "just" a continuation of last chapter, which was good, so no complaints there. Your writing quality is always excellent. I'm reminded yet again how hopeless Ruth's job is. Sara was the wrong person for the project, handled the wrong way by men who are still running the show. And their biggest screw up is their attempt to continue with this project instead of writting it all off. I'll blame that on a combination of stubborness and ego? I liked the frank assessment that Bledsoe gave Anthros about not wanting Sara on his team and not working for the enemy. You've written him well enough that when he states that Sara is manipulating Ruth, I have to stop and wonder if it's true. I loved the whole conversation between Bledsoe and Anthros in fact. Just great stuff. And I love that you don't create straw-man characters like lazy authors seem to. Even people I don't like are nuanced and deep and have plausible reasons for their questionable actions. And you've made me change my attitude about some of your characters more than once just by showing things from their own point of view. I love that. I'm reminded of an (official?) Six Million Dollar Man book I read about twenty-five or thirty years ago. Steve Austin was initially depressed about his own condition and they had to bring him along slowly. But he had time to get acclimated to the bionics as they were added one by one. And being an test pilot, he tended to supplement his own shake-down program for the official one. It all worked out for him quite well. But you are a better writer than that. Your uncompromising look at how these science fiction aspects merge with the REAL world produce a more believable story. You have mentioned that you aren't too happy with the pilot story of this series and intend to edit it a bit. I'm wondering if part of what you would like to change is the seeming ease with which Jamie first adapted to her situation. The difference in the way that Sara and Jamie woke up is quite striking. But I would write much of that off to all of the people involved having learned from their mistakes, as well as the two women's different personalities. And Anthros sr. being dead probably helped as well. And Jamie was running around outside her first day awake, whereas Sara is rotting in her prison with every one thinking she's dead. Quite a difference! I hope if you do change anything in your past stories you will mention it. My memory is bad enough that I could re-read them and not notice! Anyway, I'll just mention again how impressed I am with your series of stories and thank you once again for a really great time.
richierich chapter 4 . 7/19/2013
Whew. I can't say I wasn't warned, but this was grim. I thought you were hinting at some sexual humiliation situation in your introduction. That would have been bad enough. But this just blows the whole situation out of the water once and for all. And Will Anthros glibly admitting to mutilating a patient for the sake of convenience was the crowning touch of horror. "Yes by all means find out what I did to you by taking a shower". Sheesh. He doesn't even act like the same man who's dating Jaime Summers. Since everyone in Berkut With the exception of Ruth is busy f**king up by the numbers I will have to guess that they all eventually learned from the experience. Lucky for Jamie that they had Sara to practice on first! Now I am well and truely torn about my feeling that Sara has been acting unreasonably. As I've said before, a few months in a veteran's rehab center would have helped her make a more rational decision about her augments. But now I'll accept any actions she takes as justified. If she won't work for Berkut she has no choice but to work for the opposition. I'm not sure how many more chapters you plan on this side-story, but the end is now a foregone conclusion in my mind. If you have Sara actually make an effort to go along with this crew only to have them f**k it up even more I will surely tear my hair out. If I can find a bit of time I'll have to re-read the encounters between Sara and Jaime yet again to see if Sara's intentions toward Jaime seem any different in the context of Recycled. Of course you may not have yet fleshed out Sara that early in the first story? Anyway, congratulations on showing how Sarah was lost to Berkut in a convincing way.
I liked how you conveyed Will's hurt feelings over Sara's lack of gratitude. Just how an emotionally stunted genius would react. Sara's emotions during the whole ordeal were also well done. And the part at the end where Anthros Sr. sips whisky and displays his lack of understanding of pretty much everything was a fine touch indeed. I guess Ruth is an optimist, but even she must see the train wreck that is coming. All the clues are there for someone with her insight. Your writing is up to it's usual good quality this chapter. I enjoyed the way Sara's military mind analysed the layout of Berkut as well as her insights and general thoughts. She feels real to me. Will and Ruth and Anthros Sr. are fine too. My feelings towards each character are probably about how you intend them to be. It's certainly not as comfortable a story as your other stories though. After this, commenting on the last chapter of Big Sister will be almost relaxing! Fine chapter though. I don't know how you keep motivating yourself, but I thank you for all the time and effort you put into these great stories.
Fruityone chapter 4 . 7/7/2013
Wow, when you said dark you were not kidding. I was not expecting that level of insensitivity from Will over Sara's injuries. Or that Will would consider complete removal of her sex as an acceptable shortcut. I can't remember if you hinted at that part of the operation in previous chapters, I will have to re-read them now.

I'm not sure I'd care to know such a callous person in real life. It will definitely make me read more into Will's thoughts in the other stories. The very title of this story, Recycled, should hint at just how dark it will be.

Still the best representation of the Bionic Woman universe I've read or seen so far. Better than the original NBC series by far.
richierich chapter 3 . 12/23/2011
That went about as badly as a first encounter could go. Sara really is burned out and ready to stop following orders and if she had not gotten hurt she certainly would have kissed the military good-by as soon as possible. Of course it's hindsight, but Anthros and Bledsoe should probably realize that a malfunctioning weapon is more dangerous to the user than anybody else. And I'm sure they will continue to ignore Truewell and keep on pushing Sara's buttons until it all blows up in their faces(literally for Anthros I guess). And it's going to be too easy for one of their enemies to turn the woman. What a difference between Sara's awakening and Jamie's. Of course they all probably learned from their mistakes after the mess with Sara. Hey, I'm calling her "Sara" now instead of "Corvus". Shows how ones feelings of someone can change as they learn more about that person. This is also hindsight, but I'm thinking that if Sara had awoke in a veterans hospital and had rehabed for a few months as a blind quad, she might not have been so pissed at the "gifts" our Berkut people came bearing. And speaking as a person who was not born with all the standard equipment, I can say that a few augments don't sound so bad. But of course she has every right to be angry with the way she's been kidnapped and used. All they have to do now is threaten her family and she's as good as gone. And yes, I do realize that they had to act as they did or Sara would never have lived long enough to leave Iraq. I enjoyed how the characters acted and reacted in this chapter. Nobody does or says anything stupid or goes outside the chain of command. Too often in fiction the "hero" can just do as he/she damn well pleases and ignore the consequences. Having Truwell need permission to talk to Sara seems a small point but keeps the story feeling real. Also too aften in fiction the "hero" knows everything and the people in charge are idiots. This is just lazy writing and I'm glad you never go there. And all your characters feel like individuals with their own motives and agendas. In fact, your writing never takes me away from the story you are telling. I never paid much attention to the tv series but it sounds like you have thought out the characters better than the tv writers. Of course if the show had lasted longer the actors would have made the characters their own (for better or worse). Anyway, this is an excellent companion piece to your main series and is filling in a lot of the missing details. I can't say often enough how much I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this great story.
richierich chapter 2 . 11/17/2011
Thanks for the nod at my reviews. I'm blushing! Actually, when I write reviews to other stories as good as this series, I'm usually lost in the vast crowd of greatful readers. I guess the "Bionic" tv shows never drew the same response as other fan fiction. That's a shame, as your stories are so well written and inventive. And this last chapter was just great too. Your use of military terms and procedures, and your vivid descriptions made me feel as though I was in Iraq with Corvus. Since I already knew Sarah had lost her arms and legs, I knew hitching a ride was a bad idea. You kind of fooled me in the first chapter by letting her escape unharmed, but I knew her luck was running out. And thanks for not killing everyone around her. I quickly fell in love with a few of those guys and hope they might show up later. I'm struck by the contrast between Anthros bringing in a Bronze Medal soldier "by the book", and bringing in his injured girlfriend some years later. And I wonder if they know just how burned out Sara is right now. And thanks for including characters from your other stories. I'm looking forward to learning a bit more about Pope, too. You mentioned that Sara has a hard time getting enough Ichor. I wonder what other shortcuts she has to endure as a rogue cyborg? Can't be easy for her. And most of all I'm wondering if she was justified in going rogue or if it was the result of her own personality disorders. A combination of both, I'm guessing. I'm SO looking forward to finding out! And thanks again for another great update!
richierich chapter 1 . 10/2/2011
Actually read this some weeks ago and just found a few free minutes to thank you properly for writing it. I've come to hate Sara Corvus in your other stories. She comes off as an arrogant bully who is abusing her power for petty gains. Just playing with people. But reading her like this makes me realize that she wasn't always like that and that something made her change. And that should be a cautionary tale for Jaime to consider as well. I love the way you write your action scenes. They play out so clearly in my mind as I read them. Very little confusion. I still am amazed that English isn't your first language! Your command of English never once takes me out of the story. Thanks for this insight into another of your characters.