Reviews for A Choice of the Devil
Thephoenix1996 chapter 7 . 9/8/2012
I hope you continue:) this is really good.
Marymel chapter 7 . 8/26/2012
wow! I can't wait to see what happens next!
BreyerNut chapter 5 . 3/5/2012
Keep it comin'!
csifreak1234 chapter 4 . 11/26/2011
Wow! Your story is amazing so far :) I love how Greg is totally crushing on the hot professor but I'm a little worried about Catherine. I hope you will update soon, but I understand that school can be a pain. Awesome story! Can't wait for more :)
LeggoMyGreggo411 chapter 3 . 11/13/2011
Once again another chapter did not disappoint. I really like how you set up a crime scene for each of the characters and not only that, but you did a great job creating the crime scenes. YOu nailed Sara's emotions and the small Grissom references are always a treat. You also did a great job incorporating him with Sara's life as it was completely believable and it was something that seemed real to the two of them.

Then with Catherine, I loved the former Fannysmakin reference and also the one to A Bullet Runs Through It :) A perfect dosage of CSI trivia and it also gave a nice visual. I also loved the line "He was splayed, with his arms at his sides like an eagle's wings preparing for flight." That's beautiful imagery :)!

Finally with Greg and Nick (I love paring them together on cases :D) I don't really have a major comment here other then the character interactions were perfect. I loved the whole 'If I had a nickle' part... that was cute. Other then that, I'm looking forward to reading about what's happened between Greg and Shaggy :O!

Also, thanks for the shout out... like I know with my story and all I give my shout outs, but it really does feel great to recieve one :D! Thanks for that :D!
LeggoMyGreggo411 chapter 2 . 10/1/2011
Alright, well at the very beginning of this chapter, you have obviously answered my date question so hurray for the confusion being obliterated :D!

Once again, you vocabulary is just sensational. It's very colorful and it perfectly embellishes every sentence :)!

Now, the whole crush thing that you've written with Greg, once again, not only is it completely true to the character, but the references to my favorite season 11 episode, A Kiss Before Frying, now those are just facts that if presented in any fanfiction, I'll tell you right now, your story is already going on my favorites list. But no, that's not the only reason why I am adding your story to my favorites list. I really am enjoying this story and even though it's not like pages and pages long like mine, the detail is extremely gripping and I love it. I am really looking forward to see where you are going to take your story.

But back to the mentions of Greg and the burlesque dancer (wasn't Dita just sensational in that episode :D), I loved the mentions to that episode and the comparisons that you made to it. The character interactions between Nick and Greg were perfect and they were exceptionally true to the characters and their brotherly relationship that they have with each other. Also, you once again nailed all the reactions out of Greg, like his blushing face, the curl of his lips where he tries to hide his forming smile, his incoherent mumbling, all brilliant. The two parts I just loved though and wasn't shy to release a laugh was when you wrote:

- With this said, Greg leaned back confidently into his chair.

"But wasn't your burlesque dancer posing as a school teacher?"

At this, Greg's smile slipped off his face as he leaned forward and looked at the ground, speechless.

I completely saw this scene play out perfectly in my head and I jsut couldn't help but say to my self. "Oh Greg, you're so cute." (If you haven't noticed, I kinda have this insane crush on Greg Sanders :D!

And the other part I loved was:

-"I said you're right, happy? I seem to have a thing for teachers. But I know this one's not a dancer. She's got a bookshelf filled with Stephen King, for God's sake!" Throughout this small rant, Greg waved his hands around ardently, as if those motions would help convince his friends.

The whole waving of the arms was hysterical and I could totally see Greg doing that to help further justify a point and all. Just another part that I just loved and it was all thanks to your writing skills, which you certainly have.

Oh... and I forgot one more:

-Greg mouthed a silent 'thank you' over to her.

Another action that I can completely picture Greg doing :D!

SO yes, all in all, I loved the second chapter. I am most definitely going to be following your story and I am intrigued to see where you are going to be taking it. I know that I am the only person who has reviewed it, but I just want you to know that you deserve far more reviews then just the ones that you have gotten from me. You have a talent and it's unfortunately one of those rare gems that haven’t been fully discovered yet. Personally, I love it and I greatly look forward to where you are going to take it. SO once again, thank you for finding and reviewing my story, or else I would not have found you and the beginning or your amazing stories to be :D!
LeggoMyGreggo411 chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
Alright, so I wasted no time in reading your next story, and like your story Second Chance, once again you have proven to have a talent for writing. Off the bat, you've shown to have a skill for vocabulary and for writing for each of the characters. I was especially impressed with how you have written Catherine. Every action you wrote her seemed completely true to her character. I loved the inferences you made regarding Brass, how he seems to live at the office and his bottle of Scotch and two glasses (once again, simple details that hold true to the character). Also, the descriptions of how she entered the lab and how she eased into her chair... loved the simplicity and realness to the description.

You have also done a great job with presenting the story, mentioning how Greg would have been a choice for supervisor, but then with what happened... Well... I wanna know what happened!

My favorite part of this short chapter though was the interactions with Hodges, as I felt like I was watching a scene straight from a CSI episode :D! You COMPLETELY nailed Hodges. With my story, I have been wanting to write a scene for Hodges, but he just seems like such a complex character to write and one that would be hard for me to properely write a scene for him without holding true to his character. Writing for Hodges, I personally think it takes skill, and you certainly have the skill and talent for writing for him. The simplicity was sublime :D!

Finally, I'm curious as to the news that Catherine will be delivering. Part of me thinks its going to be the news involving her departure as you were talking about who would make the best supervisor, but I'll admit, I'm kinda confused. Which will lead to my question. Like when is this story taking place. Like what season is it in and all? I'm sure I'll have a better idea once I read chapter 2, but yeah, I am just curious. I am a die-hard CSI fan here and I really like to familarize myself with the time that fanfics are taking place in as I can better picture where the characters are at and all (like I mean season 5 Greg is WAY different from season 11 Greg ha ha).

Anyway, off to read chapter 2 now, and you can expect a review once again :D!