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Melkee chapter 3 . 1/22/2012
Still laughing my head off! Okay, this time I won't use your moniker in the third person, I'll address you directly! LOL!

You are a fantastic writer. I really like your style and you can certainly write funny, humorous stories with the right amount of fluff. Let's Start a Riot is simply SUPERB! I had a riot reading it! This is PUCKTASTIC! :)
CarmillaD chapter 3 . 10/11/2011
AAaaaahh, really well thought, Rach. Loved when Rachel confessed her feelings to Puck, and he must've been really happy because he didn't react when Rachel mentioned Sarah's crush and the fact that they kissed. Sweet story!
CarmillaD chapter 2 . 10/11/2011
P.S: Jealous Puck was delightful as always, from both Finn and the idea of his little sister going to a co-ed dance.
CarmillaD chapter 2 . 10/11/2011
Loved all the friendship in this chapter: How they hang out at the Hummel-Hudson house, how Finn is a good friend for both of them,... Haha, to be honest I was as startled as Puck when he let him know how obvious his crush was. Aw, the Puckleberry kiss and all those moments where we can see his strong feelings for her were fantastic. Let's keep reading
CarmillaD chapter 1 . 10/7/2011
AW! Loved to see their more developed friendship, Puck's cute jealousy and his devoted love for Rachel, but the cherry on the top was that photo with both of them sleeping on the couch. I sighed relieved just as I imagine Puck did when he found out Finn hadn't take Rachel's V-card.

Oh ho ho, that challenge is going to be interesting, let's find out what happens.
anchyweasley chapter 3 . 9/8/2011
LOVE this! There's no reason to be unhappy about it cause legit, it was epic;) Anyway, awesome job on the pranks, don't know how you came up with all the ideas but I loved them all, especially the one with the phones and of course, Rachel's! And I love the way you ended it! Can't wait to read more of your stuff, in the meantime, stay awesome:)
JannP chapter 3 . 9/6/2011
Okay, I'm just going to do ten things I loved about this part and I might stop myself at 12. Or the character limitation will. Whatever comes first ;)

One: ***The phones in the ceiling panel prank hadn't been all Puck, but it was still a good one. Him and Finn had snuck into the school late last night, wearing dark clothing and leftover eye black from football like it was fuckin' Mission Impossible. They even drove a car that was being worked on at Burt's shop just in case someone was watching them. *** (Finn and Puck in stealth mode. HAHAHAHA. It's like a setting or something. They seem pretty dedicated.)

Two: ***It was an awesome prank, honestly, because people still used the soap even if they knew it had been tampered with; if they didn't then people were grossed out by the fact that they hadn't washed their hands after going to the bathroom.*** (I want to do this at my work, but I'm legitimately afraid to see who doesn't wash their hands. I already have no illusions about people's hygiene where I work and that would just make it worse.)

Three: **Allegedly the computers were all infected with a virus, which was funny only because of how wrong Mr. Thornston was. Puck and Finn had placed small pieces of Post-It notes under all the computer lab mice, rendering the useless.** (Why can't it be the end of March so I can do this at work?)

Four: **"Yes, the pranks have been mildly humorous – though some of them were downright destructive – but the whole point of all of them has been for you to keep your anonymity." His mouth opened to refute her, but she forged on - as per usual. "Furthermore, none of these little stunts have given any indication they are even senior pranks and not just random acts of mischief."

He stared at her blankly. "Everyone knows it's me."

"Maybe, but what would you do if Principal Figgins asked you?"

"Guy ain't ever gettin' off the John, so it don't matter." She rolled her eyes and began moving toward her class, which was on the other side of where he needed to be but he followed anyway. "And the pranks ain't worth it if you get caught. Half the awesomeness comes from pulling them off while everyone is none the wiser."

"Precisely." Rachel turned suddenly, her hair flying up and brushing close enough to his face that he got a whiff of her shampoo. "That's why my prank is better. No one will suspect me, and 2012 will still go down in infamy." She gave him one final look. "Your pranks will be cleaned up this evening and forgotten by the weekend."*** (Ahh... we should've known Rachel's criteria for the perfect prank would be stringent. I imagine her with diagrams. Seriously. She's crazy and awesome.)

Five: **Thanks to years of practiced ambivalence, Puck's facial expression didn't change at all. He didn't even fake being surprised, as that was a rookie mistake. Plus, he was Puck and it wasn't really ever a surprise that Figgins wanted to see him. Unfortunately he'd paired himself up with the All-American boy, who legit looked like he was going to shit himself. *** (Your characterization is dead-on and totally awesome, like usual. And this is just yet another plausible and fantastic explanation for Puck's trademark mask of indifference.)

Six: **"That might be true," Mr. Schuester started tightly, "but that is not enough to suspend him. Do you actually have proof Puck did these things?"

Figgins scowled. "I don't need proof!"

"Look, why would I pull any dumb pranks? I'm still on probation from last year. I'd probably get charged as an adult for this stupid bullshit."

"So you didn't paint over my parking space to make it appear as if it were a handicap spot?" Puck shook his head. "And you didn't lace my morning java with Ex-Lax and you didn't put red dye in the soap dispensers and you …"

"Mr. Schue …" Puck looked up at his teacher, trying to reason with the guy he knew was on his side. "I'll admit the pranks are funny, but they're also stupid. I mean, the whole point of a senior prank is for the seniors to be remembered." Puck grinned; thank you very much, Rachel Berry. "Everything that's happened today is just end-of-the-year fun."*** (Basically, the best defense is a good offense, and these are all pretty reasonable explanations for why Puck wouldn't have done the pranks - even if he stole some of the commentary from Rachel. Haha. Sneaky brat.)

Seven: ****Typically Puck didn't lie. Well, he did, but he'd learned not to in the past couple of years. It was part of that whole Rachel made him better thing mixed with learning from his own mistakes. Plus, telling the truth was working out for him so far this week, given that Finn hadn't thrown a giant temper tantrum and declared World War whatever number they were on by now. However, Puck also knew the benefits of telling the truth but not necessarily the whole truth.

"Legit, Mr. Schue. I don't know anything about this 2012 thing."*** (People like Puck are why the oath for court is what it is. I imagine people like Puck WROTE it. And this is why. Haha.)

Eight: ***"Of course not." Puck rolled his eyes. "He 'bout suspended me just 'cause but then I told him I wouldn'ta done any shitty prank with some dinky flowers."

"Because bubble bath is incredibly masculine." She finished her banana and tossed the empty peel back into her bag. "Did you even see my masterpiece or are you merely bad-mouthing it blindly?"*** (And in the words of Chandler - 'the messER becomes the messEE'. Rachel is devious. And it's awesome. Plus you always write her sassy with Puck which is true and even more awesome.)

Nine: ***Puck shook his head. "Only you would get help from your parents for a senior prank." She beamed at him as if that were a compliment. "And only you would consider planting flowers a prank."** (Legit. Also, her reasoning IS what pushes it over the top and it's what makes Rachel so dangerous. Haha. She totally thought it through. I love how they CAN'T dig it up. I mean, I'm still laughing about it and wishing my own state flower didn't suck.)

Ten: *** Puck stared at the 2012 flowers in awe, the magnitude of the prank soaking in quickly. The red food coloring from the soap dispensers would fade after enough washes. The washer in the locker room would be fixed eventually. But Rachel's prank … it would last forever. Every spring their graduation year would sprout up again and remind all of McKinley of their class. And she hadn't broken anything, hadn't hurt anyone, and could totally take credit for it.

Fuck, she won.

"Your silence is speaking volumes, Noah." She beamed up at him. "But I want to hear you say the words."**

I LOVE her patience. She stands there, explains, savors, lets him take it in... then makes him her bitch on top of all that. She's my hero. HAHA!

Nicely done. I'll start thinking on another prompt but I really think you did a perfect execution on this one, baby.
jessica-semnadaprafaze123 chapter 3 . 9/6/2011
First fic of glee I read.I started to watch the show this week, have not finished the second season, but I'm getting there. I'm in love with Puck and Blaine (those beautiful eyes).I think Rachel is so lovely, she flees the perfect star pattern,she has so many flaws and it makes it nicer. I hate perfect people, defects makes us who we is very cute with Puck. I think is an amazing couple. The Finn is gorgeous, but it is very ... empty and silly.

Soo I think I'm a team Puckleberry.

I loved the fic, is so cute.

Guest chapter 3 . 9/6/2011
That was so cute!
SuzQQ chapter 3 . 9/5/2011
I actually enjoyed the ending. Thanks for writing this. I look forward to reading more Puckleberry stories from you. Thanks!
polarpi chapter 3 . 9/5/2011
All right, my's what I found that I *loved* in this chapter:

* Puck's pranks (definitely made me giggle)

* Rachel's explanation about her pranks (never knew that, but it is awesome epic!)

* Rachel's admitting that what she wants from the bet's the same as what Puck wants...yeah, buddy!

* The kiss between the two of them to seal the win...woo how!

Great job with this story! :)
fangirlfoodie chapter 3 . 9/5/2011
shit... its either a. you're psychic or b. you're living in my house? cuz seriously- your chapters get updated whenever i need them the most! here i am.. doing my 2000 word assignment due in 12 hours.. and boom! chapter! and the last time you updated? there i was.. cramming for a test..boom! chapter!

gah! thank you tho! seriously- rachel's prank- i would never have thought of that! are you writing from experience?
carrie4angel chapter 3 . 9/5/2011
Be still my Puckleberry loving heart, you have once more written a story that will cheer me up when the Finchel show returns to the air.

I really enjoyed the pranks that Noah and Finn set up, they were simple but effective, the images you created of the different scenarios were fab,especially the washing machines overflowing with bubbles that meant Bieste had to wield a mop to try and contain them...

When this story first started I had visions of Rachel's prank being very OTT and dramatic just like her personality, but what you had her actually do was so much better, because it was so apt for the other side of her personality,who is sneaky and will use rules to her own advantage, so this was a very clever twist...

And so we come to Puckleberry themselves,when Rachel said that she wanted what Noah did for winning the bet and he doubted if it was the same thing. Loved the way you took your time to deal with Noah's insecurities, to show that Rachel wants a relationship with him, its about the two of them and their future, and then another amazing kiss to seal the deal, in Santana's words it was epic!Just like the story in my humble opinion :)
bahnannah chapter 3 . 9/5/2011
now that idea of planting the state flower was kinda genius.

i swear, my favorite line was cross-dressing moose. i laughed so hard at that line.
Britt chapter 3 . 9/5/2011
This story was adorable! I love the pranks that you came up with! Cannot wait for more from you. Great job!
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