Reviews for Figure Eight
ChristyWIX chapter 36 . 3/6
For Bella being so physically fit, with the exception of the pain, prior to her surgery why did it take so very long for her to heal from it? My husband's close friend had both hips fully replaced, one at a time of course. He healed the first one in four months, as that one had complications and required an extra surgery. The second one only two months. Why did Bella's take a year and a half? How strange. I love the kiddos and how they are both skating. Both with such confidence, too. I absolutely effing loved that Jared did go on to become a skating star. The Olympic Gold Medalist, WOO~HOO! That was such fun to read. I love that he is still so close with the family. This was a lovely epilogue to a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. ~Christy
ChristyWIX chapter 35 . 3/6
The wedding was beautiful. The words spoken were wonderful. The presents from Esme and Edward, were gorgeous and sentimental. The gift from Charlie was so perfect. I loved what Bella got for Edward and he for her. This whole chapter was lovely. What a shocker, Jasper finally proposed. I expected to read in the epilogue that they were still together and not yet engaged. The Maldives and a private villa sounded extremely relaxing and romantic. What will Bella do now? What do you have in store for her.
ChristyWIX chapter 34 . 3/6
Alice's temper tantrum and then her childish behavior of not talking to them for weeks, was just wow. I did not know adults acted that way. Color me shocked. Sheesh. I am very glad that Edward went to her and essentially told her to grow up. Her excuse falls flat too. She is mad that everyone else is either getting married or engaged. Boo-hoo. She is the one that enables Jasper. She should have told him years ago that it is marriage or she is leaving him. The fact that she keeps with him year after year as the status quo, is what is allowing him to remain stagnant. If she packed up and left him, I bet he'd come to his senses right quick. What is his deal anyway? He has not really even explained what his damage is with marriage. I love that you gave us a little Jared time in the chapter. I am happy that they are all moved into their new home. Edward taking all these extra classes, could have him graduating a lot sooner than the four years. That is possible. Some doctors have done that four year part of school in two. He still would need all four of the internship though.
ChristyWIX chapter 33 . 3/5
One of my favorite parts in this chaoter was something so simple, it was beautifully them. When they were waiting together in their dressing room, waiting to be called to the ice, they sat with her on her lap and their foreheads together. With their, 'just you and me' between them. So wonderful. It’s the little moments like those in fics that I love. Thank you for that part. They skated great but, not their best. It was a good thing they were ahead of the second place team by seven points going into the long. Winning by only almost two points. You made it realistic, which I liked a lot. His proposal was fabulous. So sweet and from his heart. Her enthusiastic 'yes', was really fun. Then their lovemaking was beautiful too. I think he could’ve done their first and middle initials only and that would’ve made room for 'you' in lieu of 'U'. I.M. E.A., I love you, forever. Just you me. Especially since her last initial will be moot once they get married. Too late now, what seven years after you wrote this, for me to be chiming in on that. LOL.
ChristyWIX chapter 32 . 3/5
Goodness they were both a bundle of nerves. At least they figured out how to settle each other down and skate magnificently. Seven points above the Russian pair, WOW. Absolutely fantastic. I didn’t understand why Carlisle wanted them to blandly skate their long program, until he explained it after the fact. I suppose that’s one way of them finding the passion needed for that program. She is in so much pain. I am glad she’s got a crew of people looking out for her and fixing her. As much as she’s not looking forward to her career ending, I bet she has to be looking forward to not having that daily pain from working so hard and so often. I really liked that Edward asked Carlisle to help him with the ring. He probably could’ve had Alice sew it into his outfit somehow. With a breakaway option to get it out for the actual proposal. Looking forward to them kicking ass in the next chapter.
ChristyWIX chapter 31 . 3/5
Well, if that was supposed to be an apology from Renee to Bella, for the horrible parenting she did, it sucked. I know there are people out there that are that selfish. That want to blame everyone else for their own mistakes. Yet to read Renee doing this to Bella, was awful. I was so glad that Bella pointed out to her every hole in her story. Yes, the bits of how Charlie and Renee got together were fun to read. Still, sheesh. Why didn’t Renee try to get back into shape and try her audition all over again, once she had Bella? Instead she blamed Bella for being born. Hateful woman. You made me crave Brie and bread in this chapter, and I’ve just come home from groceries for the week, boooo. Oh wait, let’s coin your Edward. Too bad, so sad. LOL. I liked there lovely lunch, especially because we learned that Jared wind his competition. That was wonderful news. Loved the French speaking Edward, yummy. The speeches to everyone at the end were fun to read. They really have such an amazing group. It really sucks that Jacob and Renee broke Bella, as it would’ve been wonderful to read these two winning the Olympics. We know they could, as they’ve been that good. Such a brief time together on the ice and competing. At least we know they’ll be together off the ice for a long time. She needs reconstructive hip surgery though, so those later years aren’t pain filled.
ChristyWIX chapter 30 . 3/5
I’m guessing the ring in the photos on your blog, even though it’s in the middle of the London trip, is the ring that Edward purchased? If so, it is beautiful and perfect for your Bella. I loved that Edward went to ask Charlie for his blessing. Such respect between both of the men. Edward for Charlie as Bella's father. And Edward, for being a really good man for Bella. I was so glad that the Jacob conclusion did not include any aggression towards Bella. Just a punch to Edward’s jaw and a very smart Edward in calling Charlie right away. Even better that is was really close to a Forks still when it happened. If Jacob had waited until they were midway, he really could’ve hurt Edward, taken off and left him for dead, and somehow got himself to Bella. That is sort of what I’d been expecting, only not them driving back from Charlie's. Maybe jumped when they were out alone one night. I’m so glad you didn’t go through a bunch of drama and more importantly, that it didn’t include Bella. Whew.
ChristyWIX chapter 29 . 3/5
It was odd that they went out to the club, when she was so sore. Although they really only had the one dance before Emmett lost his mind. I am glad that the adults told Emmett and Rosalie to grow the eff up. Sheesh. Even after they were told, they both were still ridiculously stubborn through that dinner and two more weeks. I do not know how they will stay married at this rate. Bella handled the press conference well with one exception. She could’ve said she fell during one of their practices. Instead she said Edward threw her and she fell. Even though that was the truth, it came across as if she blamed him, which we know she doesn’t. They announced themselves as a couple and that was good too. I still really like the idea of her being a coach. She could write a book too. I like that they are saying ‘just you and me’, on the ice often. It is really cute and simply theirs.
ChristyWIX chapter 28 . 3/5
They did so good at National's! They stuck to their guns and had a lovely night in, with lots of shmexy times, and had fun on the beach in lieu of going out clubbing. With what happened before with Jacob, I do NOT blame them for wanting to steer clear of those for a long while. At least until his threat is dealt with permanently. I am glad that they are having the press conference. I really loved that they went public with their kisses in both the kiss and cry area and on center ice. You shocked me with James. At one point, before we knew what was up with Tanya, you had the potential of five different dramas. Jacob, Renee, Kate, James and Tanya. Drama fits into stories yes, but there is a thing as too much. I am glad you made Tanya a good person, she just temporarily derailed with Edward and the painkillers. And, that James apologized via a letter that explained he is in anger management. I do really wonder what is going on with James and Victoria though. Her viciousness seems so out there for them being brother and sister. He did mention to Bella, at that horrible audition of his to skate with her, that he was looking for a new partner. I hope he finds one and does well with her.
ChristyWIX chapter 27 . 3/5
Bio-mom has lost her marbles. Bella was offering her a shit-ton of money and she turned it down. Why Bella even offered her money in the first place, made no sense, as Renee profited off the story on ESPN. The fact that Phil thought that jacked up Renee was more attracted than Bella, only proved the man was blind and/or using Renee to run off with Bella's money once Renee got her hands on it. I can see that happening. Renee getting paid and Phil leaving her behind penniless because he stole her money. On to his next victim. Charlie was once again quite funny. Love his character. I do have to say I was worried about Jasper and his practice in this. At least he fired the nurse. The nurse did wrong, regardless of ID, but I feel bad for her. New to the business and the career, it is sad that Renee cost the young lady that. I like that Bella and Edward are going to look for a home together. I hope they consider Mercer Island, near Carlisle, as it is a secure area. With Jacob still on the loose, the more security, the better.
ChristyWIX chapter 26 . 3/5
That was a fun Christmas for them all. The party when Edward realized, again, that his dad was gone, was sad. I liked that Bella saw it and knew what it was. Very glad that his mom came out and hugged on him with Bella. Jared is still so very lovable. Great kid. I liked that BxE got each other the same (similar?) pendants. Don't know as your pictures on your blog stop right after London. Wonder what the tattoo's look like. I can get a really good visual of both. Both Jacob and Renee need to be dealt with still, so your a/n makes sense. I still think that Renee and Jacob are, or did at one point, sleep together. He is so obsessed with Bella that he may do something that nasty. I do find it a relief that Renee can't get to Bella's money, even though she has tried. That Jenks is on top of it. However, she does know Bella's information so, she could get access to something damaging. We'll see.
ChristyWIX chapter 25 . 3/4
Why don’t they switch from pairs to dance? There are no jumps in dance, yet the artistry and lifts are still there. I think, with what everyone is saying about them in this, that it would be a perfect transition, as they have both artiststry and lifts down pat. Just a thought. Jared becomes better and better each time he’s skating in this. I love it. I really love the idea of Liam coaching him. He was fantastic with Edward. I never thought of him for Jared, as he was in London with his own rink. You settled that up rather nicely innhere. Plus, you added in Meg and Liam having an interest in each other. Speaking of, I was surprised about Carlisle and Esme. Only that she is still healing from the sudden death of her husband. It has not even been a year yet. Then again, maybe I misread that scene and they were just being friendly, not any romantic ideals at all. Bella becoming a coach, I can see that. Especially with Edward having crazy hours ahead with internship after med school. She'll need something to keep herself busy. I’m glad their exhibition went off smoothly. I do worry about her at Nationals and Worlds. Eek!
ChristyWIX chapter 24 . 3/4
When they know that hip surgery is an option, why are they not doing it. Not so she can skate competitively again, no. So she can effing walk when she’s thirty-five. She should get both hips done now and rehab them. We had a friend just go through this. They do one hip at a time and it hurts but, he’s so much better now. She'll want to skate with her children. They said her hips were so bad because there is no more cartilage. She will only get worse and she is not even thirty. I did no like that she pushed Edward away. She said the last time, that she wouldn’t do it again and yet she did. She wasn’t even to the airport for their outbound flight and she was already texting him that she was sorry. Why did she have to have it pointed out by Alice and Rose? Jacob can be out on a technicality but, Edward’s restraining order would not be revoked. Jacob punched Edwardso, the physical is a threat. Therefore a valid reason to have a restraining order. Plus, Chicago PD would have to notify both Bella and Edward before Jacob is released, to let them know he’s being released. This is a mandatory thing, so they are not caught off guard by the criminal. What if Bella was fine, she was home and it was her running in that park alone? They gad no idea is was out, so all of that could’ve happened. It was her injury that had in so much a funk, that the girls took her away and it was Edward that was surprised by Jacob at the park. Plus, he just threatened Bella and Edward both, in that conversation. Wouldn’t that be grounds to have him arrested all over again? Violating his, whatever, he’s out on. I know this is fiction but, that is a major mishandling of the law.
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 3/4
Why did Edward let Kate kiss him? He’s far bigger than her, not to mention stronger. When she came at him, he had the strength to push her away. He could’ve turned his head. Anything. Yet he didn’t, he let her kiss him. At least Tanya had her wits about her and ripped Kate off of him and threw him to the ground. I wish Bella would’ve done something. Even ask Edward what I asked. I really like your Tanya. Her Steve was quite nice too. I do wonder if you went down this injury route to spite the reviewer that came at you for having the nerve to write your story the way you wanted. The one you brought up in last chapter's top author note about being oissed for injuring Bella. Or, was this your plan for Bella and Edward all along. It is rather sad that Jacob's abuse of Bella has cut her and Edward’s careers short. He’s damaged her after all. He didn’t manage to get her sexually, just ruined her physically. Bummer. When Edward got into med school, you did have me wondering how in the hell he’d keep up training and school at the same time. You’ve fixed that. Poor Bella.
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 3/4
Emmett being banned fromsex until his wedding night by Rose was funny. I have a feeling she won’t make it a week though. Why would Bella giving Edward a hand job or blow job hurt her hip? You lost me there. Although what they did instead was a wee bit sexy. She told him she never did herself before, yet earlier in the story I could’ve sworn she said, to herself, that him using his fingers on her was better than her doing it to herself. When Edward and Bella picked out his costume, I had a vision of Hugh Hefner in his red velvet smoking jacket and now I can’t get it out of my head. I still can’t imagine any actual Kate drama. She’s old news and Edward doesn’t even remotely like her. She can be a bitch to Bella but, Bella is a strong, confident, secure woman. Especially innher relationship with Edward. Yes, she’s shown a bit of vulnerability when she was called a bitch but, I think she can handle Kate.
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