Reviews for Evangelion Fighter
jreedEVAfan chapter 192 . 10/3
anticipation levels are through the roof. another great round.
jreedEVAfan chapter 191 . 9/28
Great Round!
jreedEVAfan chapter 188 . 9/9
Damn. Lilith is the greatest schemer around. I like that. This is a good round.
jreedEVAfan chapter 186 . 8/24
This is another good round. I got to say though that this story has been going around Bleach territory.
jreedEVAfan chapter 182 . 7/21
This was a good round. We are about to see something good.
Where's Shinji?
Kokabiel chapter 180 . 7/11
Every single chapter so far is pure gold.

To reach platinum levels of quality, please detail the traduction of the special attacks.
jreedEVAfan chapter 179 . 6/30
This is cool!
jreedEVAfan chapter 176 . 6/14
Another good round.
jreedEVAfan chapter 175 . 6/9
This is a good round. Sorry I haven't been leaving post reviews. Been busy.
aTotallyUnoriginalUserName chapter 172 . 5/5
I realy like the plot of this story, but seriously some grammar issues have to be addressed. It is quite distracting when I see so many mistakes in a story, especially when it's a story I really enjoy. So yeah, correct the chapters before posting because Jesus Christ on a purple pogo stick is this story enjoyable and if only you would fix that, I think that it will be even more commendable.
Too chapter 172 . 5/2
172 chapters... That's a lot of dedication you have... You must really love evangelism series...
SerketLily chapter 172 . 5/1
This is chapter 171... not 172.
NarwhalWarlord chapter 1 . 4/24
I get the sense you really enjoyed Kill La Kill.
jreedEVAfan chapter 170 . 4/22
Another great round. Five years has its toll on a person.
jreedEVAfan chapter 168 . 4/9
So wait… that the girl with metal arm who attacked the Convoy was actually Asuka?
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