Reviews for A Not So Hidden Secret
Rennyangelee chapter 3 . 6/3/2015
Is it really weird that I injoyed reading this? Whatever.
mailroomorder chapter 1 . 8/24/2014
Lover of gays chapter 3 . 11/6/2013
That was and is seriously hot!
Guest chapter 3 . 10/17/2013
Mmm... Nice
cyramber chapter 3 . 12/15/2012
That was so hot!
ILiveBetweenTheLines chapter 3 . 11/2/2012

can we have smores now? XD

i really liked this, my first time reading this sort of thing, and you wrote it well.
feministkendra chapter 3 . 8/24/2012
Faerie of Tara chapter 3 . 5/10/2012
Usually, for these kinds of stories, it's hard to believe the couple would ever do that. Klaine, however, is so comfortable with one another, this is totally believable! Great story!
Ieromance chapter 3 . 3/11/2012
Oh wow! Please, please, please write a sequel?
AcrossAnEmptyLand chapter 3 . 1/28/2012
So Fucking Hot. Sequel?
PhelpstwinsandElftwins chapter 3 . 10/30/2011
That was just... erotic, and amazing. Any chance for a sequel? I'd love to read more about their adventures!
Macaroni and Colfer chapter 3 . 9/13/2011
I'm gonna go pee now...
girlinthevortex chapter 3 . 9/3/2011
I'd never quite got the idea of a pee-fetish, but somehow you've made it work. Interesting.
Faith Valconbridge chapter 3 . 9/1/2011
i actually really loved this!
boredandhomealone chapter 3 . 8/31/2011
Big, huge, GINORMOUS kudos to you for writing this. It's not usually my thing but I really enjoyed it. I'm all for the "diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks" philosophy. If you're with someone you love, then do what makes you happy, I say. Besides, very few will admit it openly but we've all got our own little kinks. Celebrate being different!
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