Reviews for Rumours
shadowstarr chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
Oh my god poor Kyouya! Please continue this, it's very well written!
KittenNya chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
This was amazingly written! I liked the way it was, it wasn't the second generation narrating... But they were mean... On the other hand how do you excpect people who think they're better then you to act! I too loved the idea of this story!


Killy Cheesestake chapter 1 . 8/31/2011
Brava, brava! I did note the lessened tag lines and I think it sounded much better. No negatives at all for this one except like two typos, once when you spelled "poor" as "pour" and once when you spelled "two" as "tow".

Now for my good comments: I definitely saw this as a reiterating and redefining the relationships from the perspective of outsiders. I think its great that the HC's kids don't get automatic cool points for their status and I absolutely LOVE the way you flawlessly played with the "popular kid's words. I felt for Riku and could name to you right now ten Mai's in my school. My best friend? TOTES a lesbian cause she likes sports. I half expected her to start calling gender orientation a preference and say something snarky about Kyouya's illness. Plus, you know that as soon as lunch ends she will be right off spreading those rumors, whether she means to or not.

I'm not as focused today so I apologize about my review not being as good. I'll I could think about while writing this review was how meta NEXT GENERATION HOSTS! sounded and how it would make a great group shout...

Anyway, I will review Missing tomorrow when I'm not so...scatterbrained, I suppose, though I do apologize for the quality of this review...