Reviews for Nuzlocke: After Armageddon
FourthMind chapter 4 . 3/14
Rachel seemed to be the first one to die.
FourthMind chapter 3 . 3/14
I wondered how's Pedro will react when he's caught.
FourthMind chapter 2 . 3/14
Charmander again? How come most of people keep choosing Charmander?
Well, the chapter was good. And Blue is still a jerk.
FourthMind chapter 1 . 3/14
Looks fun, I'm reading this!
SwiftintheSky chapter 28 . 2/2
Ohhh boy am I pumped! I remember loving the attack-on-Saffron arc, because it was the first time I had seen the Silph Co. battle portrayed so that it matched the epicness of the attack in Pokemon Adventures. I love the idea of the scattered settlements bonding together to take down a common enemy.
Also, sheesh - it must be annoying to have bad eyesight in a post-apocalyptic world. Not to mention people with medical conditions - being a type one diabetic myself, I'd be dead.
SwiftintheSky chapter 27 . 1/31
Aw, Vick! C'mon. No, man.
Ah well. This was a pretty cool chapter. The description of Fuschia Town was very neat, and I liked the venonat. What I really love about this run is the constant little details that you add in, be it the toxic grasses, good evening as a standard venonat greeting, or the rule that only either Janine or Koga can be away at once. They're sprinkled throughout the story and really add to this world you've built.
On a side note, I forgot to mention this last chapter, but Saylee's lack of reaction to Daisy's death was... strange. One chapter we end with her death, the next we see Saylee getting a flying harness and laughing and swooping around on Chaz in search of bikers. I mean, with how many deaths you have in this story, it'd get boring and repetitive to see her sobbing and sad after every death, but it feels like Saylee didn't even react to Daisy's. Of course, Saylee could just be getting better at managing her grief, or getting "used" to it in some way. But, if you compare it to Olivia's death just a few chapters ago, it's kind of jarring. I know that after that, they all understand that there's neither a time nor a place for grief in their mission, but...
Eh, it just kind of bothered me.
SwiftintheSky chapter 26 . 1/30
Carriiiieeeeee! :D Now that's the marowak I know and love. And nice insight with the flying harness - I'll have to remember that for my nuzlocke. Years of reading Eragon should have taught me as much, but I was completely spacing it.
Ouch, a doduo with one broken neck? Doesn't that generally, y'know, kill you? Now that I think of it, I wonder what would happen to a doduo if just one of their heads were to die. Probably best not to dwell on it...
J'aimel'anime44163 chapter 54 . 1/29
probably one of the best stories i have read, especially for a nuzlocke
SwiftintheSky chapter 25 . 1/27
WOW, WHAT? Damn, I forgot another one died so soon. You had horrible luck in this nuzlocke.
This does remind me of how Saylee eventually has a dreamcatcher thing with mementos from the pokemon she lost. I had forgotten about that, but now I remember that I thought it was a super cool idea.
I like the idea of psychic-types synthesizing nutrients from their surroundings! Out of all of the types, really, they should be the most foreign. They have an entire sixth sense that humans entirely lack, except for the rare psychic human, who however advanced they may be do not hold up to a psychic pokemon.
Oh, and hunting? Do pokemon eat other pokemon in this world? Do humans eat pokemon? I wonder if it's seen as normal or a last-resort type thing. That question always gets weird when the pokemon are sentient...
SwiftintheSky chapter 24 . 1/24
Obligatory pokemon-convincing-trainer-to-not-give-up-after-latest-teammate's-death-scene... well, it's a cliche for a reason. Sometimes it's necessary unless the trainer is a heartless jerk, and I thought it was done nicely.
Carrieee! I'm already remembering why I love her. She's gone through so much suffering so early in life, but it just gives her the resolve to go on. Rather than breaking her spirit, it makes her strong.
Huh... I wonder what Mr. Fuji and all those acolytes are doing hanging around in Lavender Town. I suppose training and calming ghosts could be considered a discipline like training any other type of pokemon, with its own pros and cons. Probably a good option for psychics, and in that case a hub for ghosts like Lavender Town would certainly attract a lot of them.

PS: Sorry my reviews mostly contain me questioning your story and then answering myself, but I spew headcanons when I'm bored D:
PPS: On a side note, doing so is sure helping me with worldbuilding for my own nuzlocke /cackles
SwiftintheSky chapter 23 . 1/24
Aw, Olivia. :c Though for some reason I was imagining her as a bellsprout/weepinbell rather than a... oddish/gloom, as she seems to be? Forgot what she was, didn't go back to check, just kind of assumed. xD
Poor Saylee, though. It never gets any easier for her, does it? She sees her friends die again and again and it's the same each time. Her hometown was small - there were probably few people to connect with, and now that she chooses friends of her own, attaches herself to them, becomes responsible for them, they just keep dying. I know a few more do die from this point on, but I hope it's not too many.
SwiftintheSky chapter 22 . 1/23
Carrie finally appears! :D I remember really loving her, because of her no-nonsense personality and the way you portrayed cubone and marowak as a whole.

Blue being possessed is a nice way to get them to fight without being mortal enemies. I'm pretty sure that something similar happened in the Pokemon Adventures manga... great books, those.
Also, yeah. I totally remember those people crying for blood. The Pokemon world has a lot of weird implications if you think about things. :/ Oh, and I like how you portrayed the Silph Scope! Awkwardly trying to use it around her glasses, haha. Reminds me of the Lens of Truth from Ocarina of Time.
SwiftintheSky chapter 21 . 1/21
Oh my god, Missingno terrified me as a kid. All the glitch pokemon did, but I couldn't stop reading about them. Who thought a corrupted block of pixels could be so creepy?
Aww, that bit at the end... I like Daisy, I don't remember her fate but I hope she doesn't die.

Wow, they're condemning the Rockets to death? Seems harsh, but I doubt they'd willingly integrate back into what remains of society, and in an apocalypse you can't waste resources on unruly prisoners. So it's a smart choice, I suppose.

Well, I'm looking forward to some Lavender-themed creepiness in the next chapters! :3
SwiftintheSky chapter 20 . 1/20
Saylee seems pretty callous about possibly (likely, it seems) killing a man - even a bad one - but I suppose you have to remember she lives in a crapsack world here. I wouldn't be surprised if she's seen people die before, so the same ethics don't really apply.
And yay, Pedro evolved! He's currently my favorite pokemon from this nuzlocke. :3

I do wonder where they get keys and seemingly magical ropes in such a devastated place, but it /is/ the pokemon world. Metalworking shouldn't be hard to manage as long as you've got a fire-type around.

And I've got to admit, you made me look up two words this chapter! (They were "opine" and "ostentatious".) I suspect thesaurus use... *squinty eyes* Whatever, the best of us use it, and if not kudos to you.

Giovanni appears - he always was the best team leader, as Team Rocket was the best team. Onwards!
SwiftintheSky chapter 19 . 1/19
Oops, I accidentally reviewed chapter 17 twice D:
At first I thought it didn't go through, so a couple hours later I typed up a new onewith more or less the same content, but now it seems the first one has gone through as well. :/
Anyway, the chapter. Greta is really cute, and I must admit I named someone after her in my storylocke. It's just a passing reference though, the growlithe in question will probably only be mentioned a few times. But the name was just too cute not to use. :3

If someone was standing /right there/ in Rocket wear, why didn't Erika or someone attack him? Aren't the Rockets well known here? Speaking of which, where do Rockets get all their uniforms anyway? HMMM. I think I am getting into questions which are not meant to have answers. Shhh, my runaway mind.
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