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Incasa chapter 22 . 4/22

I don't have much else to say about this chapter. The dynamic between all the Pokemon is awesome and has so much Character Development just waiting to happen. I don't clearly remember what the final party looked like for AA, but there's so many emotions in the party right now. So many in need of hugs and therapy for all the PTSD. Speaking of which, Saylee's going to need that at some point.
Incasa chapter 21 . 4/22
CARRIE IS HERE! And she needs so many hugs. What is it with Cubone in fanfic and needing to get hugs and therapy?

Creepy creepy creepy creepy and I don't want to stop reading now. Another one of my faves just showed up! Wait... that means that a member of the current party needs to leave to make space for her... oh no.
Incasa chapter 20 . 4/22
brb crying. I swear, it's a combination of Pokemon with exam stress.

I wonder, does Saylee have a colony of spirits following her around everywhere by now? I guess most of them have probably moved on to whatever afterlife the Pokemon universe ha- oh wait Dimensional Destruction. That was around where I dropped out of reading last year. I was just thinking that it would be an interesting concept for a Ghost Type Pokemon of Saylee's.
Incasa chapter 19 . 4/22
Mental image of Vick rolling down stairs with the same method as BB-8 in The Force Awakens. *slow roll... THUNK... slow roll... THUNK*

Ever time Team Rocket's around I'm so scared :'( I don't want any of the party to die! But so many of them will... That faint hope remains in the back of my head that it will turn out differently when I read this time, strengthened by the fact that I don't actually remember much of what happens. For all I know, the party members who haven't shown up lately are actually hanging out in Pallet Town, or headed home after the adventure.

Also, hi Giovanni foreshadowing! Eye colours are important to heredity!
Incasa chapter 18 . 4/22
I am so very worried about the Rocket base. Saylee got her dreamcatcher at some point during AA, and it's probably coming up.

I really do appreciate Erika. "Oh, it seems I'm trapped here. Who wants tea?" is the level of chill in the face of adversity that I aspire to. And it's not like she's doing nothing (though she could probably do more to protect her people). The system she's set up to help Saylee gets her into the Rocket base in just a few hours, because it's probably been in place for weeks, just waiting for a powerful enough trainer.
Incasa chapter 17 . 4/21
And there's an unfunny bit of actual game text. Ugh *shivers* Alola actually has a really good horror moment as well. As much as I love Mimikyu, it's so /creepy/.

I thought that you mentioned in an earlier chapter that Pedro and Miranda were each a few months old? I tend to misread a lot, though, so I could be wrong. Also, more foreshadowing. This was, again, another point where I started reading so much faster because I Needed to Know what happened in the past. Just in general, all the build-up to the reveal in this fic is so good.
Incasa chapter 16 . 4/21
I have distinct memories of Vick, but he hasn't showed up recently... I have a bad feeling about this. Also, amusing mental image of a Voltorb's eyes rotating around its body when it evolves, since Electrode's face is on the reverse colours from Voltorb's.

What sort of bushes are we talking in the mountains east of Cerulean? My grew-up-in-Cascadia brain is thinking really thick blackberries or something, but I feel like plants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of other plants that can walk and talk will be a little more hostile than that. It's just, with the amount of description there is of the lake, I imagine everything from an idyllic lakeside in Switzerland to a man-made lake in Hong Kong that is forcibly kept clean, the surrounding countryside to the contrary.
Incasa chapter 15 . 4/20
I love Surge and his party's verbal tic. I wonder if it's feigned or genuine? Do people unironically speak like that? It's rendered so well here, i can almost hear it. Also, how do the different Pokemon get rank?

Talk all you like about how ingenious Double Team and Smokescreen are in fanfic-land, but that doesn't change the fact that that would have been a REALLY frustrating battle in-game. Good for avoiding anyone fainting, but frustrating nevertheless.
Incasa chapter 14 . 4/20

On the other hand, it's unfortunate how funny I find the "eating rocks by accident" line after seeing Moana. Like, the scene is so great and emotional, to the point I almost had tears in my eyes, and then I'm giggling about a dumb chicken.

Also as something that has different context now than the first time, Chaz with a blue-burning tail makes me think of Mega Charizard X. That's the fun of rereading things years later, I guess.
Incasa chapter 13 . 4/19
"all the tests have gone 's not leaving until tonight" ? This is why I should be a copy-editor. In other news it makes me wildly frustrated that fanfic doesn't allow copy/paste.

I feel like deaths are more likely in ordinary battles than boss battles like Blue, because people often just have a standard Pokemon out front of their team in normal battles, but strategise bosses. Because this Blue battle was almost over comically fast. Also, deciding where to put battles must be fun with a 20 foot Pokemon battling with you. Miranda can't exactly fight in a hallway on a boat.

(I desperately want to get Red or Blue on the 3DS store now so I can play it. This is why I shouldn't read fanfic of games I know but do not own)
Incasa chapter 12 . 4/19
One confusion of Flo calling her trainer Flo right at the end there. I've always found those two's names confusing as well.

Honestly, I remember the characters going forward, but specific events escape me. Probably because I was reading the Kanto manga at the same time as this fic that first time. I couldn't clearly remember whether Surge was a nice guy or if Team Rocket was ridonkulously overstaffed by Gym Leaders. Nice to know they aren't.
Incasa chapter 11 . 4/18
I was not wrong about that Pokemon. Too bad about Pickup. Also, there are medical limits on ibuprofen? I thought it was pretty much impossible to overdose on.

Saylee's family are extraordinarily good at meddling, aren't they? I must have skimmed all the Red stuff on my first read, because I only remember his appearance at the end. Reading the build up to him again is killing me slowly inside. Also, I feel like that tactic in the gym battle is very manga-inspired.
Incasa chapter 10 . 4/18
I don't clearly remember this Pokemon, and that makes me nervous. Thou hast left me a cliff upon which to hang. Or go to the next chapter, but I have work to do first. Also, what the frig sort of TMs could Pickup pick up back in Gen 3? I've never gotten anything like that out of a Pokemon with Pickup.

I appreciate the Council of Pokemon in this chapter. Interesting that all the long-term party members are so polite and play well together. But I guess that makes sense, since they kind of did the same in game. Also, it's so cute to watch Saylee as a baby trainer, just figuring out how to raise stuff like a Magikarp, when I know what she'll be doing in just like a year of fic time. *sniff* They grow up so fast, these children...
Incasa chapter 9 . 4/18
At least this chapter isn't quite Fullmetal Alchemist level on the body horror scale. But then, I don't think that that precise effect is possible outside of visual media, since the moment depends so much on EYES.

Bill is almost always one of my favourite characters in fics. He has such minimal character in the games (beyond being a Nerd), and is so different in the manga, that watching fic writers create him is extremely enjoyable. I've read so many different Bills, and enjoyed them all. Wonder what he's up to in the Mirror Mirror-verse?

The foreshadowing might be just a taaad heavy-handed here. Then again, that might just be my reread brain picking up on stuff that heightened suspense on the first reading. Tbh it's probably the latter. I was extremely invested at this point, and I got that sinking feeling in my stomach when Bill mentioned a war that always tells me that I can't stop reading now.

I notice that you are currently sending review replies ;P
Incasa chapter 8 . 4/17
The first appearance of Key! In the author's note. Still, she's here and she's fabulous!

Just thinking about how lucky you must have gotten to get an Abra, imagine if you'd happened to get a Pikachu first in Viridian? I think things might have gone a bit differently at this point. Just, in the alternate universe where that happened, I wonder how things went? Would it add more to the Red storyline? How would the team look different? Would it have been The Load through Brock's Gym and then Mount Moon?

Anyway, I dearly love Alan's verbal tic. Also, even on second reading, just the memory of what's coming up in the next chapter upped the suspense here for me. Ughhh *shivers*
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